Navigating New Waters in Room 20~

With only 46 (yes, 46!) more days left we are forging full force ahead! So much to do, and so little time left!

Here is what was accomplished this week:

Language Arts: We read the story "If you lived in the time of the American Revolution". Students used the skill of cause and effect to retell important events during this time period. We are beginning to understand some of the things that made the colonists angry and how the colonists protested. Next week we will spend more time on some of the major events during this time period (The Acts (taxes), Boston Tea Party, and Boston Massacre). It is these events that led America to unite and become the United States and declare their independence from England. Next week students will have some  assignments that will require typing at home. This work will then be brought in and added to another scrapbook that we are creating in class. Working with the computer/technology is an embedded skill that is part of the Common Core Standards.  Please remember that students can always send work to me to print for them at school.

We will be focusing on poetry for a the next few weeks. This week students should of typed two poems that went along with their theme. Today they learned how to use our paper cutters and mount poems for creativity. I am proud of how well they did on creating their first pages. Students want so desperately to bring the books home to work on! Each poetry book is in a plastic bag and beginning next week students will be able to work on them at home, but I will also provide Wednesday afternoons for in-class scrapbooking. I have bins of paper and some stickers for their use. If possible, all students should have their own bottle of rubber cement.

Math: Measurement and Geometry are the focus. We have worked with perimeter and area this week. Students were then introduced to scaling. What fun we had trying to re-create our models out on the playground with chalk. Students also had to measure a rectangle on the playground(four-square court, hopscotch square, handball court, etc...) and then scale it down to fit on graph paper. This again is another way to incorporate the Common Core Standards. Next week we will work with volume.
** I forgot to mention to the students that I am in need of boxes of all kinds- crackers, cereal, candy, shoe, etc.... If you have any please send them with your students. THANK YOU!!!

Science: We will be working on two different areas of science during the next few weeks. Today we reviewed MATTER and its components and then went to the science lab to find out that all matter takes up space and has volume, but can take on different shapes and have different weight. This is the introduction to our Physical Science Unit.  Next week we will also begin some experimentation with Life Science and we grow some Wisconsin Fast Plants and investigate systems that are unique to living things. A writing journal will be kept during this lesson so that we can incorporate different strands of learning.

Social Studies:  Our social studies unit correlates with the anthology reading. As we progress through our next units students will have a better understanding at how our country sought and won their independence from England. Students will have the opportunity to reenact important events, people and terminology from this time period. I am hoping that all students are working on their memorization.

WALK THROUGH THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: This week in the Thursday folder was the invitation and information about this fun filled activity. I will have many of the props necessary for the students, but I do encourage that they dress the part for this day. They can bring in the clothes and change at school before the event, and then change back into school clothes. Dressing up is optional, but a lot more fun!!! We would love to have you attend on Monday, April 28th. Meet in the MPR at 8:00. I could use one parent volunteer who is staying the entire two hours. Let me know if you are available.

Family Life Education: In the Thursday folder was a permission slip for your child to participate in the 5th grade Family Life Education. This is a two day presentation done by the 5th grade teachers which focuses on the changing body. Boys and girls are separated by gender, but receive the same instruction. The lessons include watching a video (same video for both groups), diagrams and information about how bodies change with puberty. If you would like to preview the video, parent nights have been set up. If you have any additional questions, send me an email. Only students who have returned the slip with be included in this instruction which will occur in the middle of May.

JOG A THON: The 5th graders will be participating in this event on Thursday, April 24th at 9:30 ( I will confirm on Monday). If you would like to cheer on your athlete come join us! Please make sure to mark your calendars so that students wear the appropriate clothes on this day! Donations are being accepted at school as well as on line for this event. All money goes to help pay for programs at Malcom.!

Enjoy the 3 days off!

COMMON CORE TESTING PRACTICE: We have been practicing the computer based testing that will now be the future for your child's testing. This year each scholar will take the test and the results will be used to assess any problems with the test. The results will NOT be available to teachers or parents. Each student will be required to furnish their own earbuds for the listening portion of the test. Please be on the lookout for an inexpensive pair that your scholar can bring to school for the test. The school will NOT furnish these, so I am hoping by giving you all advance notice you will be able to find some for your student to use for the test.