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Look what happened in Room 20 this week!

Language Arts: Non-Fiction Test Structures is our focus for the next two weeks or so. This week the first structure was "Description". When authors give us lots of facts and details they are writing descriptively. This week we looked closely at a paragraph about Labradors. Can your student tell you some of the details that this author stated? Next, students worked independently on a mini-paragraph about the Magic Kingdom. This next week we will look at paragraphs that compare/contrast and ones that are problem/solution oriented. These text structures will help as the students begin their research projects after the zoo fieldtrip. The fourth grade scholars will be writing an expository report, whereas the fifth graders will be creating an animal magazine. Each will require accurate information on one of the animals from the zoo.

Characterization: Today students worked cooperatively to quote accurately from their novels to find evidence to back their opinion on a character trait. This proved to be a challenge at first. Please know that I ask students to persevere independently before "giving them" what they think is a right answer. This type of response to literature will be done many times throughout the year. Some students will grasp the concept on the first attempts while others need much more guidance. I recognize this and will guide each student to reach success. Next week we will use our evidence and my sample lessons to write our first Response to Literature independently.

Vocabulary: We had some great words to add to our memory bank this week. One that should be known by all now is "essential". Not only was it used in our science lessons of the week, but also as we discussed other curriculum. Ask you student what the term is. Can they use it in an appropriate sentence this weekend?

Math: 5th: Using Order of Operations to solve problems
            4th: Addition and Subtraction with large numbers including numbers with 2 or more zeros.

Science: What essential nutrients are found in water? This week we watched some short videos on how nutrients get into the water systems. We then tested various waters for nitrate and phosphates. Scholars now know that these nutrients are important for growth of muscles and bones, but in excess can cause decrease in oxygen in the water systems where animals and plants grow. Where does the excess come from? - Have a conversation about fertilizer causes excess of these nutrients. How does it get into the water systems? Next week we will examine how nutrients such as these work their way through the food chain in the ocean and end up in whales. We will then be ready for our Whale unit!

Social Studies: 5th: Native American Narratives. Students were given the beginning(exposition) of a Native American story. They are to fill in the blanks with accurate information from one region which will help them develop the plot. We will continue this next week
                         4th: We have many terrific looking region projects in the class. Students are now experts one region of California. Next up they will write a paragraph describing the region using their knowledge


ZOO FIELD TRIP: OCTOBER 22nd. We will leave at 8:00 and return at 3:30. Students should bring lunch and snacks, a camera(phone camera is okay for picture taking only), light jacket if needed. Hats are okay. We spent a lot of time today discussing expectations of this fieldtrip. I will send one final reminder on Monday.

SQUARE DANCING: All 4th graders will be dancing on Tuesday, October 28th at 6:30. I MUST know ahead of time if your child will not attend. An alternative assignment will then be given to them.

RED RIBBON WEEK: October 27-31

Still having trouble looking onto the Google Chrome site to set up your child's district account? I will send a link to a direction page to see if that helps - additionally remember that their password is their 7 digit number followed by the letter "a".

Have a fabulous weekend!