NAME: Mrs. Dwin Graham

SCHOOL: Los Altos Christian School

CLASS: 5th Grade LAD

SCHOOL TELEPHONE: (650) 948-3738 x 625

About The Teacher

The Lord led me to teaching which is my second career.  I feel called to teach
and am blessed to be able to help children learn and grow.  I am a retired
attorney and prior to teaching, I practiced law for about ten years.  I then
took some time off from working outside the home.  I began working at LACS
several years ago.  I have taught K-2 Computers, Intensive Reading, 3rd LAD,
and now 5th LAD.  I have a BA degree in history with a minor in English as
well as a JD.  I am also certified to teach reading and language arts skills
using the Slingerland multi-sensory approach.

I have two grown children, one is in graduate school and the other is a 1st
year in college.  I met my husband of 28 years in elementary
school, but that's another story.  My hobby is reading.  I love to read.  I am
an Amazon Kindle convert.  Having an electronic book reader is great fun.  As
long as I have my Kindle I am never without several books at a time.

Mission For The Class

The main mission of my class is to continue to build the self esteem of
students by stressing organization and self advocacy skills so that they will
be as ready as they can be for middle school.  My class will continue to work
on increasing students' fluency, reading comprehension, decoding, math, and
spelling skills.  Improvement in these areas will flow over into all areas of
study(e.g. Science and History).  I want to help students who find reading
difficult to enjoy the written word even when it is hard.  I think of
education as a partnership between parents, teachers, and the student.  We
each have a role and must support each other in order for each student to be
able to do his/her personal best.