QUESTION OF THE DAY? How much copy paper do you think a student uses throughout the school year? WOW! Your generous donations are greatly appreciated! If you didn't donate and would like to do so on Tuesday, bring a ream of paper by 7:45. The PTA didn't get around to collecting, so we have a few more hours. Students earn 25 anchor tickets for your donation!

Language Arts: Tied up some lose ends in AR, and poetry. All students are well prepared for their transition to middle school. I am confident that they will continue to soar! 
Students also continue to research and area of passion. So much fun to meet with each of them and have them share their passion. Students can continue to work on their Google Slides at home if they wish. We will share them on Tuesday and Thursday next week.

Math - Our last performance task "Doggy Dilemma". Students experienced another way that math is used everyday. Students worked collaboratively to come up with the best yard for their dog.

Social Studies: Is Freedom Really Free? Today we read about what happened to the 52 signers of the Declaration. Ask your scholar what waited most of them (Most died impoverished, were tortured by Britain and hanged, went into hiding with their families, or lost everything). We also broke down the Bill of Rights. Which of the first 10 amendments did your scholar learn more about? ASK! We should all now be proud of our nation and have more respect for the pledge that we give each morning.
Has your student recited the Preamble to the Constitution to me yet? - If they did, they should tell you they have signed the board--I know there are about 15 who still need to do so!

Science: Molecules! Using marshmellows we created a variety of compounds: water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, formaldahyde,  methanol, and then we managed to make sugar! Lots of fun and learning as we bonded the atoms.


FAMILY LIFE 5/25 & 5/26 We are now "New and Improved" according to the movie! Great learning and questions (written, not oral). We hope this will open communications at home.

BEACH DAY (5/31/17) - Please return the new "water" slip if you haven't done so. REMEMBER: Students must be checked out by a teacher at the picnic tables by 2:00. I MUST know ahead of time if a student is going home with another parent/YMCA.

Don't worry you won't miss the send-off "Gauntlet".  The send off is a Malcom tradition. Bring those video cameras and capture the smile of your 5th grader as they say good-bye to younger scholars through the harbor hallways. This is usually done about 8:05-8:15! We then have a police escort as we walk to Salt Creek Beach. 

5th Grade Malcom Mall:  5/30 Return permission slip
Students have been earning and saving Anchor Tickets all year. On this day they can opt to "open a business" and sell items/services. All students must be in "good-standing" without any behavior incidents this month. Mall will run from 10:45-11:30

El Adobe  Graduation Dinner
( Not a Malcom sponsored event): 5/30 Yes, I will stop by for a short while to see everyone in their "finest"!

Happy Memorial Day! Take time to remember those who have served!