Second Grade Vocabulary List

Vocabulary List - The School Mural
1.article (ar ti cle) - what a reporter writes in a newspaper (n.)
2.banner (ban ner) - a long piece of cloth or paper, usually with words
and/or pictures (n.)
3.event (e vent) - something that takes place (n.)
4.mural (mu ral) - a very large painting; a painting on a wall (n.)
5.pride (pride)- feeling that comes when one is proud of something (n.)
6.project (proj ect) - a large assignment that usually takes more than
one day to complete (n.)
7.reporter (re port er) - a person who gathers news and writes for a
newspaper (n.)
8.scene (scene) - something that can be seen; picture or view (n.)
9.sketch (sketch) - a drawing that is completed quickly and with few
details (n.)
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Vocabulary List - Moses Goes to a Concert
1.concert (con cert) - a musical show or performance (n.)
2.deaf (deaf) - not able to hear (adj.)
3.hearing (hear ing) - the ability to hear (v.)
4.Instruments (in stru ments) - things that make music (n.)
5.orchestra (or ches tra) - a large group of people who play instruments
together (n.)
6.percussion (per cus sion)- the hitting or striking of an instrument to
make music (n.)
7.signs (signs)- uses Sign Language to talk to and understand others (v.)
8.vibration (vi bra tion) - a quick moving back and forth (v.)
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Vocabulary List - The Art Lesson
1.barber (bar her) - a person who gives haircuts (n.)
2.halk (chalk) - a tool for drawing and writing that is made mostly from
tiny bits of seashells (n.)
3.copy (cop y)- to make a thing like another (v.)
4.crayons (cray ons) - pieces of colored wax used to draw (n.)
5.monitor (mon i tor) - a person who has a special duty to do (n.)
6.powders (pow ders) - a lot of very tiny pieces of something (n.)
7.practice (prac tice) - to do something many times so that you can do it
well (v.) (prop er ty) - something that belongs to someone (n.)
9.ruin (ru in) - to hurt or spoil (v.)
10.smock (smock) - a kind of shirt that is worn over clothes to protect
them (n.)
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Vocabulary List - Carousel
1. angry (an gry) - to feel very upset about something (adjective)
2. delicate (del i cafe) - easily broken or harmed (adjective)
3. deserted (de serf ed) - left alone by itself (verb)
4. fussed (fussed) - talked in an unhappy way; complained (verb)
5. groaned (groaned) - made a deep moaning sound (verb)
6. grumbled (grum bled) - talked in an angry way about something
that is not pleasing (verb)
7. grumpily (grump i ly) - in a grouchy way (adverb)
8. promised (prom ised) - said he or she would do something (verb)
9. scurried (scur ried) - moved fast (verb)
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Vocabulary List - Jalapeno Bagels
1.bakery (bak e ry) - a place where bread and other are made and sold (n.)
2.batch (batch) - a group of baked goods that are cooked at one time (n.)
3.culture (cul ture)- a group of people who share traditions and customs (n.)
4.customers (cus torn ers) - people who buy things at a store (n.)
5.dough (dough) - a soft, thick mixture that is shaped and baked (n.)
6.ingredients (in gre di ents) - parts of a mixture (n.)
7.knead (knead)- to shape dough by pressing, folding, and
stretching it with the hands (v.)
8.practice (prac tice) - to learn a skill by doing it many times (v.)
9.recipe (re ci pe) - a set of directions for cooking (n.)
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Vocabulary List - Brothers and Sisters
distract (dis tract) - to draw a person's attention away from
something (verb)
newborn (new born) - just born; only a few days or weeks old
pest (pest) - someone who is a bother or who causes trouble
'teenage (teen age) - between the ages of thirteen and
nineteen (adjective)
twins (twins) - two children born at the same time to the same
parents (noun)
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Vocabulary List - The Great Ball Game
accept (ac cept) - to agree to (verb)
advantage (ad van tage)- something that is helpful (noun)
argument (ar gu went) - a disagreement (noun)
dim (dim)- not bright; only a little light (adjective)
guard (guard) - to protect; take care of (verb)
jeer (jeer) - to make fun of (verb)
penalty (pen al ty) - a punishment for breaking rules (noun)
quarrel (quar rel) - a disagreement (noun)
pity (pit y) - feeling for the troubles of another (noun)
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Vocabulary List - Ant
antennae (an ten nae) - a pair of long, thin feelers on the head
of insects for touching and smelling (noun)
cocoons (co coons)- silky coverings made by some insects to
protect themselves until fully grown (noun)
colony (col o ny) - a group of animals, plants, or people living or
growing together (noun)
fungus (fun gus) - a group of living thins that are not plants or
animals and have no flowers, leaves, or green coloring (noun)
herd (herd) - a group of animals (noun)
larvae (\ar vae)- newly hatched insects that have no wings and
look like worms (noun)
tunnels (tun nels) - long holes under the ground (noun)
High-Frequency Words:
care .


