April 9, 2012

* Field trip permission slips are being sent home today in your child's Daily Folder. Our trip will be to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo on April 25th. On the 25th all Kinders will attend school from 8am-2pm for our trip. The cost of the trip is $17. I will need 8 volunteers to join us on this day. Please indicate on the permission slip if you would like to be one of our parent chaperones. As always, we will not be able to go on the trip if we do not get 8 volunteers to sign up, so please consider joining us if possible.

Please sign and return your child's permission slip and $17 (cash or check made out to Garden Gate School) this week so that I can assure we have enough volunteers to proceed with the trip. Thank you!!

* The Walk-Around is this Friday. All Kinder students will come to school from 8-11:25 on Friday to join in Walk Around.

* Next week is Spring Break! No school Mon-Fri.

*The last day to purchase a yearbook for your child is this Wednesday April 11th.

*We continue to have many children (school-wide) coming to school with a fever and/colds every day. Please remember to keep your child at home if they are showing any signs of sickness, as to help them recover quickly and to keep from spreading germs to other students. Thank you for your consideration.

April 3, 2012

* It is SO wonderful being well again, and back at school with my Lions! Thank you for all of the kind wishes while I was ill. They were so thoughtful, I appreciated them greatly. :)

* Reminder - Yearbooks are for sale only until April 11th. If you are interested in purchasing one, fill out the yearbook order form that was sent home a couple of weeks ago (if you misplaced it, ask for one in the office) and submit it to me with the $20 payment (check or cash).

* Next Friday is the Walk Around! Sponsor sheets went home a couple of weeks ago, and I have only received one.

This is what is posted on the PTA website (listed on the Garden Gate Site):

Garden Gate PTA is getting ready for the annual Walk-Around which is the second largest, PTA sponsored, fund raising event of the year!  Our goals for the students are to encourage physical activity, acquire valuable life skills as they gain sponsorships, and raise funds for the school. The funds raised will be used to purchase library books, provide art and music classes and to promote activities such as the Art & Craft Night, Science & Math Night, International Day, and so much more.

This year's Walk-Around theme is “We're walking the Walk, for Garden Gate!”.  An assembly was held on Friday, March 16th introducing the Walk-Around and the exciting prizes to the students. Do look out for the Walk-Around Sponsor Sheet that will be sent home in your child’s green folder, explaining how he/she can obtain pledges with your support. The sponsor sheet lists all the prizes, most of which were donated to the PTA. The form and the prize list are also available here

Pledge Sheet :Walk-AroundPledgesheet2012.docx

Prize List :Walkaround-prizes2012.docx

We encourage students to look for sponsors outside the Garden Gate community - neighbors, friends, co-workers, and relatives. Please inform your sponsors that their tax-deductible gift supports Garden Gate Elementary School programs. All checks should be made payable to the Garden Gate PTA and turned in to the school by April 29th.

Parent volunteers are needed to make this event a success! We will need volunteers for assistance on the day of the event and we need help collecting and counting pledges during the last week in April.

It is always a fun day, enjoyed by the students, teachers and parents!  Look for the volunteer sign-up sheet in your child’s folder or please e-mail

Azmeh Malik at or

Uma Kishore at to sign up.

March 22, 2012

A note from the Garden Gate Office:
Parents: Our Parent Survey is now open. Please take 5 minutes and tell us what you like about Garden Gate and how we can improve. Take the survey online at You can also get the link from our class website or the school website. If you don’t have computer access, you can get a copy of the survey in the main office. Once you complete the survey, your child gets a prize — a colorful mechanical pencil. You can take a screen shot of the last page of the survey and email it to me or print out the last page and have your child return it. Thank you for your support on this!

March 20, 2012

Here is some information regarding our field trip to the DeAnza Planetarium next week.


*It will be an all AM day for our students. Children must be at school at 8:00, and will be dismissed at 11:25 (as soon as we return).


*We will be walking to Memorial Park and DeAnza College, so please make sure your child has appropriate walking shoes on and a warm jacket.


*Your child needs to bring a snack in a disposable container/baggie. We will not be carrying lunch boxes to and from the Planetarium. We will dispose of all snack garbage at Memorial Park (where we will be eating).




Let’s hope for great weather! 

