"Always be kind, polite and productive"

IT IS HERE!!!! The end to a fabulous 5th grade year!.......
 It is that bittersweet time when I must say good-bye to scholars and parents. It is has been a busy year with many wonderful achievements made by all.

We have learned from each other and taught each other in numerous ways. Although the learning did not always come easily, each student persevered and reached personal successes throughout the year. We laughed and smiled together, and at times struggled together. However, in the end I know in my heart each scholar has the tools needed to be a huge success in middle school. They will continue to shine and make future teachers proud. They have learned how to communicate effectively in groups and share opinions and with this they will make many new friendships. I wish each of them the best of luck on their journey, and can't wait to hear about their future achievements.

I also would like to thank all of you for your continued support. It does take a village to guide our children along their destined path. Times continue to change and challenge us as we lead the students through each grade, and I am grateful for the guidance you have given. Without the moral, academic, and financial support our class would not be what it is today. I again thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

May you all have an incredible summer and enjoy the time with the family. Many of you I will see again in August, but to those who move on...... Enjoy this new chapter..... you soon have a middle school scholar.

A few reminders:
Monday: AR Awards - Email sent home to those students who are recognized for reading one million or more words this year!!! WOW!!!
Tuesday: Malcom Mall - Items can be brought in the morning or at 12:30. Mall will be for 5th grade students only from :00-1:45
                El Adobe Night - I will pop in for a few minutes as you enjoy this special night with the family
Wednesday: Beach Day: See attachment that came with my email. REMEMBER: STUDENTS MUST SIGN OUT WITH ME!!! Also, I need to know if someone other than a parent will be taking your child home
Thursday: Ice Cream Social (my treat to the students) and early dismissal at 11:50