Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!

Whales! Whales! Whales! - I hope your young scientist shared about our wonderful experience! Yes, we did see 5 whales! And yes... 2 were in the mating process. This is a rare sighting! Flukes in the air as they courted was quite a sight! I know this was a fieldtrip that will be fondly remembered!

What else are we doing in Science? Did your scholar share their fossils? As we finish up our lesson on Weathering and Erosion we made our own fossils. Your young scientist should be able to tell you where we find the oldest fossils and where we find human and animal bones. Ask them!!! 
Fifth graders are finishing up their discoveries on weather patterns. This week they did labs on air/water currents and severe weather. We hope to make "tornados" next week.

Social Studies: This week we finished up our studies on Explorers. Students created filmstrips on important explorers of the eastern seaboard and of California. Next up:
             5th Grade: Life in the Colonies
              4th Grade: Mission Life
Each grade level will be creating a small project to reinforce curriculum learned. (Most of the project will be done in class)

Language Arts: We are over half way through the year and it is time for me to do a "switch over". For the first part of the year I have been reading novels with the fourth graders and using our resident support teacher to read novels with the 5th graders. For the rest of year, I will be reversing this process. 
     4th Graders: Will begin their next novel study, "Two Years Before the Mast" with our RST and then explore other novels
     5th Graders: We will begin the novel, "The Bridge to Teribithia" and then move on to a novel about the revolution.

As a whole class..... as I continue to create a multi-aged class experience we are all studying Louis Braille and Helen Keller. Using their life stories I will be exposing the students to a variety of texts. This week we did a "close read" on Louis and Helen. We also read a play on Helen Keller. What great actors and actresses we have in the class!! As a class we will dig deeper into the challenges and obstacles that each of these remarkable people had on the future. Next week we will use the texts to create opinion writings on who contributed more to the advancement of education. Writing opinion pieces is an important component in the Common Core standards. During this process I will be guiding students to making an opinion and providing reasons to their opinion. Remember.... this is just the beginning---mastery of this standard is suppose to be in high school!!!

WAX MUSEUM -4th Graders - I have written with the students an example of both the "Childhood" and "Education" paragraphs. Just a reminder... these paragraphs are informational. They should be written in the 3rd person ( He did... He attended.... etc) Only the speech is written in the 1st person (I attended.... I was....). Students should all have the time line printed to keep on track.

                                5th Grade - Passion Project - Remember this project requires deep thinking and research. All aspects of the learning need to be discovered. Students need to be the experts when sharing their learning with their peers.

Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!   - We continue to provide contextual practice of fractions for all students. In the upcoming weeks students will be taking the Cycle 2 Assessment. This test provides examples of test questions from the state tests. You should notice that the tests move away from the algorithm problems to real-world problems. 

Other items of interest:

Fun Run!!! - New this year! Thank you for registering your athlete for this great fundraiser! The school programs count on the donations from parents and others to keep Malcom at the top of the educational best! I know the students are blessed to have such a great school to attend! Next Thursday is our FUN RUN! Each day the students are pumped up and encouraged by Rad Brad and his partner. If you are available to help in any way let me know ( I think I have a list of things to be done!) We could also use enthusiasm on Thursday from 9:15-10:15. All students will be running at least 30 laps! YEP... 30!! Please consider donating to this fundraiser to keep Malcom at the top of the Excellent School List!!!

5th Grade Colonial Schoolhouse: Please look for an email from Kristi Collings(5th grade roommom) regarding volunteering and donations needed for this fun day on March 26th. I will also be sending out information in the Thursday folders. Our 5th grade Curriculum Open House will be that evening.

Chapparal Science Camp: Money and paperwork is due!

Pilgrim Overnighter for 4th graders is scheduled for May 18th at this time. More information to come in April. I will need  volunteers for this overnight experience.

Thank you all for your continued support! It is much appreciated!!! A teacher is only as great as her parents and scholars!!!