ROOM 20 Practices the 3R's each day!!!

What are the 3 R's? They are Malcom's rules for success! Ask your scholars to answer these questions:
    Relationships: How can we build relationships with others? (hint: "Good Morning!" I like your outfit.")
    Respect: How do we show respect? (hints: "Thank you", "Please" , active listening)
    Responsibility: What ways can we show we are responsible? (hints: bringing homework, getting to school on time, cleaning up after yourself - especially at lunch)

This week much time went into reinforcing the 3 R's. Along with this came our lessons on Scholarly Attributes. We related the 10 icons of a scholars not only to ourselves, but to the greatest scientist of all, Einstein. Can your scholar share with you some new information about this amazing scholar? ASK!!!

Lots of routines continue to be practiced and the students are quickly learning that I reward positives quickly and often. The "INCENTIVE DAY" chart was displayed this week and students are working towards the end of the month rewards.

Scholars are Leaders! - I will continue to reinforce this throughout the year, as it is a lifelong skill. They will constantly be reminded of building positive character traits that will lead them to their goals. I know that as partners in education I can look forward to your support.

In these first two weeks we have.......
1. Learned about the 10 icons of a scholar
2. Enriched our vocabulary with our first 5 Vivid Vocabulary words - now can we find them as we read?
3. Began Lesson 1 - Equivalent Fractions in math. What does it mean to "unsimplify"? 
4. Annotated text - a new concept for many
5. Practiced our addition/subtraction skills with XTRA MATH - this is required practice at least 3x/week
6. Discovered new information about a penny and "unpacked" the question What is Science?
7. Wrote our first opinion letter
8. Showed empathy towards the main character in our novel study The Tale of Despereaux
9. Reviewed Digital Citizenship and what to do if we are victims of cyberbullying
10. Figured out that we can succeed, if we are mindful in what we are doing!

WOW! That is a lot! And to think it is only August!

On a final note, students will be using Chromebooks almost daily and should have a pair of earbuds that they can keep at school. I do have the bigger earphones which they can use, but most find that they prefer the smaller earbuds. Thank you in advance for getting those for your student.

Enjoy the weekend!