"Always be kind, polite and productive"

Well..... it is here! The kick-off to summer and the quick end to the school year. It has been a very productive year. Each scholar will leave prepared for middle school and the rigors that come with it. I am proud of each and every one of them and the growth they have made personally. They are wonderful role models for the upcoming 5th graders!

This week:
Testing concluded! Yippee!!!
Family Life completed! - They are full of new knowledge!!! I must commend the boys! They all brought their "maturity" ,and using note cards asked important questions or shared some new knowledge. I am sure the girls did just as well with Ms. Reimer and Mrs. Hornig. 
Poetry Slide Show: WOW!!! These digital poetry books are looking amazing! Today I taught the poem "What I found". Over the 3 days students do not HAVE to complete it but they should think of the place (they know how) and brainstorm items that could be found there. This will make the poem much easier to write on Tuesday. ** I know some scholars will work on it early!**
Baseball Games: The annual 5th grade games begin next week. If your student has a mitt to bring they should do so on Tuesday and Thursday. 
AR READING: The marking period ends on Wednesday. Million word club recognition will be the following week.
Beach Day: Please sign and return the fieldtrip form next week. Hope you all cleared your morning schedules on Wednesday June 8th for the send-off.!
Enjoy this holiday weekend! The end is within sight!