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Science Fair Projects will be assigned beginning the week of Feb. 6. All 4-6th graders are required to participate. K-3 are invited as well. Please find the documents at the left.

Fourth grade Homework Assignment Calendar (I will give you specifics for each assignment the week before it is due. If you wish to work ahead, you can find the specifics on my website)

Due Week of... Homework assignment for all projects

Feb. 14


1. Complete the Plant Experiment Planning Sheet

2. Plant your seeds (do NOT apply your treatments yet)

3. Adult sponsor signature

Fourth grade Science Fair Homework Assignment 4.2

Feb 21

(Code: SF4.2)


  1. A blank data table – create the data table that you will use to keep track of your data during this experiment. Remember to give it a title that tells what type of data you’ll collect. Don’t forget to tell the units (metric).

Weekly Height of Bean Plants Under Different Colors (in cm.)

Color of Light

Jan. 1

Jan. 8

Jan. 15

Jan. 22

Jan. 29









5/6th grade Science Fair 2016 Assignment Calendar Remember to attach the assignment slip or write the code number on all homework assignments! Please check the grading criteria to see how each step of the project relates to your final grade.

Due Week of... Homework assignment for all projects

(homework code)

Feb. 14

(code sf01)

Completed Sponsor sheet with the following information:

1. Three possible topic ideas, listed in order of choice

2. name of partner(s) (5th grade only)

3. Sponsor signature


Feb. 21

(code sf02)

1. Project title (Must be worded as a Question)

2. One paragraph written description of the project. What do you wish to accomplish or learn from this project? (Your science teacher is the audience for this. It is NOT your introduction)

3. One Practice MLA Citation Find a literature source (book, magazine article, internet webpage, etc) that has information about the subject of your project. Cite that source in MLA format (see packet page for example). You do NOT need to submit a research essay to accompany it yet.


We made Binary Code Name Necklaces in all of my classes this week. Hey kids, if you want to do some more at home, here's the code:


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