Class Plans


We are participating in the Hour of Code.  

4th Grade Technology--

SWBAT draw a picture using Pages drawing tools.

Procedure:  The students draw detailed pictures of the Water Cycle using Pages. The students include an explanation of each of the cycles. 

Evaluation:  Formative:  The teacher circulates the lab helping the students with the layout of the document.

5th Grade Technology--

SWBAT practice keyboarding.

Procedure:  Using Type to Learn the students practice the keys.  They perform short typing exercises.

Homework:  Keyboard practice #11.

Evaluation:  Formative:  The teacher circulates the classroom checking the students' form.  Summative:  The homework is graded.  

6th Grade Technology--

Standard: 4 a. Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation

SWBAT: write code to logic and if statements.

Procedure: The students perform activities to write functions using logic and if statements. The students perform exercises and analyze their codes for accuracy. 


Hour of Code:  If Statements--complete the following:  Booleans, Challenge: Number Analyzer, Logical Operators, andChallenge: Your First Button
Place the finish products on a document. Include the commands and the images. Type a statement explaining your work.

Evaluation: Formative:  The teacher observes that the students choose the correct commands. 

7th Grade Technology--

SWBAT use Excel to design a spreadsheet with calculations that include sums and differences.  The students analyze the information creating analytical charts. 

Procedure: The topic of the project is good nutrition choices.  They calculate the total daily calories of protein, carbohydrates, fats, sodium, calcium, and total calories.  They insert charts to compare what they consume to the suggested daily amounts.  

Evaluation: Formative:  The teacher monitors the students to determine the student's ability to design an accurate spreadsheet and make calculations. As the students show their work, the teacher reviews the spreadsheet for accuracy.  Summative:  The spreadsheet and analytical charts are graded. 

8th Grade  

SWBAT:  write a resume. 
Procedure:  The students continue with their career projects.  They are at the point of searching for a job that reflects their career choice.  They learn the techniques to write a resumé.  The students write two resumés:  one as they graduate from 8th grade and another looking forward as they graduate from college.  The English and computer teachers collaborate to do the project.  It will take about three weeks. 
Evaluation--Formative: The teachers circulate the lab checking that the students practice are typing  the correct vocabulary to make a powerful resumé.  


5-1 Language Arts--

SWBAT--practice practical usage of fractions.

Procedure:  Working in three groups the students find recipes to create menus.  Depending on the project the students change the recipes for different numbers of guests. 

Evaluation:  Summative-The teacher circulates the lab helping the students find the recipes.  Formative:  The final product is graded.  

5-2 Language Arts--

SWBAT--create a document using Pages word processing

Procedure: Students type and edit their five paragraph essays regarding "My Mother Is...."  The students add a decorative first letter and a border.

Evaluation:  The teacher circulates the lab advising the students.  Summative:  The final product is graded. 

6th Grade Language Arts--

SWBAT--create 3 circle Venn Diagrams about three poets from different backgrounds.

Procedure:  The students research three poets, their styles and poems.  They take notes.  The information is placed in a three circle Venn Diagram.

Evaluation:  Formative: The teacher circulates the lab helping and answering the students' questions concerning the project.  Summative:  The final product is graded. 


-8th Grade Algebra--

SWBAT practice coding functions. 

Procedure: The students solve coding problems.  

Evaluation:  Formative:  The teacher circulates the lab helping the students. 

8th Grade Basic Math-

SWBAT practice math using Mathletics.

Procedure:  The students are assigned problems by the math teacher.

Evaluation: Formative: The teacher monitors the students for finishing the assigned tasks.

7th Grade Math--

SWBAT practice math using Geogebra .

Procedure: The teacher assigns tasks. 

Evaluation: Formative: The teacher monitors the students for finishing the assigned tasks.

Language Arts:

7th Grade:  English

SWBAT: research information about the Port of Los Angeles as a preparation to writing a research paper using Google Docs. 

Procedure:  The students choose a current problem or event that effects the port.  They research the topic and take notes. 

Evaluation:  Formative--The teacher circulates the classroom helping students.  The students record their topic and a fact on an exit ticket.

8th Grade: English

SWBAT: compose a resume. 

Procedure: The students use vocabulary appropriate for a resume to write their objective.

Evaluation: Formative--The teacher circulates the classroom helping students.

 7th grade Reading

SWBAT: research, make up a script, and begin filming the project about the lives of people in Elizabethan England.  

Procedure:  The students role play and continue to write their scripts reflecting their lives in Shakespeare's time. 

Evaluation:  Formative:  The students write about the video, regarding the lifestyle of the time. 

8th Grade Reading:
SWBAT: become knowledgeable of Shakespeare and the Renaissance era 
Procedure:  The students finish their individual Shakespearean projects. 
Evaluation:  Formative:  The teacher circulates the classroom, determining if the students need 

6th Grade:  History

SWBAT: The students edit their iMovies. .

Procedure: The students edit their iMovie interviews about the Greek gods and goddesses. 

Evaluation: Formative: The teacher monitors the project advising about the techniques to create the movies.  Summative:  The final movies are graded.