We made it to another Friday! How can it be that May Day is this weekend already? The students feel the end is near, as do the teachers. However, we all still need to keep reminding ourselves of my personal "go to phrase" (which has been instilled into my own children's daily life)- You must be kind, polite and productive each day.

The 5th grade on a whole has continued to struggle with lunchtime behavior. As a fourth grade teacher last year, it seems it just seems to be this group as the problem has continued from last year. The entire grade level has had various consequences for lunchtime behavior. Today again it escalated to the level where teachers were asked to consider taking away the PRIVILEGE of the 5th grade Beach Party. I had each student  write to a prompt on Google Docs about today's events.
Some excerpts were:       "Lunchtime behavior is unacceptable because we are loud and disrespectful to Ms. Sally"
                                         "Ms. Sally saw many immature actions such as throwing food, screaming and yelling"
                                          "When Ms. Sally is telling us to have our voices off we just ignore her and keep getting                                                       louder and louder"
                                          "People pound on the tables and take and share food from and then throw it"

I also asked the students for suggestions to encourage positive behaviors since heads down, assigned seating, and minutes off of lunch have not worked. I am encouraged that many of them realized that negative consequences don't always work, and that they would like to be rewarded for making positive choices - the plan that works well within our class. 
I will send home their responses in the Thursday folder, and I am almost positive that our class does make the right choices when it comes to table manners. However, as part of the 5th grade team we will all miss Monday Fun-Day and spend the time at the lunch tables instead reviewing what is expected of 5th graders. Perhaps this weekend a family discussion on the cause/effects of behaviors could be done.
I will be heeding the advice of many of your students and rewarding positive lunch behaviors -EXPONENTIALLY! each day!
Thank you for your support.

 On another note..... did you hear about "TAX DAY:? Oh were they angry with me, the tax collector(Kyle) and Parliament (Camille). Taxation without Representation is TYRANNY! was heard over and over. To their relief we had "tax relief day" today! The students got a glimpse of what it was like to be a colonist in the 1770's.


First up.... 6th Grade Math Placement(May 5th): All students will take the test. In middle school the majority of students will be placed "heterogeneously" in math classes. This math placement test is very difficult and tests advanced 6th grade skills to place a very few students in the Accelerated 7th Grade Math. Results are sent to you in early August. 

SBA Testing Dates: 5/10, 5/12, 5/19, 5/20, 5/24, 5/25

5th Grade Only Science Test - Tests 4th and 5th grade standards - 5/16
We have the opportunity to have review rotations on Monday 5/9. If you are available to help run a rotation (all materials and content will be given to you) please let me know. All 5th graders will rotate through various review stations for one hour from 8-12. NO SCIENCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Thank your for all you do! This year is quickly coming to a bittersweet end!