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Language Arts: Building Vocabulary through Greek/Latin Roots
This week I started a new vocabulary program to meet this standard. Students will build their vocabulary each week by learning 4 new roots. Using the small foldables each week we will build upon previous words. I will be creating assessments at the end of each week that will also build their vocabulary. These foldable booklets will take the place of the spelling activities. Ask your scholar about this past week's roots (Hint: pre-, re-, sub-, sol- ) Can they tell you what the meaning of these roots are? I HOPE SO!!!!

Summarizing: Non-fiction summarizing continues to be a focus. This week students watched a video on Ruby Bridges. They made a thinking map to take notes. From their notes and my guidance we summarized from the video. Using multi-media rather than a textbook is another way for students to work on this skill. Determining what was a major fact/detail vs. a minor one was the task students collaborated with each other on to come up with the summary. It is wonderful to watch students engage with each other as they learn. 

Fast Approaching...... 4th Grade WAX MUSEUM      5th Grade PASSION PROJECT      DUE: Middle March
Students will need to find non-fiction materials to help them create these projects. On Monday, January 26th I will be assigning the beginning of the project to the students. This will be narrowing down their subject/contributing citizen and looking for resources. I will keep you updated with guidelines, due dates, rubrics etc....

Math: All students are working with division. Many different strategies are taught so the students can find the one that works best for them. Please don't get frustrated if you don't know one of the strategies. There are many ways to get to the end result! You can show them another way at home, too! The big idea is that they know how to APPLY the strategy to real world problems. 

Science: 5th: Weather - I have managed to change my schedule a bit so that the students will get explicit instruction from me and then have hands on lab experimentation with Lisa Dunning. If you know Lisa, she LOVES science and has been working/volunteering at our school for many years. 
                4th: Sound and Motion - Lots of great things are coming their way. I am excited to use some of the ideas that I have learned in my recent science trainings.

Social Studies: 5th: Finishing up our Cooperation and Conflict Booklet. We are now on to exploration.
                           4th: Students collaborated and wrote paragraphs for their Native American Flipbook and then included an illustration and pictures to embellish. These were due on Friday and already up in the classroom. This was their first experience using the Chromebooks to share with each other and edit their paragraphs. Students had much success! Next week we will begin exploration.
Both grade levels will look at how explorations impacted the people living in the Americas. Fourth graders will follow Spanish explorers as they moved up from Mexico into California. Fifth graders will look into French and English explorers who landed in North American and their influence on shaping the nation.

FIELD TRIPS: Philharmonic Symphony, Anaheim Ducks Education on Ice and Whale Watching are coming in February. Please look for a fieldtrip forms each week in the Thursday folder. I will need 3 volunteers for the first two fieldtrips. For the whale-watching I am hoping that anyone who meets us in the harbor can attend (let me check!)

Wyland Mural will happen this week!!! He will be on campus from about 8:30-10:30. Eighty students were selected to paint along side of Wyland by entering into a sealife art contest. Congratulations to our class winners: Ryann, Riley, Sydney, and Brooklyn. All other students will be able to paint throughout the day with the assistants if they choose. 

SOS!!!! We need gluesticks!!! I am down to about 10 in my basket. It seems that they don't make these like they used to! Thank you for any donations!!! Students can earn tickets for their donations!

Thank you for your continued support!!!