March 16, 2012

Dear Parents,

As a teacher at Garden Gate, I am so appreciative of all of the support I
receive from parents in my classroom. I know how busy life can get, and I truly value your time.
 Our PTA is made up of dedicated parents that want the best for our students
 and their families. They work very hard on many projects and events such as:
 Welcome Back Breakfast
 Fall/Spring Socials
 Fall Celebration
 Book Fairs
 Safety Night
 Math/Science Night
 Literacy Night
 Art Night
 School Assemblies
 Box Tops for Education
 Direct Donation Campaign
 International Day
 Discovery Day
 Jungle Fundraiser Night
 Staff Appreciation Week
 Red Ribbon Week
 Reflections Art Contest
 Scrip/E-Scrip Program
 Walk Around
 In addition, they work to ensure that PTA money is spent on programs that will benefit all students. These include:
 Spectra Art
 Technology Upgrade
 The PTA works tirelessly to provide a fulfilling experience for all students.
 Unfortunately, all of this work is being done by a small group of about 20-25 parents. Each year we struggle to find more volunteers to assist in these tasks. I am writing to ask if you might be willing to help out the PTA. There are many ways you can help:
 * Join the PTA: The cost is $5 to become a member. As a PTA member you have a say in all decisions that are made by the group with regards to how we spend our money and what we value for our students
 * Come to a PTA meeting: Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7:15pm in the GLC. Meetings generally last about 60-90 minutes. I know this is a difficult time and more time away from your family, but please consider coming to at least a few of the meetings a year (there are 10 total.) We still have a meeting in April, May and June this year - please think about coming to one.
 * Volunteer your time to a PTA committee: There are many ways you can help.
 For each committee there is a chairperson and committee members. Some
 committees are busy for only a short time each year. One example would be Red Ribbon Week - this committee is busy the first month or so of school, and then they are finished for the year. All committee chairpersons have the assistance of an experienced PTA member.
We are desperate for help in the upcoming school year, 2012-2013. I would be most grateful if you would consider helping out in any way possible. Please email me if you would like more information.
Thank you!

Mrs. Lanza

March 12, 2012

* Please continue to send in completed permission slip forms and $7 for the field trip to the DeAnza Planetarium. All permission slips and money are due to me by March 16th (this Friday). Thank you!

March 5, 2012

* Today I am sending home a field trip permission slip for March 29th - DeAnza Planitarium! This will be a walking field trip, and I will need 8 chaperones to join us. There is an area on the permission slip where you can mark if you are interested in being a chaperone. Please note:


Children will need to bring a snack on this day, but only in a baggie or container that can be thrown away. We do not want to carry lunch boxes with us since we are walking. This will be an all AM day for our class so that we can all go on the trip.

Permission slips and $7 (cost of the trip) are due by March 16th. We will have a great time! :)

March 1, 2012

* Hello Lion Families! This week's Friday Memo (in Daily Folder) will list the following important dates for you to mark on your calendar:

·      Friday March 16th – “Crazy Hat Day” – SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY

·      March 19th – NO SCHOOL

·      March 27th – International Day *ALL AM DAY for Kindergarteners*

·      Thursday March 29th – Fieldtrip to the DeAnza Planetarium *ALL AM DAY*

* Did you know that you can view the latest Garden Gate School Memo"Gatoraid" online? Here is the link (you can always find the link to the latest Gatoraid on our Garden Gate School website):


* When dropping off and picking up your child PLEASE make sure to park your car in a parking spot. There have been many Kindergarten (all classes) parents who have been parking in the "No Parking" zone to pick up their children. It is becoming a big problem, please inform other parents as well. Thank you!!

* Have a great end of the week. :)

February 12, 2012

* We will not have spelling words / test this week due to Valentine's Celebrations and President's Day studies keeping us busy.

*Today is the last day to turn in your envelope for the class books we are making. Please make sure you return your envelope - even if you are not ordering a book. I have to turn in a whole class set of envelopes. Thank you!

February 9, 2012

The Garden Gate staff was called into a meeting this morning specifically to discuss the problems we are having with families after school. There are only 2 areas in which you can sit and talk with friends/wait for upper grade students to be dismissed. These two areas are: The snack tables in front of our school cafeteria, and the lunch tables on the other side of the school where the first-fifth graders eat lunch. You CAN NOT sit outside our classroom or have your children playing on the playground after school. Mrs. Hucko is most likely going to be walking over here today and next week to usher anyone away who is not waiting in the correct areas of the school.

Again - You can not wait outside our classroom/have children playing on the playground after school. This is against school policy and the teachers are being blamed for families who are doing this. I can show you where you can wait after school today if you are not sure where the designated areas are.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Again, this is not a choice being made by me or the other teachers. This is liability issue that can not happen any longer. Please tell other families if you see them on the playground/waiting in incorrect areas after school.

