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                                                                             December 2, 2016

Let the fun begin! December is always an exciting month for all! The joy and anticipation can be felt each day as we near the winter break. I will do my best to keep structures and routines in place for the next two weeks, so look for continued success with your scholar.

Language Arts: Our non-fiction writing practice is now complete. I hope you had a chance to look at your scholar's writing this week.  The students wrote again after reviewing "My favorite No" - ask your scholar how I do this. (It is a way to have peers look at each other's papers and see if they can see the strengths and weakness in the lesson.) Students were then given the chance to rewrite their papers and resubmit them. We also worked with our new acronym ACEing the question. (Answer Cite Evidence). This is not new for them, but we will now direct this strategy to narratives and math. 

Writing: This week most students concluded their research on a Native American tribe, and begin their 4 informational paragraphs. Each student has a model paragraph in their "Social Studies Classroom", and was given 45 minutes to work on them. Please help them manage their time next week if this is not complete. Students were shown how to format the paragraphs so that they would fit in their project folder.
Additionally this week, we had lessons on Story Vocabulary and parts of a plot line. On Monday we will continue to practice these terms (Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution). We will review samples of narratives, and then begin our own story.

Math: Multiplying fractions! Students have learned 4 strategies for coming up with the answers. Most are finding success in this! Next week we will look at area models and work on scaling. I hope to get through division of fractions by the end of the following week. Some students would benefit from nightly division practice to ready themselves for this unit. 

Science: What is air pressure? In which layer of the earth's atmosphere can all life and weather be found? Does your young scientist know the answer? If not, they may want to access the science book on line and review Chapter 5 Lesson 1.
Next up - Uneven heating of the earth's atmosphere.

Social Studies - Native Americans - Cooperation/Conflict among the various regions.

Technology: LEGOS! - What fun we had working with the LEGOS as engineers and builders. Check out the gallery of successful "dancing birds"

PALI OUTDOOR SCIENCE CAMP - If you didn't pay your deposit, please do so.

COOKIES! COOKIES! COOKIES!! Thank you for your purchases! It was a great success. 

New Year's Eve Class Party - Wednesday, Dec. 21st. Flyers went home in the Thursday folder. Look for additional information from our room moms through Sign-up Genius! Lots of fun ahead!

Finally, I will be volunteering my time at the Santa Boat Rides at the Dana Point Harbor Saturday from 11-3:00. If you are free come take a free ride around the harbor from 10:00-2:30 Saturday and Sunday. Lots of fun, and a meeting with Santa, too!

Have an enjoyable weekend!