Name: Miss Griggs

School: Laurel Elementary School

CLASS: Miss Griggs' 1st Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 925-625-7090

Some information about Miss Griggs:

Hi, welcome to my website. 
I've been teaching for a LONG time and still LOVE it! I've taught everything but kindergarten over the 
past 30+ years. This is my 35th year of teaching! I've been at Laurel School since we opened 22 years 
ago. I love first graders because they are so curious about everything. I love teaching them to read 
and write. It's amazing how much first graders learn in a year! 

I live in Livermore in a small house with my five year old cat, Purrcy and a 3 year old kitty named 
Gracie. Purrcy's long name is "Sir Purrs A Lot" because he purrs all the time.  My hobbies include 
reading, gardening, knitting, baking, playing handbells and singing in a choir. I like to travel and have 
traveled to China, Israel, and many countries in Europe. I have been to most of the 50 states and with 
two more trips (to North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, 
Louisiana, Alabama) 
I'll have traveled to all 50!

I've always got a few good books for fun and some that I'm reading for school next to my bed. Let me 
know if there's a book you'd recommend or if you are looking for a good book to read. 

And last but not least, as some of you may already know, I'm a die-hard Giant's fan. I began rooting 
for the Giants as a little girl, watching the games with my dad. I never thought I'd see them win a 
World Series, so 2010's World Series win was a dream come true.   

I look forward to working with you to provide an amazing year of learning for your children. I hope 
you'll be able to join us for special science and social studies theme days (our first is COLOR DAY in 
August) or help out in the classroom on a regular basis. 
Miss Griggs

Class Pledge

Basically I have three overall behavior guidelines:  Care for yourself, care for others and care for our 
class and school.  In order to live out those guidelines we have the following pledge that reminds us 
what it looks like to have respect and care for each other: 

We, the students in Miss Griggs' class will care for each other and our school. 

This means we will:
- work together and help each other
- look at and listen to the person who is talking
- use kind words to solve problems
- be safe
- help take care of our classroom and supplies

We will remember everyone makes mistakes and always try to do our best so we can all learn and 
have a great day!