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Krispy Kreme money, orders and unsold tickets are due to the band room on Thursday, 5/21. Please do not forget!
We need parents AND STUDENTS to help with the donut distribution on Sunday, 5/31 from 8:30-12:30. We are hoping to have two locations: the LHS stadium parking lot will be for distribution of presold donuts, and we are locking down a secondary location for same-day sales. We need adults at both sites, and we would like to have students hold signs and attract attention for our on-site sales. All volunteers will first meet at the LHS stadium so we can finalize who is needed at what site.
Please sign up (and have your students sign up as well).
Krispy Kreme Distribution
We are hoping to see a large turnout at the Spring Concert Thursday, 5/21 at South Valley Community Church. I believe the concert begins at 7:00, but honestly, I'm not positive! Sorry.
We have decided NOT to have students sell fireworks scrip this year. We are out of time, and honestly, we have asked the kids to do a lot this year. However, we do have scrip available. If you, as a parent, would like to check some out to sell in the community and at your workplace, we will have it available at the concert tomorrow night. (Customers buy the scrip for $20, and then they redeem it for fireworks at our booth in July.)

May 5 - Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction.
This week, your student will be issued tickets for the Spaghetti Dinner on May 5th. The evening will include performances by the Lemoore High School and Liberty Middle School Jazz Bands, as well as a silent auction and a dessert auction.
Ticket money and any unsold tickets are due back at school on Thursday, 4/30. Please make all checks payable to Lemoore High School Foundation.
If you are able to contribute something for the dessert auction, we are asking for family-sized desserts - you can bring them with you on the night of the dinner.
If you would like to donate a nice item or gift basket for the silent auction or know of a business that would, please contact us at lhsbandbooster@gmail.com.
Volunteers for the dinner are needed for setup and clean up, starting at 4:30 PM.
If you are able to help with the dinner or can donate a dessert, here is the link to sign up: Spaghetti Dinner
Krispy Kreme Donut Sales
We are going to try one more fundraiser to end out the year, and it's a sweet one! We will be pre-selling Krispy Kremes to be delivered to Lemoore. More information will follow, as we are finalizing the details during our booster meeting tomorrow. There is a possibility that students might have both the spaghetti dinner AND the donut sales going on simultaneously. We tried to avoid that, but with the end of the year approaching, there does not seem to be an alternative.
May 15 - Artistry Alive
After a hiatus, Artistry Alive is coming back! This is a show put on by the guard which features their talents in all areas. Tickets will be available for sale from guard members. It's a great night; please plan on attending.
May 16 - Band Banquet
All parents are invited to attend the annual band banquet, held at the LHS pool, on Saturday, May 16. There will be a potluck lunch followed by awards. All the instructors will be honoring students from fall and winter season. After the awards, parents leave, and the kids enjoy a pool party.
May 21 - Spring Concert
Clear your calendar for Thursday, May 21, for the annual spring concert at South Valley Community Church. There will be performances by both jazz bands, wind ensemble, beginning band, and symphonic band.
Please remember that band camp for 2015 will be for the two weeks prior to the start of school. All students are expected to attend.
Fireworks Booth 2015
We are again going to have a fireworks booth, and we need MUCH more help. We will be staffing the booth in reverse. First, we will fill spots to open on July 4th. If that fills, we will then open spots for July 3rd, and so on. Essentially, we will open ONLY if we are able to staff the booth. If we do not have volunteers, the booth will remain closed. There will be signups available shortly, but please keep us in mind as you are making your summer plans.



     On Tuesday, 1/20, all band students (percussion, guard, wind ensemble, symphonic) will receive 4 tickets for the Fatte Alberts Fundraiser.  The tickets are $10 each and include one large pepperoni take and bake pizza with a 2 liter of Pepsi.  The pizza and soda are to be picked up on SuperBowl Sunday (February 1) from 9-12 at the Lemoore Fatte Alberts.  We are asking each student to sell at least four tickets.  We hope to use the proceeds from this fundraiser to take a spring trip...more information to follow.
     The top ten sellers will earn a free pizza, delivered hot and ready to eat to the band room during lunch at Lemoore High.  
     Tickets will be distributed on Tuesday 1/20, and are due on Tuesday, 1/27.  

CANDY BAR SALES (Winter Season Participants)
     Students taking part in winter guard and winter percussion should have recieved their first box of candy bars to sell.  We are hoping that each student sell two boxes.  Profits from this sale will be used to reduce the fees for the winter season.

     We are still in dire need of workers for the home show on Saturday, February 7th.  It was our hope at the beginning of the year that each parent of a band student would volunteer for at least one event during the year.  We have seen many parents multiple times, but sadly, the majority of parents have yet to volunteer at all.  Only 30% of parents have volunteered for anything so far this year. That means that 30% of the parents have made sure that the needs of 100% of the students have been met. If you have not yet contributed your time, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.  Shifts are  3 1/2 hours long - surely there is one shift during the day that would fit your schedule?  Please sign up as soon as possible.  Here is the link:  Home Show 2/7
    We are also asking for dessert contributions for the hospitality room.  You can sign up at the above link.
   Parents of all band students (not just winter season participants) are needed to staff this show.  


