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Ms. Cooper's Science Class
at Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School

Korematsu's 2015 Science Fair will be held on Wed. April 8 (6-8 PM)

Please bring your projects to school on the morning of the 8th and set them up in your designated space (See below)
Science Fair projects should be set up in the following places:
All Fifth and Sixth grade- Multipurpose Room
Mr. Kane and Ms. Scott's - Music Room
Ms. Foley's class- Take your projects to YOUR classroom and then bring them after school to set up in Ms. Cooper's science lab
Primary projects (k-3)- On the stage in the Multipurpose room

Science Fair 2015   Assignment Calendar                      

Remember to attach the assignment slip or write the code number on all homework assignments! Please check the grading criteria to see how each step of the project relates to your final grade.

Due Week of...                                Homework assignment for all projects

Feb. 9

(code sf01)

Completed Sponsor sheet with the following information:

1. Three possible topic ideas, listed in order of choice

2. name of partner(s) (4th & 5th grade only)

3. Sponsor signature


Feb. 16

(code sf02)

1. Project title (Must be worded as a Question)

2. One paragraph written description of the project (Your science teacher is the audience for this. It is NOT your introduction)

3. One Practice MLA Citation Find a literature source (book, magazine article, internet webpage, etc) that has information about the subject of your project. Cite that source in MLA format (see packet page for example). You do NOT need to submit a research essay to accompany it yet.


Feb. 23

(code sf03)

Background Research Essay. This should be a minimum of 150 words. Do not use personal pronouns in this essay. You must use at three literature sources (book, Internet, magazine, etc. Interviews are acceptable sources but interviewees must be experts (who work in the field). Sources must be cited properly for full credit. (follow the MLA format you practiced last week)

     Homework for Experimental Projects              Homework for Inventions/Demonstrations

March 2

(code sf04)

  1. Written Hypothesis
  2. Experimental Plan (be very specific, give step by step directions )
  3. Materials List

(begin running your experiment as soon as you complete this step)

Additional research

approximately 200 more words of information (must include source citations). Plans for building a model may be included in this part if appropriate.

March 19

(code sf05)

  1. Data Table (with completed data)
  2. At least one graph (others may be added on final project but do not have to be submitted in advance)
  3. One written paragraph summary of data and a final conclusion (this should answer your experimental question)

At least two visual aides that will accompany your project. These can be drawings, diagrams, photos, graphs, etc. IF you use pictures that you did not take yourself, you MUST cite your source for the photos (internet URL, magazine, newspaper, etc)

Homework for all projects

March 16

(code sf06)

Final draft of project Introduction This should be a brief introduction to your whole project. It should lure your audience. (one paragraph long)

[March 24-28 -Spring Vacation]

Wednesday, April 8 - SCIENCE FAIR (6-8 PM)

Bring your project to the Multi-Purpose Room between 8 and 8:30 a.m.


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