It was a wonderful first week! The students have settled into being back at school and getting used to routines and schedules of being in a combination class. I know that this will be an educational and fun-filled year for all. With careful planning and well practiced standards Room 20 will be an active learning environment for all. I look forward to reviewing some of my specifics at Back To School Night with all of you!

Items that have been discussed with the scholars these past few days include:

1. Scholarly Traits - What does it mean to be a scholar in Room 20? How will you exemplify being a scholar at Malcom? I am so proud of all the learning that the students did this week and how they were able to articulate their scholarliness in a letter to me. These are proudly hanging in our class.

2. "Getting to Know Your Classmates" - using a discussion cube students shared with table partners about themselves. We will continue to build relationships with each other as we work cooperatively in a variety of settings.

3. "All About Me Box" - Today students shared about themselves in a small group of 4. Again, they worked with a new group of classmates to learn about each other. This week they will write a friendly letter to one of their classmates about what they learned from them.

4. Finally, this week we will work on a lesson on "Multiple Intelligences". We will come together again and learn how each of us learns. Through this activity we will find out about each others strengths and weaknesses and applaud our differences. It is my hopes that through all of these activities we will have a cohesive multi-age classroom where many wonderful ideas will be sparked!

Other notes...

**You may notice that there is minimal homework. This is done purposely. I know that students are adjusting to the rigors of being back into school and that the weather still encourages much outdoor play. Students should read each night so as to meet the MINIMUM goal of 30 minutes daily. We do read 15-20 minutes each day, so an additional 15 minutes is doable for all of them. We will be setting up our Accelerated Reading goals soon. Please help your scholar by reviewing their Reminder Binder each day. We write in this planner each day together and have a classmate initial our assignments.

**My outside of classroom duties - Just want to give you all a heads up about some of my outside of the classroom duties which in return will carried out within the class. I wear many "hats" at Malcom, some of which require me to go to meetings off campus. I help the staff with Digital Learning Education(many of the  of the computer based web-programs),  SIOP/ADD( Academic Objectives and Content Language Acquisition) and NGSS(Next Generation Science Standards). I will be out of the class all or part of a day about once a month. Please be assured that careful lesson planning is done by me to keep the student day as structured as possible. I have impressed upon the students that we are never done learning and that I will be a positive example of a Lifelong Learner.

Thank you in advance for reminding your scholar to always exhibit positive character traits, especially on these days.

I apologize for the lateness of this update, but soon I will be back into my routines

Stay cool and have a great week!