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                              ROOM 20 Practices the 3R's each day!!!

                          WOW! 26 students reached their AR GOAL!
                                (New picture once the rain stops!)


Language Arts: Students should have Chapters 1-4 in our novel read. Since I was at a District Leadership meeting on Wednesday and with our rainy days, we didn't read any further. Next week we should make it through 3 chapters. We will focus on figurative language - similes, metaphors and idioms. Also in the plan is the question - How do friendships develop? Additionally we will revisit grammar skills. To my disappointment this week I found out that the scholars still need practice with nouns, adjectives and verbs. Next week we will begin using our spelling words in POWER GRAMMAR. It is open-ended, so it will allow for success at all levels.

SBAC Practice - Today was our first attempt. Students had to revise/add to a sample paragraph about firefighters. Ask your student what they specifically had to write on. HINT: physical fitness of firefighters and why is this important. Feedback should come on Monday.

Math - High hopes of getting to division just didn't happen. Tests were graded in class today and division begins Monday.

Social Studies: Reasons for Exploration and a focus on the Columbian Exchange. Students viewed 3 paintings about Christopher Columbus' voyages and made personal reflections. What did he bring back to Spain? ASK!!! It was during this lesson that we had visitors from the school district and they were impressed with the discussion.
**Some students do have weekend homework to finish up - Explorer flip book.

RIGOR: Yes, 5th grade is rigorous! This week we discussed the difference between TALK, CONVERSATION, DISCOURSE. Did your student grasp the difference? Great dinner table discussion!


Marco Forster MS Parent Info Night – 2/1/17 @ 6 pm at Marco. Parents only, no students.
Students visit at Marco – 2/2/17 @ 1:15 pm at Marco. Parents and students welcome.(This is on our early out Thursday)

**Students will be bombarded with information when they come. Before that, you may want to view the AVID informational video below about AVID at Marco Forster.
This will give you an idea about what AVID is before your visit. It is about nine minutes long.
Additional information about AVID will be given and an application.
Applications are also available on Marco’s Schoolloop page and their website: .
The link may not work in Internet Explorer. Play it in Chrome. If you are still unable to play it, the video is also available on our AVID page on Schoolloop.

Niguel Hills MS Parent Info Night – 2/22/17 @ 6pm at Niguel Hills. Parents only, no students.
Principal Tim Reece visits Malcom on 2/24/17 at 8:30 am in the MPR. Students only.
*Students will receive packets to bring home for elective choices as well as other information.

Other Middle Schools
Only students who are assigned to Niguel Hills will go to the orientation 2/24. If you are planning on enrolling your scholar through
the school-of-choice program please let me know. Additionally, if your student will be going to a different middle school please
advise me as well. This helps with confusion on the morning of the assembly.

TEXTILES FOR A CAUSE - Collection all week.
PALI CAMP: 2nd payment is due! Final payment due next month. We will be planning a parent/student meeting on evening next month.

Stay dry this weekend - again!!!