Fontana High School is a learning community dedicated to providing its students . . .
a safe and secure environment inspiration and encouragement from
a committed and professional faculty conditions in which all
stakeholders – parents, teachers, and students themselves – are accountable
 for fostering and improving academic achievement
quality instruction aimed at developing the academic, social, and technical skills that
students must have to make beneficial life choices in an ever-increasingly diverse and global world.



Lisa Romero, Ph.D.


Assistant Principals

Renee Castanon

Andy Lieberman

James B. Logan, Ph.D.

George Matamala


Athletic Director

Amanda Bentley


Activities Director

Gary Gonzalez



Diana Buoye

Janice Derné

Cheryl Gonzales

Stacie Koolis

Beverly McConnell

John Mandy

R. Lynnette Monk Dezan

Mark Quick

Lori Riley


SLC Coordinator

Shannon Eilander


SLC Liaison

Abel Soto Banda


Department Chairs

Jo Shelly-King, AVID

Michelle Sanchez, Career Technical Ed.

Lori Riley, Counseling

James Clark, English I

Gary Hinckley, English II

Paul Beal, Fine Arts

    Richard Marchese, Foreign Language

Mark Swangel, Co-Chair Math

Joe Governale, Co-Chair Math

Michael Nicolia, MCJROTC

Lynn Beal, Physical Education

Kathy Crane, Science

Mark Hickerson, Social Studies

Melinda Becerra, Co-Chair Sp. Ed.

Denise Easton, Co-Chair Sp. Ed.