Please pass this news on!
Thank you!
Mrs. Lanza

January 23, 2012

* Thank you very much to the families that have returned their child's report card envelope. I am still waiting on quite a few. If you haven't already done so, lease return the envelope to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

* This week our class is studying penguins! Check in with your child about what they are learning.

* Next Thursday, February 2nd is the 100th day of school! Our class will celebrate the 100th day of school by doing "100" activities throughout the day. Your child will be asked to do a 100 homework assignment to bring in on Feb. 2. Next Monday I will provide your child with a big piece of construction paper. Please help your child choose 100 of any item (beads, cereal, cotton balls, etc.) to glue to their paper. The child has to count 100 of their item and then glue them to the construction paper. The blank piece of paper will go home next Monday and needs to be returned to school by next Thursday (Feb. 2nd). Thanks for your participation!

*Next Monday, January 30th, I will be providing a small presentation on "Reading with your Child". I will be presenting from 2:30-3:30pm. It will take place in our classroom, and child care will be provided (my lovely sister). :)
During this presentation we will discuss different aspects of reading with your child at home. It is absolutely not required that you attend, it is just an option for those who are interested in coming. I will need to know how many people to expect, so please RSVP if you are planning to come. See the email sent home today for more information. Thanks!

January 11, 2012

Hello everyone! I am still waiting on the report card envelopes for the following students:


Pease return  your child's report card envelope as soon as possible. You can keep the report card - I just need the envelope back. We reuse the envelopes every trimester. Thank you so much!!

January 9, 2012

Hello Lion Families,

This is a note from Mrs. McGraw, our Tech Teacher here at Garden Gate:

 Garden Gate is holding a Technology Drive to collect the following new or gently used technology accessories:
 ·    Mouse pads
 ·    PC Mice
 ·    Ear buds / headphones
 ·    Flash drives
 ·    Power strips
 ·    Ethernet cords
 ·    Extension cords
 ·    Ipod chargers
 ·    Working flip cameras
 ·    Kid friendly cameras
Please bring any donation to the computer lab.

January 5, 2012

* I have printed copies of this months Scholastic flyers for anyone who wants to buy any books. I am only sent 20 copies of this flyer, so just let me know if you want one. You can also go online to the Scholastic website to view/order books. Our class code is : JDBB8.

January 3, 2012


* I hope you all had a wonderful Winter break. Thank you again for ALL of the thoughtful cards and gifts you gave me before the holiday break. You are all so kind, and I appreciate you!

* Please remember to turn in your child's report card envelope ASAP. We reuse the envelope every trimester. You can keep the contents - just return the envelope.

*We have a new addition to our Lion Class! His name in Sanjith, and he is an afternoon friend. We are so excited to have him as part of our class. Welcome Sanjith and Family! :)

*There is no school on January 16th in observance of Martin Luther Kind Jr. day.

Have a great week!

December 12, 2011
* Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!* Friday is PAJAMA DAY! Students can wear their PJ's to school. Please don't bring stuffed animals or blankets...we will have too much stuff to bring home that day.

* Please return your child's report card envelope. We reuse the envelope every trimester. You can keep the papers that are inside - just return the envelope. Thanks!

* This Wednesday is the H.E.A.S.T theater performance for the 4th and 5th graders. They have been working hard to prepare this performance since the beginning of the school year. I am one of the theater coaches, and will have to attend all 3 performances this Wednesday (9:00, 10:30, and 6:00). Our class will be working with Ms. Wolff (first grade teacher) along with her class this Wednesday while I prepare the theater group. Ms. Wolff and her first graders will be joining us in our classroom for the morning from 8:00-11:30. Ms. Wolff is familiar with our routines, so the morning should go smoothly. Please let me know if you have any questions.

*This week will be a busy one as we approach the holidays. We will continue to take part in many holiday activities and lessons. Please remember to join us this Friday morning from 8:00-8:20ish for a quick presentation in our classroom. We look forward to seeing you!

* As most of you already know I am currently attending classes at Saint Mary's College in Moraga. I am working towards my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. This past week I was contacted by head of the Early Childhood department and asked to represent my program section in a seminar class this Winter. This is a great opportunity for me that I simply could not pass up! Starting in the first week of January I will attending classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The class begins at 4:15 in Moraga. In order for me to make it to class in time I will be leaving GGate at 2:20ish every Monday and Wednesday. I will not be able to meet with parents on these Mondays and Wednesday afternoons. I am sorry in advance for any inconvenience. Of course, you can always contact me through email on these days or you can stop in at lunch or before school if you have any questions for me.