At this time, the band club is $2200 in debt.  Bills from marching season had to be paid, and as of now, at least 48 students have not made any payment toward their contribution.  This means that any spring trips, including festival performances, are in jeopardy.  If you have not yet paid your part, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Our next booster meeting will be Monday, 2/2, just after 6:00 PM in the band room.  We will be making final arrangements for the home show on 2/7.  We are inviting ALL parents to attend.  (If you are working in the hospitality room on 2/7, we really need you to attend this meeting.)

On Saturday, 2/7, we will host the SJVCGPR show.  This means that we will need many volunteers.  For most of winter season, we will rely on the parents of percussion and guard members.  However, for this show, we need parents from ALL students, including those who are not involved in the winter season.      The day has been divided into three shifts: AM (10:30-2:00), Afternoon (1:30-5:00), and PM (4:30-8:00).  Please find at least one time that you can help.  We need people to sell tickets, to sell merchandise, to work the entrance and exit doors, and of course, to work in concessions.  Please click the link and choose where and when you can help.  SJVCGPR HOME show

Our next booster meeting is Thursday, 1/15.  We will be meeting in the band room just after 6:00 PM. Please join us to share your ideas and concerns, and to help us plan the second half of this year.


To the best of my knowledge, the calendar has been updated to include the winter percussion and winter guard competitions.  I will update it and make changes as I learn of them.

     It's time for me to start asking for parent help for the winter performance season.  We will need 2-4 chaperones, 1 driver, and plenty of food service help each time the kids perform.  (As far as I know, the driver will only be needed when percussion is performing.  I do not think that guard only performances will need the trailer.  I will update that if I am wrong.)  
     Sometimes this season, the guard and percussion will be performing on the same date but at completely different sites, which will mean that we will need double the help. VolunteerSpot is ready to go for the winter season.  
     You can access all the volunteer opportunities here:   Winter Season VolunteerSpot  We are asking that ALL guard and percussion parents volunteer for something at least one time during the season.  Sign up quickly to get your first choice!

Soon, your student should receive tickets and information about our next band fundraiser.  We are working with Fatte Alberts Pizza in Lemoore to sell a pizza/soda deal.  The pizza will be a pepperoni take-and-bake pizza, served along with a 2-liter of Coke, and the meal will be picked up prior to 12:00 noon on SuperBowl Sunday...perfect for those viewing parties!  More information will be coming soon.

     Saturday, 12/20, is predicted to be the biggest shopping day of the year, and our organization is lucky enough to have the mall gift wrap booth that day.  We have the potential to earn a lot of money, but we need more help.
     We need to staff the room from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so we have divided the day into four shifts (9-12, 12-3, 3-6:30, 6:30-10).  We would like at least 4 adults and 6 students for each shift.  Students should bring their volunteer hours paper to have it signed.
     We are paid through donations, so the more efficient we are, the more we can earn.
     Here is the link to sign up:  Mall Gift Wrap Booth
     We hope to see you for part of the day.
     The booth is located diagonally from Ross.  

Friday, the kids WILL play the show in full uniform for the football game. However; this will be the last time theywill play the show at home. The pit will load instruments after the half-time performance. The band room opens at 4:30 since this is another 7:00 PM game.


Food for Sunday: Below is a statement made for Sunday’s competition at Fresno State. 
Feeding Your Band: Due to limited space, bands will not be allowed to feed students in active contest parking lots. A designated picnic area is located west of Bulldog Stadium on Barstow Avenue. Grilling and open flames are prohibited per Fresno State University. Please do not leave any garbage behind in the picnic area; it is your responsibility to clean up after your band and remove all trash.Please inform your boosters and instructors of these policies. University police will be patrolling this area to insure those using this space adhere to these policies.


Before anything else, THANK YOU to all the parents who gave up so much time and energy to make sure the Tiger Classic was a success. You all were amazing! It was a good night for all involved, and we have our parents to thank for that. 28 families were represented in our volunteer group.

The LHS football team has a home playoff game this Friday.  We will be prepping the beef kabobs on Wednesday night at 6:15 at University Charter School.  Can you join us?  We will be finished by 8:00 PM.  Kabob Prep 11/19

 Because the playoff game was not originally on our home football calendar, we need to fill our volunteer spots for this Friday.  Needed are pit crew, student services set up/during game, concessions set up/clean up, and a stadium vendor.  Home Playoff Game 11/21

WBA championships are this weekend.  The kids will perform at Buchanan HS on Saturday, and if they score in the top 15, they will compete at Fresno State on Sunday.  We still have volunteer jobs that need to be filled, including at least one more chaperone and lots more pit crew help!.  Here is the current list of volunteers:
​If you are able to fill in any open spots, please sign up as soon as possible.  I think some parents were finally cleared to chaperone at the last LUHSD board meeting; here is your chance!  Championships
Menu for this weekend:
Saturday breakfast: ham and cheese bagels, fruit, juice
Saturday lunch: Deep-pit turkey sandwiches, (from Raven's Deli in Armona),vegetable, fruit PERCUSSION HAS COOKIES!  (we are still working out the vegetarian option...suggestions?)
Saturday dinner: not provided; concession stand will be open (bring money)
Sunday lunch (if needed): Spaghetti (there will be some sauce without meat)
Sunday dinner (if needed): Baked potatoes/toppings GUARD HAS COOKIES!

