Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!
It is already October! Where did the first month go? The class is well established in the routines and schedules of 5th grade. In the past two weeks they have quickly learned the importance of completing and returning homework. I hope you are reviewing your child's Thursday folders each week. (Even if it is done on the weekend). This is the time to congratulate their successes and support their weaknesses. Students are always encouraged to come see me during their lunch or recess if they need extra assistance. 

What learning went on in Room 20 this week:

LANGUAGE ARTS: Genre Study - We categorized the various literature types this week and looked at details of each. Students then read a variety of excerpts from literature titles to classify. This proved to be a bit rigorous - but we persevered! Also, we read in our anthology, Marble Champ.  Through the story we worked on characterization. We inferred that Lupe exhibited the character trait of determination. Next week we will find evidence of this and type out a well developed paragraph.
We will also begin our first lengthy writing assignment next week. Today we watched a version of "Cinderella" - did your scholar tell you how it was different from other versions. I will use this to help students create a narrative that will tie in with Native American Regions. 

WRITING CONTEST!!!! - Each year 5th graders are given the opportunity to enter a contest by the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) This is meaningful to me since I am a DAR! Each year winners receive certificates and possible awards. This year's title is " A Colonial Family's Reaction to the Stamp Act". The title fits perfectly with what we will be learning this spring. What the contest entails:

1. Research on the subject (students can see me for some resources)
2. 300-600 words typed, including bibliography listing all internet and print resources
3. This is an "at home" assignment, but I am willing to read essays and offer suggestions
4. Essays due by 11/6/15
5. Any student interested should see me after school for the complete contest rules.

Vocabulary: We continue to broaden our horizons with new vocabulary. Again this week numerous students found one of the vocabulary words in their readings. If you are in the class look at the Vivid Vocabulary board and see which words we are finding most! I am impressed with the ownership students are taking with finding personal words!

MATH: Word Problems this week! We found that we need to work step by step to understand what is being asked. On Monday students will work on a practice test and review more word problems. The unit 1 test will be Tuesday. Students are encouraged to look over any lesson. This math series gives ample problems in both books. We try to do as many as possible, but I know there are still some pages that can be used for reinforcement at home.

SCIENCE: What drives ocean currents? This week we did an experiment in the science lab which utilized hot water in a canister and an ice cube. Did your young scientist explain to you what happened? This lab is the bridge between water and weather. Each student received a study guide on Thursday with time to work on it in class. They also watched video reviews utilizing the Science Book link on the Malcom Webpage. Students should use their journal, science book and online sources to study. Science test is Monday.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Great job, Finn! He was our first oral speaker using his board to educate us on the Pacific Northwest Region! We also heard from Alexander. Love the new learning about effigy mounds! We ran out of time before our other 3 speakers had a chance, but we hope to learn from them on Monday.

Reader of the Week! - Congratulations to this week's readers - McKenzie, Natalie, Ethan, Agatha, Jacob and Zoe. Also to Ava S. for taking the most tests this week! All students should be reading books within their ZPD level and be close to their personal goals. AR marking period ends October 17th.

Pali Science Meeting - Monday, October 6th  6-7pm

Book Fair - Students may of shown you the bookclub magazines this week. Any of these books can be purchased at the fair or online so that Malcom will get the credit. If your student can't find the book at the fair, please have them ask me or any volunteer about ordering on line. Let's make this year's bookfair a huge success for our school. Our class goes Monday at 11:30 - feel free to meet us there!

Have a spooktakular weekend!