This class will be done by February 1st, so at that point my schedule will be back to normal. :)

Have a great week everyone!

December 7, 2011

*Happy Wednesday everyone! Outside our classroom I posted a list of food items that we would like to have donated for our Holiday party. Please check it out if you are interested in bringing a snack to share next Friday, Dec. 16th. Thank you!

*Next Friday, Dec. 16th the Lions will be doing a small presentation for  our families! Please join us in our classroom from 8:05-8:25ish. Hope to see you then.

November 28, 2011

* I hope you all had a wonderful week-long vacation!

*This Friday report cards will be sent home. Please open your child's report card at home - not at school. This helps to respect all families privacy. Report cards represent your child's performance and assessments at school - and should never be compared to another child's report card. Thank you so much for your respect.

November 14, 2011

*I hope you all had a restful 3 day weekend! Here are a few notes about this week:

* Friday is an ALL AM day. All Kindergarteners will attend school from 8:00-11:25. We will be finishing an art project in the morning and watching "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving" on the big screen (in the GLC) after recess with the other Kindergarten classes. Yay! We will not need any volunteers or snacks donations for Friday.

* There are no spelling words this week - only a homework packet.

*There is no school all next week due to Thanksgiving holiday.

November 7, 2011

* I hope you all had a nice weekend! This week is a short week - NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!

* Next Friday, November 18th, in an ALL AM DAY FOR KINDERGARTEN. All Kinder students will come to school from 8:00-11:25. Our class will be doing a Thanksgiving project and watching a Thanksgiving movie with the other Kindergarten classes (no volunteers will be needed).

* We are on our last bottle of hand sanitizer.  If you are able to donate some hand sanitizer to our classroom we would greatly appreciate. :) We go through A LOT of hand sanitizer every week.

Enjoy your week!

November 1, 2011

Happy November everyone! I hope you had a nice, restful weekend.

* This Thursday is our field trip to the Discovery museum. I am happy to say we now have enough volunteers to help chaperone our trip. Yay! Your children will attend school from 8:00-1:30 on Thursday. On this day, please send your child to school with lunch items that can be thrown away. We will not be bringing any lunch items back to school with us. For example:

A paper/plastic lunch bag (no lunch boxes)
Plastic water bottle or juice box (no water bottles that have to be brought home)
disposable wrappers/containers (not ziplock containers/tupperwear you want returned)

As you can imagine, bringing 32 lunches on a field trip is quite a hassle, and we don't want to have to pack anything up to take back home with us. I will provide a snack for our class (crackers and juice) which we will eat as soon as we arrive at the museum. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

October 24, 2011

* This week is Red Ribbon Week. Throughout the week we will be discussing why it is important to keep our bodies healthy by being "drug free". We will sign a class pledge, get visits from our local Deputies, and receive small tokens every day to help us remember why being drug free is important.

* As part of Red Ribbon Week, all students and staff are encouraged to wear RED this Tuesday. This will help us show our support for a Drug Free environment.

* Reminder - Picture day is this Wednesday. If you would like to order pictures, please fill out the picture order form (going home on Tuesday) and return it on Wednesday. No late orders will be accepted.

* Reminder - Friday is our Halloween Celebration Children can wear costumes to school in the morning but MUST wear normal clothing underneath their costume. They will have to remove their costume after our whole school parade in the morning. If your child does not bring a backpack to school, please send them with a paper bag with their name on it (to store their costume in).On Friday, all Kinder students will attend school from 8:00-11:25.

* Keep turning in those permission slips for our field trip on November 3rd! We are still in need of 6 parent chaperones, so please consider joining us if you are available (see bottom of permission slip).

October 18, 2011

* In your child's Daily Folder today is a permission slip for our very first Kindergarten field trip! We will be going to the Discovery Museum on November 3rd. On this day ALL KINDERGARTENERS WILL ATTEND SCHOOL FROM 8:30-1:30. Please see the permission slip for more details. I will be needing many parent chaperones for this field trip. I will assign the chaperones on a first come basis. The chaperones tickets will be provided. I'm sorry, but no younger siblings may attend our field trip. Once I have all of the permission slips returned I will inform you whether or not you will be needed as a chaperone (if you noted interest). Thank you!!