Some parents have expressed an interest in ordering the purple band shirts/hoodies.  These are the ones that list all band programs on the back, making them good for marching, concert, and winter seasons.  If you would like to order, please contact Denise Dean for details.  She needs at least 12 purchased to be able to place an order.  djdean1956@yahoo.com


We are going to run a quick, easy fundraiser for the next two weeks.  The kids will be selling Scentsy "Circles for a Cause" scent rings.  A $20 order purchases 6 scent rings.  These would make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.  For each pack sold, the band earns $7.  If each student sells one, we will profit over $800.  Order forms will go out this week and will be due December 2nd, Payment is due at time of order, and checks can be made payable to LHS Band Boosters.  Please contact Janet Darter with any questions: 559-362-4565.

At our first booster meeting of the year, we agreed to sign up for the gift wrapping booth in the mall.  The dates assigned to our group are Friday, December 5th 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM) and Saturday, December 20th (9:00 AM - 10:00 PM). This is a way for us to earn quite a bit of money,but we will need both adult and student volunteers. Sign up quickly for your preferred shift: Mall Gift Wrapping Booth

Please let me know if you have anything to add to the agenda.


Raven's in Armona will smoke and debone turkeys for us to use to feed the kids at championships on 11/21.  We are looking for three parents to donate a 25lb turkey.  I will get back to you on the time and place to drop them off.   If you can do this, please click the link and sign up. The first three to sign up are the winners! 
If you can't donate a turkey, there are still plenty of opportunities to help. We need more people at the Tiger Classic this Saturday (tabulation? another one to help at parking? more help in concessions?).  We have 15 bands coming this year, including Buchanan, El Diamante, and Monache, which is a 5A.  Last year, we had 12 bands.  This means that we will have more spectators this year, which then means that we will need to fully staff concessions.  Do you have a couple of hours to spare?  Please?   Tiger Classic
Guard and Drum Line parents, can a few of you help with kabob prep on Wednesday, 11/5? We meet at University Charter School at 6:15, and we should be done by 8:00.  Kabob Prep
Finally, if you are planning on helping at the Milk Can game of Friday, be sure you sign up. Security is going to be tight, so all band volunteers need to be signed up and have lanyards. Those meeting at the band room can pick up lanyards on the door leading to the storage room. Those meeting at the stadium can pick them up from the booster concessions table - just holler at us over the fence!  Milk Can Game
Reminder, the booster meeting is this Thursday at 6;00 PM (as if you didn't have anything else going on this week!) 

Hang on tight, everyone; this is going to be a crazy 10 days!
     Monday, 11/3 - regular Monday practice
     Tuesday, 11/4 - nothing! (unless you need to go shopping for concert black attire)
     Wednesday, 11/5 - Patriotic Concert / kabob prep
     Thursday, 11/6 - Booster meeting / regular practice
     Friday, 11/7 - Milk Can Game / preliminary setup for Tiger Classic (hospitality/concessions)
     Saturday, 11/8 - practice / Tiger Classic
     Sunday, 11/9 - sleep!
     Monday, 11/10 - regular Monday practice
     Tuesday, 11/11 - Veteran's Day Parade (more info TBD)
See? If we all "band" together, we'll make through to the other side.
Thank you to the parents who were able to make the trip down to Mission Viejo. If you have any pictures to share (performances, candids, etc), please email them to me and I will post them to the lhsmusic instagram account with your photo credit.
We've reached crunch time for the Tiger Classic. There are many crucial jobs that are still unstaffed. Can you please check and see if one of them is something you could do?
     Tabulation: We need a person comfortable with technology to help in the judging booth. This person will be transferring the judges recordings to the USB drives (or something to that effect!). You will be up in the announcer's booth. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please sign up for the Tabulation job. Mr. McElhaney will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done.
     Parking: We need two people to greet the busses/trailers as they arrive in the parking lot. They will need to distribute the director's packets to the visiting staff. They will help direct the busses/trailers to their parking areas. This job needs to begin in the early afternoon, and it will end when the last of the groups arrive, usually about the time the show starts, meaning that it is a great job for those of you who want to see the whole show. Allen Chieze has done this job for the past few years and would be more than willing to talk to you and give you the directions.
     Concessions: We operate the main concessions booth for this event, serving pizza, tri tip sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. We are in need of more people for this, especially for the second shift.
     Teenage help - runners. We need a few students who will be able to take judges' sheets from the field up to the announcers box. A former student will be coordinating them, but we just need their boundless energy. Responsible siblings are more than welcome to help.
     Desserts for hospitality: We put together a buffet meal for the visiting directors and staff. We are asking for dessert items for this. These should be items that can be served buffet-style; think ”pot-luck". Items can be dropped off at the stadium any time after 2:00.
Here is the link for all Tiger Classic jobs: Tiger Classic
     LHS students will be busy all day. They will have practice in the morning, and they will also be responsible for making sure the stadium is clean. The boosters will be providing dinner for the kids (hamburgers, potato salad, fruit). The brass section will be responsible for providing the cookies. Mr. McElhaney will have an itinerary out as soon as possible.

