I am so proud of the progress that the students are making in 5th grade. We are over 1/2 way through the year, with Monday being the 100th day of school! Yep.... only 80 more days of elementary school for these scholars! Bittersweet I know!
Each day we strive to make ourselves smarter than the day before, and I think we do succeed!

Language Arts: What is theme? - We are practicing forming opinions of theme based on evidence from the texts. Lots of practice this week with short paragraphs. Students should be able to know extend this to longer passages and eventually novels. Ask your scholar what the difference between theme of a story and main idea is.  This was the focus all week!
Hint: theme gives us a lesson to learn or a message ---- main idea is what the story was mostly about
                          Character Trait Analysis - This is another 5th grade standard. This month students are researching a famous black history maker. By Tuesday they should have a brief background and about 8 accomplishments/achievements of this person so they can form opinions on character traits. We went over my sample in class, and I provided them with an example which they can access in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

Math: Double Digit Multiplication and then multiplication with decimals. This unit is proving much easier than the fraction unit. Today we took another quiz to practice fractions. I will continue to do this throughout the year so that we don't forget! Can't get enough practicing!

Bookclubs/Independent Reading: New novel study will begin after the President's Day weekend. Next week in the Thursday folder you will see a Growth Sheet. This shows their growth over time with the AR program. It shows their current GE (Grade Equivalence in years.months) I have included how much they have grown since Sept.
New AR goals were set today.

THE GREAT CAKE CONTEST: I hope your student gave you the sheet with their cake ideas and requests. The students will meet one more time on Monday to make sure everyone can bring what they volunteered. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you to all the volunteers that will help make this a fun afternoon!

VALENTINE' LUNCH: Students chose names today. We discussed the "specific" wants for this lunch. We all agreed that we would be appreciative of whatever was made for us because it was made with care. Please let me know if you have questions about a food item or want to make changes. We are just so happy to have someone go out of their way for us! Don't forget to bring lunch in a decorative bag/box/ or???    Valentine's can be brought on Thursday, too!

SOUPER BOWL - The SLAM leaders are excited to collect soups for Family Assistance Ministries. We will collect until next Thursday. Each student has a part in this leadership opportunity!

Have a great Super Bowl Weekend!