Mrs. Lindsey

SCHOOL: Fontana High School

CLASS: Senior C.P. English and AP Literature and Composition

Email:: Lindkk@fusd.net

About the teacher

I earned my BA from CSUSB in English literature. I also received my 
credential from CSUSB; I received my MA in English Composition with an 
emphasis in literature at CSUSB in June 2009. I love learning new things and 
consider myself a lifelong learner. This is my eleventh year of teaching at 
I am looking forward to another great year. On a personal note I enjoy 
reading and anything outdoors and cardiovascular, including running. I also 
look forward to traveling to new and exciting places. 


Class Mission

I believe that every student can achieve success; the level and degree of 
success depends on the student. The more that is put into your education the 
more you will receive back in spades. As juniors I am here to prepare you 
for the challenges of rhetorical reading and writing and the life skills that 
are required beyond high school. As AP students it is my responsability to 
challenge you and ensure academic rigor and of course enable you to succeed 
on the AP exams. The analytical skills along with the quantity of reading 
will further prepare you for the rigor of college reading and writing in 
various disciplines, not just English.