Our monthly booster meeting is this Thursday, just after 6:00, in the band room. Our agenda will be anything related to the Tiger Classic. Most other items will be tabled until our meeting in December. Please join us.

The LHS Patriotic Concert is this Wednesday at the Event Center. If Mr. McElhaney has not mentioned it yet, all student involved will need to be dressed in "concert black".

This Friday is the Milk Can game, and since both teams are going in to the game undefeated, it's sure to be a crazy night! If you would like to sign up to help, here is the link:Home Football Game
The only night we have available to rep the kabobs is Wednesday, which is also the night of the Patriotic Concert. Guard and drumline are not involved in the concert...we are hoping those parents can help. We meet at 6:15 at University Charter School, on the far west side of West Hill Campus. Kabob Prep 11/5

"Depart for Dublin" should be "Depart for Mission Viejo"
Here is the link to volunteer for the trip on 11/1-11/2 : Mission Viejo Overnight



Our monthly booster meeting is this Monday, shortly after 6:00 PM, in the band room.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Items on the agenda include the upcoming overnight trip to Mission Viejo, as well as planning for the Tiger Classic.

     Our first competition of the season is finished and the group is off to a great start.  They placed fourth in our division,  just over a point behind Clovis HS, and a point and a half behind El Diamante HS.  They scored first in General Effect Music, second in Auxiliary (color guard) and third in percussion.  After a Western Band Association competition, you can see the scores at Western Band Association.  After clicking on the "scores", you will see a window with the option to "download recap". This is where you can see how each judge scored each group in the various captions (categories).  
     If you were not able to see the show (or if you would like to see it again!), here is a video posted online:  LHS at Sierra Cup Classic
     Thank you again to Mr. and Mrs. Patel of  Bombay Indian Food and Chai House in Hanford for preparing the meal for the kids.  
     Parents, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for how the LHS Band Boosters managed this event, please let us know.  You can email us at lhsbandbooster@gmail.com.

CAR WASH 10/18
     LHS band students are organizing a car wash.  The event will be held on Saturday the 18th from 10am-2pm. Tickets are $5 and there is no buy-out necessary. Of course, we will take non-ticket holders as well.
     Mr. McElhaney said, "Some of the students felt it (the car wash) necessary as we are under budget while planning for transportation. I’m very proud to see them take to it with such enthusiasm. This is not a mandatory fundraiser. It is not being graded and is strictly voluntary. All proceeds will go the general fund for the Band club and used for transportation this year."
     Items needed:  Mostly towels and hoses. We have one hose and we’ll need 3-4 more.  Due to water restrictions, we could use some “trigger nozzles” to help conserve water. We have about 4-5 smaller buckets and a LOT of rags.  We have a few small containers of car wash soap, but might need one or two more depending on how many cars come. 

     The next competition for LHS is on October 25, with the Visalia Band Review.  This will be different; it is an indepent competition rather than a WBA event.  It begins with a parade compeition in downtown Visalia, and then an early afternoon field show compeition at Mineral King Bowl in Visalia.  You can find more information here: Visalia Band Review.
     LHS steps off in parade competition down Center Street at 9:35.  They will perform first in their division for field show competiotion at 2:30.
     Students are encouraged to eat breakfast prior to arriving at the band room on the morning of 10/25.  A light snack will be available for the kids prior to the parade (cheese sticks, granola bar, fruit, juice).  Lunch that day will be prepared by Taquiza Catering (carne asada /bean burritos, salad) and percussion is on tap to bring the cookies.  
     We are still looking for more parent help that day.  Here is the link: Visalia Band Review

     The 7th annual Tiger Classic will be held on Saturday 11/8.  This is a field show competition that is run completely by the LHS Band Boosters.  As you can imagine, we need a lot of help to make it run smoothly.  In previous years, parents have really stepped up the plate, and I imagine that this year will be no different.  Jobs needed run the gamut from ticket sales, stadium spectator management, and of course, concessions!  All proceeds from this event go directly to fund activities and supplies for the LHS band.              The more parents sign up, the shorter the shifts will need to be.  One benefit to this event is that our LHS band performs last in exhibition, and by that time, all parents who have been volunteering are usually able to stop and see their kids perform...you won't miss the show.
     We also will be asking for dessert donations for the hospitality room (where visiting band directors and staff members relax and are fed a great dinner).
     Please click the link and find a job that you can do.  We need both adult and student volunteers from every band member.  Tiger Classic Home Show  

     If you have family and friends coming in to watch the Tiger Classic on 11/8, we do have presale tickets available, allowing them to bypass the line and come directly into the stadium.  Prices are $10 general admission, $8 military/senior, and $6 child.  We can also check tickets out to you if you would like to sell them at work.  Contact us via email (lhsbandbooster@gmail.com) if you are interested.

