Click on the link below to get direct access to online ordering! - Access is still available. Let me know if you purchase any books!

                              ROOM 20 Practices the 3R's each day!!!


I apologize for missing a week.... but "life" just took over! Busy district meeting last week and a fun-filled 4 day holiday in Sonoma County to visit with my daughter, time just slipped away.
First, thank you for all the lovely cards and small tokens of appreciation that your children bestowed on me on February 14th. I loved all of them! Especially all the "kid" candy!
I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures from our Cake Contest! Great fun was had by all!

Language Arts: We finished our novel study on Bridge to Terabithia this week, and lots of great discussions came from this book. We discussed the central themes of FRIENDSHIP and FEAR and how each of the characters changed throughout the story. Several students came up with theme lessons--- ask your young scholar to share with you! We will work on a culminating activity in class next week. Your child may ask for a few props/craft items for their project. 

AR - Yippee! 25 students met or exceeded their personal reading goal. The next 6-week marking period is Feb 27-Mar. 31

POETRY: The covers of the books look great! Today students wrote their first poem and WOW!!!!! These are the best I have ever seen! Can't wait to see more!

SBAC Practice -  I encourage students to try a few more on their own. LOGGING ON:
                                                                 All students have MySBAC Coach on their bookmark bar
                                                                 Username: First 3 letters of first and last name     EX: Jenbut
                                                                 Password:  Classof2024  (no spaces)
                                                          **We will also use other practice tests during the next 6 weeks or so

Math - Multiplication and Division using Powers of 10 and decimals - Slow and steady! How do we use powers of 10 to increase or decrease a whole number? Most students are using their knowledge of fractions to make connections. This is a great connection. Lots more practice next week. 

Social Studies: Colonists and natives interact. This week settlements have been established by France, Spain, and England. How does this affect the natives that reside in North America?
                              COLONISTS ARE ARRIVING!!!! - and so is OPEN HOUSE!!!! - March 9th students will participate in typical activities of a Colonial School Day. Students are highly encouraged to dress. Ideas went home in a Thursday folder two weeks ago. Lots of fun filled activities and food will be part of the day. Thank you to Laura Kalfin
for sending out donation/volunteer requests. These events could not be possible with parent support!
                                Open House - Take a tour through the classroom from 6-6:30 and see what learning is going on! Then, watch us dance the Virginia Reel from 6:30-7:00!

Science: Circulatory System and BLOOD!!!! - Yep, learned how this system works and made our own plasma. Students then experimented with how blood donors give blood and who they can donate to. They were excited to find out their blood type and see if they could be a universal donor or a universal recipient!


PALI INFORMATION NIGHT - Tuesday March 14th - 6:00 pm. All payments were due today and the final email list has 
been submitted to PALI. Look for
the health forms and other information to come soon. I will also keep you informed.

CONFERENCE WEEK: February 27-March 3rd Extra early dismissal - 12:15

MOPPET PHOTOS - A yearbook tradition is to have baby pictures of all our graduates! A flyer was sent home with
the email to send photos digitally. You may also send a photo of your student as a baby/toddler for me to give to the
chairperson (it will be returned). These are due March 3rd.

Another month comes to a close......