SPRING IS COMING!!!! And with that come different levels of maturity! Many scholars are ready for the responsibilities that come with ending 5th grade, and I am willing to give them a chance. This is where we can continue to practice. Did they tell you how heavy their backpack is now? That is because they want to try "flexible seating". They each will sign a contract on Monday and pick a seat of their choice each day. This is only available as long as they make the mature learning choices. They are hoping we sit like this for awhile, but we will take it one week at a time! Wish me luck---this is really a middle school privilege. 

Language Arts: WOW! Our class did superb with their SBAC writing on "Should Students be Required to be Engineer of the Day". Our coaches highlighted many students and their final comment was " I have no recommendations to give you, the class is on the right track for success!" Next week we will practice adding great conclusions to narratives. 

AR - ENDS NEXT WEEK! - Check your child's progress using AR-Home Connect

SBAC - IT'S COMING SOON - Please keep in mind that this is only one set of data used to measure knowledge. Many of the items asked of the scholars are difficult and developmental, and will come when they are ready. School should be a journey, not a race!
                                                Tentative dates that I have are:  
                   ELA - Monday 5/1     Writing Response - Tuesday/Thursday 5/4 and 5/5
                                                Science (new pilot of NGSS)- Thursday 5/11
                          Math(Concepts) - Monday 5/15        Math Performance -Thursday 5/18

**STUDENTS HAVE BOOKMARKED THE SBAC PRACTICE SITE*** We will walk through many types of problems at school, but I encourage you to sit with your student and look at what is being asked of them - especially
in math. You are their BEST teacher!

Math - Double digit division using area models and making sense of mathematics! Just found out that using the standard algorithm for double digit division is now a 6th grade standard. Ummm.... but it is in our math book. Next week we will make sense of division with decimals using benchmarks. Students need to have an better understanding of our Base 10 system and how numbers can be increased or decreased using powers of 10. I am working with my colleagues on finding ways to make this comprehensible.

Social Studies: Our colony "balloons" look great! Students worked with partners to become experts on one of the colonies. They also took a 13 colony quiz. Next week we will learn a little about the daily life and hardships in starting in new surroundings. Each student also received study materials for the first 10 states. Quizzes are given each Friday and a new packet handed out. After the first 3 packets students will take the test on the first 1/2 of the map. Additional review can be found under "Links".

Science: Solar System is our focus for the next month. We will review planets, but spend most of our time discussing stars, specifically the sun. Students bookmarked Astronomy Picture of the Day. Have them show you! Planet research will begin after Spring Break and Camp. Additional planet information for your scholar to use can be found under "Links".


PALI INFORMATION : All online information should be complete! I cannot assign your
child into activity groups until then.
Blue Permission/Information Forms: Return ASAP. I cannot accept these on the morning of the
trip, plus I will be busy getting my own things organized!
Gold Family Life Forms: The best lessons of the year! :) If you have any questions let me know.
Students are separated by gender and "Our Changing Body" is discussed. This is a great time
to get a little "goodie bag" with new toiletries and deodorant etc.... "to let them know that you know"
they are growing up.
I highly recommend any of these classes! I signed up with each of my children and it helped open
up mature conversations. I can't stress enough having meaningful dialogue with our kiddos
especially in this digital age.

Camp Departure Schedule:
Monday 4/10 Arrive at school by 7:15 and bring belongings to classroom -
you MUST be out of the loading zone by 7:30!!
Students MUST have their temperatures read by school nurse - 7:45-8:15
(No one with a temperature will be allowed to attend camp)
Wednesday 4/12: Return to school at approx.12:30-DO NOT PARK IN LOADING ZONE!
Students are dismissed to parents to go home.

Enjoy the weekend!