     Planning is well underway for the overnight trip to Mission Viejo.  Students will be leaving late morning (most likely) on Saturday, 11/1.  They will stop for lunch along the way (not provided; students should bring money).  Performance time at Mission Viejo High School is 7:15.  An evening meal will be provided (Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies).  
     The following morning, students will have a full breakfast at the hotel (provided) and will spend sometime at Downtown Disney before heading back to Lemoore.
     Two meals (dinner and breakfast) will be provided, but students will need to bring money for two lunches (Saturday and Sunday).  Please contact Mr. McElhaney if this is a concern.
     LHS will be staying at the Hampton Inn, 27102 Towne Center Drive, Foothill Ranch, CA.  (949-597-8700).  
     If you are able to help on this trip, here is the link to volunteer:  Overnight Trip to Mission Viejo

If you have any pictures you would like to share on our band's instagram site, please email them as an attachment to lhsbandbooster@gmail.com and I will give you photo credit. You can find us on Instagram  @lhsmusic.

Thank you, parents, for volunteering so much of your time to help with the tritip dinner on Saturday. I hope you had a good time. This is a fun group of people!

We will be preparing kabobs again on Wednesday night at 6:15 at University Charter School. Homecoming is this week, so we will be making more than usual and could use your help. We have finished before 8:00 each time. If you have hesitated to volunteer so far because your high schooler doesn't want you to, (that would mean that he or she would have to admit that they have parents!), this is a great opportunity to help. It's completely behind the scenes and definitely needed.  Kabob Prep

Friday's schedule will be different from other home football games. I don't have the call time yet, but my guess is that students will need to be back at school by about 3:00 PM. The band will be performing at the homecoming parade through downtown Lemoore at 4:00. They will return to the band room immediately after, and we will be providing tri tip sandwiches for the kids. If you would like to help with serving the food, please be at the band room at that time. The band will not be performing a halftime show, due to the crowning of the homecoming court. They will be playing in the stands, though.
Here is the link to sign up to help:  
Home Football Game

     Parents, we are in need of more volunteers for Saturday's competition. At minimum, we need three chaperones and two more drivers. These positions must have been fingerprinted and cleared through the district.
     We also need more help at the event. Parents are always needed to help serve food, distribute and collect plumes, organize the snack, and move the pit equipment. These positions do not require district clearance, since you do not ride to the event with the students.
     Mr. McElhaney is planning on arriving at Fresno State close to 2:30, so they will most likely be leaving school by 1:30 at the latest. Chaperones and drivers should be at the school by1:00 (drivers might need to be their earlier - please contact Mr. McElhaney).
     I do not have a student itinerary yet, but plan on having students report to LHS for morning practice. They will be released for lunch and then will report back to load the busses. It will be a late return to LHS, but I don't have the details.
     I am including the Sierra Cup Classic performance schedule and information. If you are planning on attending, please wear your show shirt or plenty of purple so the kids can see our support from the field.
Here is the link to sign up: Sierra Cup Classic

​Admission: $14.00 General Admission; $10.00 Senior Citizen/Students/Children

MENUS FOR 10/10 and 10/11
Friday dinner (after the parade, before the football game);
     Tri Tip sandwiches, chips, drink. We will have a few vegetarian sandwiches available.

     We are asking each section to provide snacks for the different events this year. For Homecoming Friday, we need the WOODWINDS to bring cookies. They do not need to be homemade, and they do not need to be individually wrapped; we'll take care of that. The cookies can be brought to the band room on Friday.
Saturday afternoon meal (served at 3:00 PM, after arriving at Fresno State)
     Dinner is being provided by Bombay Indian Food and Chai House, 104 N 11th Avenue, Hanford CA 415-6362. THANK YOU!
     Rice Jasmine Thai
     Bombay Butter Chicken Curry (non-vegetarian)
     Potato Chhole (garbanzo) bean curry (vegetarian
     Bread Pakoras (fritters)
COOKIES: BRASS section. Again, they do not need to be homemade or individually wrapped. They can be brought to the band room on Saturday.

Our next booster meeting is Monday, 10/13, just after 6:00 PM in the band room.

Hampton Inn
27102 Towne Center Dr.
Foothill Ranch CA
We are in need of MUCH more help this Saturday. Currently, there are 8 people signed up. Can you help too? We need:
     -ice chests.
     -bake sale items
     -help cooking
     -help wrapping the tri tips/bagging the rolls
     -help with distributing the dinners
Here is the link to sign up: Tri Tip Dinner

We have a home football game this week, so we will need help preparing the Tiger Tail beef kabobs.  We will meet at 6:15 PM at University Charter School. Please sign up if you will be able to join us: Kabob Prep 10/1

As part of the tri tip dinner fundraiser, we run a bake sale.  Individually wrapped items are needed.  Please drop them off at the bandroom any time from 9:00 (when you take your student to practice) to 3:00.  

