Homework Policy

Students will need to get their own folder for homework.
I have created google forms that can be used to submit reading and spelling assignments in. 

Weekly Assignments;

1. Math            
2. Spelling Word (Study words and do spelling assignment)
3. Vocabulary Words (Study Vocabulary Words and Definitions) or Read Aloud/Comprehension
3. Reading log

Math will be given out daily and needs to be returned the next day to be corrected. Spelling, vocabulary 
and reading log will be give out on Monday and need to be returned on Friday. 

Homework is graded, complete, incomplete, or needs improvement.

_______Complete   ________Incomplete   ________Needs Improvement


It is important that students read and are read to every night for a least
15-30 minutes. Remember to choose books your child  can read.  Use the 5
finger rule.  
To find out more about the 5 finger rule go to the parent link on this site
and click on the word 

The educational web links can be used for extra homework and help.  The
eduplace  website
supports our math text book.