Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!

Look what happened in Room 20 this week!

Are we ready? Before we know it this week will be over and the joy of sleeping in and spending time with family will be here. Our schedule has been disrupted a bit with all the fun activities that come with the season. Once January comes we will back to the rigor that the scholars have come to expect in my class.

Thank you all for the support that you have given to me and your child this first trimester has we process all the "new" strategies that come with the shift of learning(and teaching). There are so many positives and I do believe the students are really grasping these new ideas.

How are the computers working out?.....LOVE THEM!!!

The students have been experimenting with various sites and I find the time to explore I will introduce new learning sites. At this time hopefully they all have had access to this webpage and clicked on the links. I showed them the KIDS KONNECTED site which has some fun sites to explore. After the break we will work more with the GOOGLE CLASSROOM where I will assign work that students can work on collaboratively. They have all checked out the one assignment on Native Americans, but we won't get to this until after the vacation. No need to stress anyone out before then! :)

STEM PROJECT: Wow!! I love the creative ideas that some of the scholars came up with when designing! We will hopefully test their filter-feeding system this week. I hope they shared with you what I was trying to accomplish with this project. We will discuss more about Baleen Whales, and specifically our CA Gray Whale this week. I am hoping to schedule a whale watching trip for January to see the whales as they migrate to the warm waters of San Ignacio Bay.

What is planned this week???

1. Secret Elves: All students have chosen to participate. Gifts will be put in the green tub outside my door and will be given to the students at 8:00. If by chance your child forgets, the gift can be dropped off in the office and I will pick it up at my breaks, or it can be brought the following day. NO WORRIES

2. Optional Ornament Exchange: This is separate from the Secret Elves. Ornaments are brought wrapped on Friday with NO NAME.

3. School Music Concert 5th graders 12/16: The 5th graders will be performing from about 10:20-11:15 in the MPR. Fourth graders will NOT need their instruments on Tuesday as they will be in the audience. All parents welcomed!

4. Holiday Performance 12/17 6:00 : Students are to come in their pajamas and bring an extra pair of fun socks (for one of songs). They will meet in the harbor area(unless otherwise noted). For best viewing you will want to sit on the right side as you are viewing the stage in the MPR. Hot cocoa and cookies will be served in the Harbor after the performance.

5. THURSDAY: New Year's Party! The morning will be spent learning about various traditions. Then at 10:30 the festivities begin with games, music, more history etc.... At 12:00 students will sing "Auld Lang Syne" and then enjoy their Ruby's Lunch. Following, 5th graders will be invited to the photo booth and 4th graders will have a short recess before dismissal. Thank you to all volunteers that help make this a memorable event for the students!


Accelerated Reading: New AR Goals have been set. This marking period ends Dec. 19th.