We are short volunteers for this Friday's game.  Can you help?  Here is the link: Home Football Game

     Your student should have been issued their four tickets for the tri tip dinner, held this year on Saturday, October 4th.   
     If you are unable to sell all four tickets, we are requesting a "buy-out" option of $10 per unsold ticket.  This dinner is our major fundraiser for the fall season, and involvement by everyone is so important!  Remember, our band is bigger this year, requiring three busses each time they leave campus.  That, in turn, has raised our transportation costs significantly.  
     Additional tickets are available in needed; please have your student ask Mr. McElhaney.
     Ticket money is due on 9/26.  Unfortunately, the selling period does not span the first of the month payday, so we are letting customers know that they are welcome to postdate their checks to 10/1.
     IMPORTANT:  All checks for tri tip should be made payable to LHS FOUNDATION.
     Beef prices have risen drastically.  Last year, we paid $2.79/pound.  This year, the meat is $4.29/pound.  As a result, we had to raise the price of the dinner to $30. Dinners include one full tritip, a 2-liter bottle of soda, and rolls.  As a selling point, let your customers know that the tri tips are the same as the tri tips available at Gunny's Sandwich Shop.
     WE NEED A TRUCKLOAD OF FRUIT WOOD!  If you know of anyone who can donate the wood, please let us know as soon as possible.  If you do not have any, perhaps you can put out a request on Facebook or other social media sites.
     We are looking for parents who are willing to help purchase the sodas when they are on sale.  We would ask you to buy 30 bottles of soda; save your receipt and you will be reimbursed.  More information will follow.
     We also offer a bake sale on the day of the dinner, and we need parent donations.  Bake sale items should be individually packaged.  Again, more information will follow.
     We need ice chests to store the cooked tri tips prior to distribution.  If you can, please drop off your clearly labeled ice chest to the bandroom on the morning of 10/4, and pick it up at the end of the event (6:00 PM)
     Finally, we need help!  Here is the link to volunteer for one of the jobs (cooking, wrapping, distribution) TriTip Dinner

Our first competition (October 11) will be here before we know it.  Because our band is larger this year, we have an even greater need for chaperones and drivers.  If you have not completed the fingerprinting process needed to be cleared to chaperon or drive, please contact Mr. McElhaney as soon as possible.  We will need 4 drivers and up to 6 chaperones for each event.
Here is the link to sign up for any of the competitions: VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

     There is another home football game on September 5. so we will again need to prep the beef kabobs. We will be meeting at 6:00 on Wednesday, September 3 at University Charter School.
     We need about 4 people to help. Again, band members are also able to help, and their time will count toward their community service hours.
     Here is the link to sign up:  Kabob Prep 9/3/14 6:00 PM


     If you wish to order a purple band shirt or hoodie (the one that has all of the band programs on the back), the money and order forms need to be turned in to the white lock box in the band room by Wednesday, September 3rd. The order will be placed the following day.
     Checks can be made payable to LHS Band Boosters.
     If you need more information or an order form, please stop by the boosters concession table at the football game on Friday night, or contact Denise Dean at djdean1956@yahoo.com.

FOOTBALL GAME HELP NEEDED - First game this Friday
     When it is still 100 degrees outside, it's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that there is a football game this week! We have five people currently signed up, and that means that we still have a need for more.
     If anyone has connections at LHS, we are looking for someone who can tape off the band's area at the stadium prior to the start of the JV game.  Please let me know if this is something you can do, and I will get you in touch with Mr. McElhaney for the specifics. (This job  is not on volunteerspot; click the email link to the top right of this page  if you can take care of this for us.) 
Here are the descriptions for the jobs we need: 
Student services: Set Up (2-3 needed):These people will set up the bleachers for the band prior to the game for band by taping off area and filling water bottles. (I"m sorry I am not more help on the description for this job; it's not one that I have done before.  Plan on meeting at the band room about the same time that Mr. McElhaney will have the kids arrive.  That's where the water bottles will be, as well as the seat cushions.  Your help might also be needed to load equipment on the Gator to take to the stadium.  Mr. McElhaney usually has the kids run through some practice, so you will be needed to distribute the water to the kids when they take a water break.
Student Service: During Game (2-3 needed):  These people will sit in the band section to distribute and maintain the water bottle's during the game.  You will also be needed to help return the equipment to the band room when the game is over.  
Pit Crew (no limit):  The pit crew are really the equipment movers.  If you can, meet at the band room about 30 minutes after Mr. McElhaney has the kids arrive.  You will be helping load the equipment on the Gator and transporting to the stadium.  Then you will be needed again prior to the halftime performance (before the band leaves the stands). You will gather at the back gate to help move all of the front ensemble equipment to the field and back again after the performance.  
Concessions Set Up: (4 people): Set up band concession table in the grass near the stadium entrance to sell concessions.  THIS IS NOT THE MAIN CONCESSIONS BOOTH FOR THE STADIUM!  The band operates a table in the open grassy area near the fence.  We sell small candies, Tiger Corn, and Beef Kabobs. Greg and Cindy Bush will have the barbeque going.  You will be needed to take food orders, add the condiments to the grilled corn on the cob, and handle money.  We will begin setting up at 6:00 PM (time might change after I talk to Mr. Bush).  The first shift runs from 6-8.
Concessions Clean Up (4 people) This shift runs from 8:00 to the end of the game.  THIS IS NOT THE MAIN CONCESSIONS BOOTH FOR THE STADIUM!  The band operates a table in the open grassy area near the fence.  We sell small candies, Tiger Corn, and Beef Kabobs. Greg and Cindy Bush will have the barbecue going.  You will be needed to take food orders, add the condiments to the grilled corn on the cob, and handle money.  At the end of the game, you will help pack up the supplies.  If there are any leftovers, someone usually takes them to the band room to hand out to the kids.  One person will be needed to meet with the treasurer to double count the cash box.  
NEW THIS YEAR: We would like to sell concession in the stands as well as at the band's table. In order to do this, we will need a couple of strong, outgoing people to carry the trays and interact with the crowd. If this sounds like you (or your teenagers), please come see us at the concessions table during the game and we'll set you up. This job is also not on volunteerspot - you can click the email link at the top right of this page and come see us during the game if you can help.
     The jobs for each football game do not change, but hopefully, the volunteers do.  It would be WONDERFUL if a band parent only needed to work for one game during the season, allowing them to have the night off for the remaining games.  In previous years, it seemed as if the same few parents worked every single time, which means that some never were able to see their children perform.  Please, find one job and one game where you can work.