* Today the announcement was made that this Friday is a Spirit Day...Twin Day! IF your child is interested in participating, they can dress alike with a friend (wear the same color clothes, wear their hair the same, etc.) This is not is just an option.  :)

October 14, 2011

*I am still collecting cleaning wipes for our classroom. Any donation (any brand) would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

* If you are interested in volunteering for school events (such as the Fall Celebration) you should sign up to receive Garden Gate volunteer emails! If you sign up to be on this email list, you will receive emails whenever school activities are coming up in which volunteers are needed. You will NOT be required to participate in all of the activities, they will only be letting you know about them so you can sign up if you are interested. Check your child's Daily Folder on Tuesday for the G.Gate Volunteer Opportunities email sign up sheet. Thank you!

* Thank you all for coming to meet with me during Parent/Teacher conferences! I really enjoyed sharing your child's progress with you.

* I just was informed that Student Picture Day is coming up. I did not include this date on our Friday Memo, but will do so next week as an extra reminder. Picture day is October 26th.

* I also just found out that the school Fall Celebration will be from 3:00-5:00 on October 28th. There will be a bake sale and lots of games/crafts for children and their families if you are interested in coming.
                                                                  Enjoy your weekend. :)

September 30, 2011

* We had a WONDERFUL time celebrating teddy bears today at school! Thank you all for participating!

* We are running low on our supply of cleaning wipes. Any cleaning wipe donations to our classroom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

* If you haven't already, please sign up for a Parent/Teacher time slot. There is a link here on our website to sign up. Thank you!

September 26, 2011

*** WOW! I had so many families donate "teddy bear" snacks this morning! We have plenty for snacks this Friday. Thank you families!
* Hope you all had a nice weekend! Click on the Parent/Teacher Conference Link here on our website to sign up for a conference time slot. I look forward to meeting with all of you!

*This Friday, September 30th is our Teddy Bear Parade! Your child can bring their favorite teddy bear to school on Friday to carry in our parade. ALL STUDENTS WILL COME TO SCHOOL FROM 8:00am-11:25am on Friday. We will be learning about bears and doing bear activities throughout this week.

* Please join the Yahoo Group that has been set up for our class. You should have received an email invitation from Rashmi (our Room Representative) to join our group. This will allow all of our parents to communicate effectively throughout the year. Thank you!

September 19, 2011

* We now have backpack hooks in our classroom, for those who are interested in bringing a backpack to school. However, backpacks still aren't necessary. It is your personal choice if you want to send your child with one or not. Thank you!

* I am looking for a parent volunteer(s) to help our class during Library/Computer time on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:25.  Please let me know if you are available. Thank you!

September 6, 2011

* This Thursday, September 8th, is Back to School Night. Hope to see you there!

August 23, 2011

* Please return your child's completed Library Agreement form and Technology Agreement form (both were sent home in the green gator folders last Thursday) as soon as possible. These forms must be turned into our librarian and our tech. teacher before your child can participate in Library or Computer lab. If you are unsure if you already turned these papers in please check with me. THANK YOU!!

* Green Gator folders MUST be emptied and returned to school every Friday or Monday. We need the folders here so that they can be stuffed and sent home again the following Thursday.

* I will be sending home our first Homework packet next Monday. It will go home in your child's daily folder. I will collect homework on Fridays (just send it back to school in the daily folder).

August 19, 2010

* A classroom volunteer sign-up sheet is now posted outside our classroom for those who are interested. thank you!

* Thank you to those who donated items from our wish list. You are all very generous!

August 10, 2011

*Remember the first day of school is a “Tuesday schedule”. 

* Backpacks are not necessary at the beginning of the school year.

*When picking up your child, be sure to wave goodbye to me.  I work hard the first few weeks to match parents with their child.  Also, when AM’s are picked up, I still have the PM class.  The procedure is, I open the door and our AM friends  are asked to sit inside our classroom door until you arrive to pick them up. This helps me make sure that all students are picked up safely. I use the same routine for our PM friends in the afternoon.

 Due to increased amount of food allergies we are no longer sharing snacks at school, and are not having food as part of the birthday celebrations.  I’ll talk more about this at Back to School Night. You can also click on the "Snacks and Lunch Routines" link for more information about food at school.

 A good time to talk to me is after school (2:00).  Email is great, or notes from home.  If you need to schedule a time to come in to meet with me, just let me know. 

 Homework and weekly book bags will start after Back to School Night.

 If it’s hot, students can bring a water bottle to school. Please put their name on them. Thanks!


 I am looking forward to a great year with you!


Mrs. Lanza