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Look what happened in Room 20 this week!

Language Arts: We are moving towards vocabulary acquisition. This week I read a story entitled "Miss Aleanius"- yep...that is a pun on the new vocabulary word miscellaneous.** Ask your scholar to define the word for you!** Throughout the story we were introduced to a variety of new words that our main character acquired through her spelling lesson of the week. We talked about how we learn new words and why it is important to keep learning new academic vocabulary as well as "just right" words. Their spelling sentences this week were meant for your scholar to find words of interest to them. This way they are more likely to use the words in their writings or even recognize them in reading material.
Today I read to them another story based on vocabulary called "The Boy who Collects Words".  We only read half of the story, but he too finds interesting words to keep. Using these two pieces of literature I will follow up the importance of learning new vocabulary. Students have sectioned off the back part of their writing journal for their personal vocabulary dictionary. This weekend they are to decorate the "title" page by illustrating a collection they have/or would like to have. They are also to bring in a sample of their collection in a plastic ziplock baggie. This will also give them another chance to work on their oral speaking skills as they share with the class.
Spelling will begin next week. You will notice that part of the list is a focus on some of the common spelling rules. The bottom half will focus on new academic and higher level vocabulary. This program is designed for 4-6th graders, so it will be perfect for the class. I will explicitly teach each section, one part that will require the use of a thesaurus. If you do not have access to one, please let me know so that I can lend one to your family for use. Students can also use a variety of internet sites/apps to help.

Math: All students are finishing up the first unit on Place Value. 

Science: Using the literature story, "A Drop Around the World" the students learned that water moves around Earth through a variety of forms. Ask them where "drop" went and how he changed throughout the story. Students are now aware that all water on Earth has been here since our planet was formed. In fact they could be drinking water today that a dinosaur splashed in millions of years ago! We then extended our learning as we looked at a diagram of the water cycle. In our science journals we added an index ( a non-fiction text feature that your scholar should now know how to use). On our science index we added the words water cycle, evaporation and transpiration. Today our hands on experiment was to see how a leaf contributes to the water cycle. Can your budding scientist explain what we did and what we were looking for? This process is called transpiration. Next week we will look deeper at the the potable water found in the lakes, streams, pipes and drains and try to test some various different waters. Then it is off to the oceans and our study on our local animals and ecosystems

Social Studies: Students worked cooperatively on tasks this week. 
4th Grade: We focused on our place in the world and learned about hemispheres, latitude, longitude, prime meridian, equator, and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. With partners students had to check their understanding of these concepts by handdrawing a world map and labeling these features. Applying their reading knowledge to an activity isn't always as easy as stated!
5th Grade: Students are using technology to create a digital "board" - takes place of the large poster board projects - on a Native American Region. Students are able to access these boards at home to work on them, I encourage to ask you student to show you their progress, and to see if they are using information from various sources.  They have been using computer lab time and class time to add information. They will continue to add content next week. 


Hoping that this might make ordering books for your scholar a bit easier.... Check out the full instructions under the tab to the right "READING CLUB BOOKS". You can order books at anytime throughout the year!
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This first set of orders is due October 6th.

5th Graders Only: All students are to write to the statement "What it means to be a Malcom Mariner". Each student in the fifth grade is asked to write a paragraph, song, poem, lyric, statement  etc.... Each teacher will chose one student from the class to read their answer at our Anniversary Celebration next Thursday. These are due on Monday.
Also, this year only...... 5th graders are encouraged to join the "Yearbook Club". They will be a pivotal part in creating this year's keepsake. A flyer went home with each student. Forms are due back next week. This is a great opportunity for building leadership skills.

20 Year Anniversary - Next Thursday, Oct. 2nd is a special day at Malcom. There will NOT be a flag ceremony at 7:45, but rather at 8:00. Included in the festivities will be a walk through history in the MPR, a special singing of "We are the Malcom Mariners", speeches by former principals and dignitaries and MORE!!!! Don't miss out! If you arrive early you may park in the teacher lot. Students should all report directly to the class at 7:45 am.

Back To School Night - Mark the times to visit and learn about the curriculum of your scholar. Primary grades will start at 6:30-7:10 with 3rd-5th beginning at 7:20.

Volunteers Needed!!! - Please check out the volunteer page on this site. Desperately seeking volunteers who enjoy helping in or out of the school. If you can't commit full time, let me know. Many jobs can be rotated. 

FIELDTRIPS:  Any chaperon on field trips MUST be fingerprinted. Our first field trip is October 23rd to the zoo. Please see MaryDale in the office if you need information on the process. 

CALENDAR - Have you checked this page? I hope this page gives everyone early notice of events for our class. If a date changes, I will post it here on the ANNOUNCEMENTS page.