The dates for the football games are:
     August 29
     September 5
     October 3
     October 10 (homecoming)
     November 7 (Milk Can game)
If we make playoffs, we will add those dates.
     When you click this link, you are not committing to signing up.  It will ask for you to enter your email address, but that is only going to take you to the site.  Once there, you can choose your date and your job.  
     Please sign up.  I think you'll find that you will be working with a nice group of adults and a great group of kids.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the booster meeting last night.  I hope these meetings will be a place where you feel welcome and that you have a voice.
Officers for the 14-15 year were elected last night, and they are:
     Rebecca Camarena - co president (year two)
     Douglas Robertson - co-president
     Denise Dean - vice president/fundraising (year two)
     Greg Bush - vice president/competitions
     Annette Hembree - secretary
     Alexa Farmer - co treasurer (year two)
     Lori Summers - co treasure 
Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to the kids!

All ticket stubs, money, and unsold tickets must be turned in to the band room on Friday, 8/15.  Envelopes will be placed in the white lock box in the band room.

This practice was accidentally left off of the main calendar. For those of you new to band, Mr. McElhaney has the kids practice right up until 9:00 PM, which means they will need to return to the band room and put equipment away before being ready to leave.  Don't expect them to be meeting you at the parking lot right at 9:00 PM! 

As of this moment, we have nobody signed up to help! Parents are needed in the LHS cafeteria to help package the food into the to-go containers; all the food will be cooked and ready to go. Other parents and students are needed to help distribute the dinners to the cars as they drive through the LHS bandroom parking lot. Volunteers are needed brom 3:30-6:16. Here is the link to sign up: Pulled Pork Dinner Volunteers

     If your student is attending band camp, he or she should have received 8 tickets for our first fundraiser of 2014-2015.  The dinners (individual portions) include pulled pork, green beans, rice pilaf, and a roll, and cost $10 each.  This is a drive-thru dinner, with customers picking up their dinners in front of the bandroom between 4:00-6:00 PM on Thursday, August 21.
     Checks can be made payable to LHS Band Boosters.
     All money and any unsold tickets must be turned in by Friday, 8/15.  
     We will need some parent volunteers to help with the distribution of the dinners. Here is the link to sign up: Pulled Pork Dinner

     Band camp (for all students) begins Monday.  Freshman are asked to come to the band room at 8:30 to register and pay.  They will the be excused to attend LHS orientation. All freshman are asked to return to band camp when they are finished with orientation. (I believe Mr. MrElhaney arranged a time for all band freshman to complete their registration, regardless of the time sent home on their registration card. I don't have the specifics; please check with your student.)  
     Sophomores, juniors and seniors may register and pay for band camp closer to 9:00 AM on Monday.  The  $50 fee for camp may be paid in cash or by check, made payable to LHS Band Boosters.
     Band camp registration forms and money will be collected from 8:30-9:00 from 7/28-8/1.
     Sophomores, juniors and seniors will complete LHS registration on Tuesday, 7/29. Again, Mr. McElhaney has arranged a set time for band students to register; I believe it is at 10:00 AM.  Students are expected to return to band camp as soon as LHS registration is complete.
     ALL STUDENTS: Make sure to have Mr. McElhaney sign your LHS time card.  This will let LHS administration know that you are a band student and have permission to complete registration at a time other than what is stamped on the card. Helpful hint: The back side of the time card is also the school emergency card; don't forget to fill it out prior to arriving at LHS registration.

Band Camp runs from 9:00-5:00 each day, Monday through Friday, and students usually have about an hour lunch break (the time each day could vary). Make sure your student has arrangements for lunch. Students also need to have sunscreen and PLENTY of water..it gets hot when they are outside learning the show!

     On Thursday evening, August 7, the students will put on a concert to display all that they have learned during camp. The exact time and place are still to be determined, but please clear your calendar for that evening.

     If your student is unable to attend all of the days of band camp, please email or speak to Mr. MacElhaney as soon as possible. Students will need to sign in each day for attendance.


