December 11,   2017

Dear Families,

Kaleb and John are  this week's Class Stars!

We are planning ahead for our winter feast on Friday, December 22.  It is an early dismissal day at 
1 P.M.   and we will be enjoying Stone Soup with Cranberry Bread.  We are making the Cranberry 
bread with GG, Gianna's grandmother.  To add to our feast,  finger foods(all cut up  and ready to 
eat , please) enough for 13 children :
Cheese --  Clark's family
cold veggies---- Piper's family
other ideas
13 juice boxes
plates, napkins, plastic utensils for 13

Let me know what you would like to send in.     
We will be eating at 11 A.M.   

Friday, Dec. 22nd is also Pajama day!   

For our winter feast,  we are making tea lights.  If you have 1/2 pint jars or small jam jars,  would 
you send the jar our way to make the tea lights.   

Language Arts: Unit 2 -- Staying Alive. Story 3 and writing final drafts of our trip to the Ice Rink.  
Daily Language,  daily journal writing,  phonics review, word wall words, word work,  partner 
reading,  and assessments(individual running records),  Kindle Fire game of Word Monkey.  
Independent computer time for Headsprout( leveled phonics ).  
Printing Power daily.
 Daily literature read alouds and responding activities.  

Math: Unit 3 Using & counting numbers to 1,000!  Making  models of Numbers using ones, tens, 
and hundreds blocks, writing numbers in expanded and standard form.     
strategies.  ,  fact fluency, review of Number Bonds,  math games 
of Make Ten to Win, Bump It, and Rocket Blast.   Kindle Fire game of Math Blaster for basic 
addition facts.

Art:  Winter chains & snowflakes, seasonal projects

Social Studies:  Essential Focus Question--Now & Long ago --

Calendar Items:
Tuesdays:  Music
                  Technology with Naomi
Wednesday Dec. 13th-- Guest teacher, Dr. Browne on luminescent rocks
 Wednesday, Grandparent helper G.G.  
 Thursday,  parent helper Stephanie
Friday, parent helper Sam
           Library day!  
Thursday, Dec. 21st -- WINTER CONCERT at 6:30 P.M.   Our class is performing!
Friday, Dec. 22nd --  Winter Feast of Stone Soup & Cranberry bread with finger foods.

Please contact me either before or after school if you have any questions. You may also
send me an e-mail, too, at

Mrs. Valley