Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!
WOW--- Where has the past two weeks gone! I apologize for not keeping you updated on my webpage. October begins the hectic festive time in the Butterworth household ( and I am sure yours,too!) Here is what is happening in a nutshell!

FUN RUN IS COMING! - Thank you to all families and sponsors! Currently our class has raised $62.00 per lap! Very impressive, but can we reach $65??? We hope to see many supporters on Thursday at 9:15 as we run our 30 laps! The kiddos are very excited at our class incentives that I have set up and I know they will show more excitement as they run, run, run on Thursday!

LANGUAGE ARTS: We continue to practice our "close reading" skills using non-fiction texts on exploration as well as other short text pieces. Each week we practice identifying text structures used by authors. By looking for key words we can better understand the text and information and how the author presents his information.
Additionally, we began comparing texts on the same subject: How are the topics related? From whose point of view is the topic written? What similarities/differences can we identify in the texts? This is an important strategy to use as we read/research various non-fiction readings. We are at the beginning stages of this type of reading strategy, but I know as the year progresses we will only get better!
We also got back to our Anthology reading this week. Our story, Trapped By Ice, detailed the exploration of the South Pole. We worked on vocabulary and comprehension questions with this historical fiction narrative. We will also work on the skill of "cause and effect" with this story. After our week off our focus will be on themes within stories and write our own explorer narrative.

MATH: Overall the class did very well with our unit on adding/subtracting/rounding of decimals. We had 18 students receive a "4" on the unit test and another 9 meeting the standard with a "3" BRAVO! As I discussed with the students the tests in this new math series have many new types of questions. We are all learning together with each unit, but I am extremely proud of the way they continue to persevere! This week we take a short break from the traditional math pages and apply our knowledge to a real world scenario - preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. Students will work on this in class for the next two days and finish up at home on Thursday. Then it is on to multiplying/dividing with fractions. I encourage all students to continue to brush up on skills using FRONT ROW math at home. 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Explorer trading cards were introduced today. Part of this lesson focuses not only on accurate information, but also utilizing technology skills. The lesson can be found on my Google Classroom. On Tuesday we worked together to create a trading card on Christopher Columbus. Students will continue the process with more explorers during the next two weeks. **Remind them they can use the links on this site to find explorer information!**

SCIENCE TEST - I know everyone will give 100% effort on the test Wednesday. Thank you for your support this week with the reading of  the science journals. It shows that we are all here to support their best efforts.

SCIENCE CAMP - The first installment payment deadline is Dec. 1st! If you are wishing for any type of scholarship please let me or the office know so you can get the necessary form. Scholarship requests deadline is also Dec. 1st.

Coming up.....
5th Grade annual New Year's Eve celebration! Look for donation and monetary requests to come home after Thanksgiving! So much anticipation and excitement is in the air as we prepare for this fun filled day!
We all have so much to be thankful for! I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones! Enjoy the week with your family and friends.