Navigating New Waters in Room 20

The final full week is upon us! We still continue to learn curriculum and enrich our lives with knowledge.!

What's happening in Room 20:

Wednesday: Discovery Center - We will eat at the park across from the center. Students will eat an early morning snack before we leave. We will leave the center at 1:30 and hope to be back at 2:00.
Friday: Beach Day - Still need fieldtrip forms from some students. Even if you are volunteering all day, we need the slip for the walking to the beach. Don't forget to come to the harbor at 8:00 to congratulate the students and wish them fun as they walk through the Malcom Gauntlet.

**If you are loading up cars, remember not to park in the pickup/drop-off lane until AFTER 7:45. You will have plenty of time to load up and still watch your student.

STATES and CAPITALS ARE DONE!!! Watching your child work with other classmates as they studied index cards, sang lyrics to the "state song", partnered up with the Geo-Safari, or work together solving the states puzzles showed they are definitely mature enough to work collaboratively to get the job done! So proud of them!

DISCOVERY STREAMING/TYPING AGENT: I hope the all students were able to try to access these great sites. Students can access both through Malcom webpage or my page throughout the summer.

AR PERSONAL GOALS: The scholars read diligently throughout the year making great progress on personal goals. Whether it was reaching marking period goals, being a "reader of the week", or striving to reach the 1 Million Word Club, I am proud of all of their accomplishments. Finding the just right book, that didn't take too long to read, was a lesson in itself. My goal was to take teacher pressure off of them and have the recognize that they are responsible scholars who can make reading decisions. Hopefully they will continue to read throughout the summer. As in the past, the AR Computer lab will be open after July 4th through August on Wednesdays. Check the Malcom Minute for exact dates.

SCIENCE: Body System Lessons - If you didn't check out the body systems along our outside wall, you missed some great young scientists at work. Students organized themselves into groups of 4 and created an accurate diagram of one of the 10 body systems. They then had to come up with a creative way to "test" us on the how the system works. They were very creative. We shared a few on Friday, and will do more next week.

LANGUAGE ARTS: What Makes a Leader? - We have learned about various characteristics and qualities of a leader. How do early life lessons contribute to the making of a leader? Using two influential presidents the class came up with quite a list of qualities. Now they will put their opinions  to paper and chose the 3 most important and how to become a leader.

MALCOM 5th GRADE MALL: On Monday, June 23rd the students will have a chance to use their hard earned Anchor Tickets at the "mall". All students need to return a signed parent form in order to participate. Next week they will work with their business partners to finalize their store. All items should be brought to school on that Monday. If a business requires adult supervision, please feel free to attend from 10:15-11:30.

Baseball against Ms. Reimer and Mrs. Hornig's classes Monday and Tuesday. If we make it to the "finals" I will let you know so you can come watch!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads. We hope you enjoy your small token!