     All students attending band camp will receive their show tshirt as part of their $50 band camp fee.  Additional tshirts are available for purchase at a price of $15 each. Many family members purchase the shirts to wear for shows and competitions.  The order form is on the band camp registration form, available on the link above. We believe a 3X shirt size will also be available, even though it is not listed on the order form.  Go ahead and add that size if necessary.  All orders must be received by 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 31.  

Volunteer signups are now ready for the fall 2014 marching season.  Please click the link to see how you can help. Fall 2014 Volunteer Opportunities


There are several openings for officer positions for the upcoming school year.  Please take a moment and consider helping out.
Open positions are:
      Oversee Co-VP-Competitions and Treasurer
     Oversee home Football games & Tiger Classic (sign-ups, concessions, etc.)
     Prepare agendas for & lead meetings
*Vice President - Competitions:
     Primary responsibilities include events related to competitions/trips.
     Coordinates student meals, transportation (trailer), chaperones.
     For continuity, this person is preferably a parent of a student involved in both fall                    and winter season.

     Takes minutes of all General and Executive Board meetings.
     Provide minutes for posting on the website.
     Work with Chairperson and Executive Board in sending email communications.

Filled officer positions (completing the two-year term) are
     Co-President: Rebecca Camarena
     Vice President - Fund raising: Denise Dean
     Treasurer: Alexa Farmer

Please contact us if you have any questions about available positions.

If you are no longer involved with the LHS Band and do not wish to receive updates from the band boosters website, I can remove you from this mailing list.  Please click the email link above and let me know that you wish to be removed.    

June 14-15 - Central Valley Colorguard Camp
July 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24 (Tuesdays/Thursdays) - Woodwinds/Brass Only 10:00-1:00
July 28-August 8 - BAND CAMP - Mandatory for all sections (M-F, 9:00-5:00)
August 13 - First day of School

While some of the practice dates at this point are still tentative, the competition, performance, and meeting dates have been added.

     It's almost time to start practicing for the 2014 fall season! Rehearsals for wind instruments will begin on Tuesday, 7/8 from 10:00-1:00. Practices will continue each Tuesday and Thursday (same times) until Band Camp. While Band Camp is MANDATORY, these wind rehearsals are voluntary (but strongly encouraged!). If you have any questions, please click the email link at the top right of this page and let us know. We will get back to you with an answer. Rehearsals are held in the band room.


     LHS Band Camp begins on Monday, 7/28 at 9:00 AM in the band room. This is considered a mandatory practice for all students who are taking part in band. If your student is unable to attend all of the days, please email or speak to Mr. MacElhaney as soon as possible. Students will need to sign in each day for attendance.
     ***We are aware that Freshman Orientation is also on Monday, 7/28, and we will update this page when we have a more solid plan as to how to coordinate both events. For freshman, Link Crew orientation runs from 9:30-11:30 on 7/29.  Please plan on registering for bandcamp at 8:30 prior to attending the Link Crew orientation. From 1:00-4:00, freshman will have an assigned time to complete orientation (ASB cards, photos, PE clothes, schedules, etc.).  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will have their registration on July 29 10:00-3:00.   

     Band Camp runs from 9:00-5:00 each day, Monday through Friday, and students usually have about an hour lunch break (the time each day could vary). Make sure your student has arrangements for lunch. Students also need to have sunscreen and PLENTY of water..it gets hot when they are outside learning the show! 

     On Thursday evening, August 7, the students will put on a concert to display all that they have learned during camp. The exact time and place are still to be determined, but please clear your calendar for that evening.
     When students arrive for camp on Monday, they need to turn in a camp registration form and their payment. The registration form is available by clicking the "Forms" link to the left. You can save yourself time by having the form printed and completed when your student arrives on Monday. The cost of band camp is $50, with checks made payable to LHS Band Boosters.
     All students participating in band camp will receive the 2014 show T-shirt. If you would like to order extras for yourself, they can be ordered on the camp registration form; they are $15 and will reflect the theme of the 2014 field show.
     Camp begins at 9:00, and the band room will open at 8:30 on Monday for registration.


Are you wondering just what your student has been learning for the past two weeks at band camp? Come find out! Thursday, 8/7, is the annual band camp concert. It will begin at 6:00 PM in the Event Center. Please join us and be amazed at all that the kids have accomplished. (Band camp will probably dismiss a bit early on that date, but we don't know the exact time. Kids will have to be back at the band room prior to the concert...make sure to ask him or her for the specific time.)

PARENT MEETING Monday, 8/18 6:00 PM
There will be a parent meeting on Monday, 8/18 in the
Presentation Center (next door to the band room.) Students have a night rehearsal from 6-9, so when you drop off your student, please stay for the meeting. Mr. McElhaney will be discussing the parent financial contributions needed to keep the program running, as well as requirements for attendance, competitions, and rehearsals. After he speaks, the boosters will stay to elect new officers for the 2014-2015 school year. It is important for all parents to attend.

ATTENTION FRESHMAN: We do not have email addresses for all of the new members, so not all of your peers will receive this message. Please contact your friends to give them this message.

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