Vocabulary List - Officer Buckle and Gloria
accident (ac ci dent) - something you did not want to or expect
to happen (noun)
attention (at ten tion) - looking and listening with care (noun)
audience (au di ence) - a group that listens or watches (noun)
auditorium (au di to ri urn) - a public building where an
audience sits (noun)
commands (com mands) - orders given to someone (noun)
enormous (e nor mous)- unusually large; huge (adj.)
obey (o bey) - follow a rule, law, or command (verb)
officer (of fi cer) - a person who helps enforce the law (noun)
safety (safe ty) - having to do with freedom from danger (noun)
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Jamaica Louise James

blend (blend)- mix together (verb)
booth (booth)- a small room, usually with an opening (noun)
collection (col lec tion) - a group of things that are alike in
some way (noun)
mayor (may or) - a man or woman in charge of a city
plaque (plaque)- a piece of wood, metal, or stone that has words
on it about a person or event (noun)
station (sta tion) - a stopping place along a route for taking on
and letting off passengers (noun)
subway (sub way) - an underground train (noun)
token (to ken) - a piece of metal, like a coin, used to get into a
certain place (noun)
worry (wor ry)- to feel that something bad my happen (verb)
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Vocabulary  List - A Trip to the Firehouse #8
chief (chief) - a leader of a group (noun)
dispatch (dis - patch) - to send a message with speed (verb)
emergencies (e - mer - gen - cies) - things that happen without
warning and require a quick
response (noun)
examine (ex - am - ine)- to look over carefully (verb)
fire engine (fire en - gine) - a truck used to help put out fires
firefighters (fire - fight - ers)- people who work at putting out
gear (gear)- equipment used to do certain things (noun)

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Vocabulary List - Chinatown #7

apartment (a  part ment)- a room or group of rooms to live in (noun)
cobbler (cob bler) - a person who makes or repairs shoes (noun)
graceful (grace ful) - smooth or beautiful in motion (adjective)
handcarts (hand carts)- small wagons, usually with two wheels, that
are pulled or pushed by hand (noun)
herbs (herbs) - plants used for medicine or cooking (noun)
restaurant (res tau rant) - a place where people go to eat meals (noun)
market (mar  ket) - a place or store where food and other goods are
sold (noun)
celebrations (cel e bra  tions) - activities carried out to honor a
special day or event (noun)
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Vocabulary List - Around the Pond #6
bank (bank)- the land around a body of water (noun)
container (con tain er)- items like cans or jars that are
used to hold or carry things (noun)
crater (era ter ) - a bowl-shaped impression in a surface (noun)
dangle (dan gle) - to hang loosely with a swaying motion (verb)
edge (edge) - the line or place where something ends (noun)
moss (moss) - a type of green plant (noun)
path (path) - a track or way made by footsteps (noun)
shallow (shal low) - not deep (adjective)
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Vocabulary  List #5 -Exloring Parks with Ranger Dockett
exploring (ex plor ing) - studying or looking into (verb)
habitat (hab i tat) - place where a plant or animal lives (noun)
protect (pro tect)- to keep from harm, attack, or injury (verb)
ranger (rang er) - a person who takes care of a forest or park
tours (tours) - short trips for sightseeing someplace (noun)
statue (stat ue) - forms carved from stone, clay, metal, or
wood (noun)
urban (ur ban)- having to do with or located in a city (adjective)
wade (wade)- walk in or through water (verb)
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Vocabulary  List #4 - Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
1.backpack (back pack) - bag worn on the back to carry things
2.campfire (camp fire) - outdoor fire for heat or cooking (noun)
camping (camp ing)- living outside, often in a tent (verb)
3.fawn (fawn) - a very young deer (noun)
4.hike (hike) - to take a long walk (verb)
5.lanterns (Ian terns) - a light, often with clear sides, that can
be carried around (noun)
6.snuggle (snug gle) - get cozy or'close to (verb)
7.tent (tent) - place to sleep when camping (noun)
High-Frequency Words:

Vocabulary List - #3
 Mrs. Brown Goes to Town

1. commotion (com mo t/on) - noisy excitement (noun)
2. delivered (de liv ered) - handed over to someone (verb)
3. feathers (feath ers) - the soft, flat parts of the outer
covering of birds (noun)
4. pantry (pan try)- small room where food is kept (noun)
5. released (re leased) - set free (verb)
6. terrier (ter ri er)- a type of small dog (noun)
7. tire (tire) - to lose strength and energy (verb)
wearing (wear ing) - having something on the body (verb)

High-Frequency Words:

Vocabulary List - Julius       #2

1. crumbs  (crumbs) - tiny pieces of bread, cake, cracker, or
cookie (noun)
2. felt  (felt) - a kind of fabric (noun)
3. imitation  (im   i    ta  tion) - a copy of something else (noun)
4. noise  (noise) - any kind of sound (noun)
5. protect  (pro tect) - to keep safe (verb)
6. slurp  (slurp) - eat or drink in a noisy way (verb)
7. straw  (straw) - dried parts of some plants (noun)
8. spread  (spread) - to push and move apart (verb)

High-Frequency Words:

Vocabulary List - Dragon Gets  By   #1

1. balanced- even; not too much of one thing
2. dairy - foods made from milk or cream
3. diet - the usual food and drink of a person
4. hungry - wanting food
5. shopper - a person who buys things
6. shopping - going to a store to buy things
7. vegetables- roots, leaves, stems, flowers of plants used as

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