WELCOME to the website for
Ms. Cooper's Science Class
at Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School
Thursday, March 3
6-8 PM
Korematsu MPR, Library, Music Room and Science Lab.


Where to take your projects:
All projects should come to school on Thursday, March 3 between 8-8:30 AM. Take your projects to the following places:

K-3rd grades: set up on any table on the stage in the MPR
Fifth and sixth grades: Set up your projects in the MPR on the tables marked with your teacher's name.
Fourth grade: take your project to your classroom in the morning. at 3 PM set up in the following places:
Foley: Ms. Cooper's science lab
Scott: library
Kane: Music Room


Here's a sample Science Fair Project. Your board doesn't have to look exactly like this one but the things I like about it are:

1. has all of the required parts
2. there are subtitles over each part (makes grading easier)
3. Lots of color (try mounting each part on colored background paper)
4. Large font size
5. Visually pleasing

I need owl pellets!!!!!!!!!! If you find any, please bring them in a ziplock bag to the science lab!

PARENTS: if anyone is available occasionally to come in and do some copying for me, please send me any email to scooper@djusd.net. THANKS!
Also, I need Timothy hay for the pets.

Also, check out my new Facebook page: Ms. Cooper's Science Classes at Korematsu Elementary School

Fourth grade challenges:

Bridge Across the Room

Which Shape is the Strongest? shapes-2.jpg

Can you make a water fountain?





C'mon! You KNOW you LOVE to sing along!

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Don't forget to come back soon. New stuff is added all the time!
And never forget: SCIENCE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!