BEST OF LUCK SOPHIA AND MARYAN AT VEX ROBOTICS! We will make sure to check up on you through the virtual website! Coding Queens Rock!
We are almost into our last month of school and there is a lot of "antsy-ness" at Malcom. We will continue to push through these last 28 days of school with the rigor and structure that we began with in August. Your scholars have grown by leaps and bounds as they move forward on their educational journey! So proud of all the personal growth each has shown. 

Language Arts: We are incorporating our Social Studies curriculum into our Language Arts. We are now studying the American Revolution. Students are creating a book that chronicles how our nation developed into what it is today. Did they share about our taxes? Boy, were they angry. But things got worse when I had to "protect them", and the only way I could do that was if they sat at the lunch tables during their recess. Now the tempers flared! What can they do?--- This is how the colonists felt when they had no representation. What will happen next week?

Walk Through the Revolution - May 10th - Each student was given a speaking part to memorize for this reinactment. Please encourage them to practice at home nightly. This activity is a fun-filled competition brought to us by California Weekly. Parents may attend. Our classes presentation is May 10th from 8:15-10:45. More information to come. Check out the website for photos, costume ideas (optional) and more information.

SBAC - IT'S COMING SOON - Please keep in mind that this is only one set of data used to measure knowledge. Many of the items asked of the scholars are difficult and developmental, and will come when they are ready. School should be a journey, not a race!
                                                Tentative dates that I have are:  
                   ELA - Monday 5/1     Writing Response - Tuesday/Thursday 5/4 and 5/5
                                                Science (new pilot of NGSS)- Thursday 5/11
                          Math(Concepts) - Monday 5/15        Math Performance -Thursday 5/18

**STUDENTS HAVE BOOKMARKED THE SBAC PRACTICE SITE*** We will walk through many types of problems at school, but I encourage you to sit with your student and look at what is being asked of them - especially
in math. You are their BEST teacher!

Math - Review! Review! Review! We will be skipping around the math text books and looking at variety of problems, as well as working on performance task examples. On Friday we began with "OPENING A BAKERY".

Social Studies: First states test (30 of them) was given on Friday. Students worked on 10/week for the past 3 weeks and took quizlets. Those who received a 3 or better can now focus only on the final 20. I will send an email to students who have the opportunity to try one more time.

Science: I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to your scientist's Google Slideshow. Thank you for supporting their accomplishments.


BEACH DAY - Wednesday, May 31st - Look for a separate email for information and follow-ups from our room correspondence mom, Laura Kalfin.

 Family Life: The best lessons of the year! :)   If you have any questions let me know.
May 25th and 26th (Permission forms need to be turned in)

Students are separated by gender and "Our Changing Body" is discussed. This is a great time
to get a little "goodie bag" with new toiletries and deodorant etc.... "to let them know that you know"
they are growing up.
I highly recommend any of these classes! I signed up with each of my children and it helped open
up mature conversations. I can't stress enough having meaningful dialogue with our kiddos
especially in this digital age.