Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!


The official start to summer is here! But let's not forget the reason for this 3-day weekend. Having a son-in-law in the military this year I can't begin to thank him enough for his service and remember those that have fought for the freedoms that I have. This year the 5th graders are learning how this country was formed and I hope begin to realize what went into getting the freedoms that they enjoy each day. Please take a few moments on Monday to reflect on our country's freedoms with your student as you enjoy the day.

This week was a full Social Studies and Science week for all students. This is quite a balancing act as each grade is working on different standards at this time. I don't think I have ever had to pay such close attention to my scheduling minutes!

4th Grade: We started the week with our Pilgrim re-enactment! What fun we all had! Christie Sweeney and I took numerous pictures for all families and will be sharing them with you all with a personal DVD. We hope to get these done VERY soon! Thank you also to Pat Byrnes and Tara Farry for chaperoning. I know the kids all had a marvelous time and the memories will last forever. We are now focusing on the Gold Rush and Westward Movement. California will become a state in just one more year! Students have watched videos on Boomtowns and Ghost Towns and how miner's lives were not that glorious. Today we wrote in our journals "A Day at the Camp". I hope some of them were able to find some gold flakes!

5th Grade: The colonists have been taxed and have been getting more angry with King George! This week their anger turned into action as we learned about the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre. These two events mark a turning point. We need some heroes to stand up and write to the King to voice our opinion regarding "Taxation Without Representation"! Next up, Paul Revere's ride to warn that the British have sent over troops to raid our ammunition supplies and a letter to the King!

Last Performance Test for Math: On Tuesday all students will have the introductory lesson to the math performance task test, with the test being on Wednesday. Please make sure your student is well rested on Tuesday evening and at school on time on Wednesday.

Gold Dust or Bust Play(4th grade only): We are coming along with our play. Students need to begin looking for "costumes" for this night. Most of the students will wear western wear similar to what they wore for the square dancing last fall. Girls should wear longer "prairie" type dresses or dress as a miner with levis and flannels. Boys should all wear levis and flannels with a smudge of dirt on their face. Hats are also acceptable. We do have some outfits at school which we will utilize. Mark your calendars for June 2nd  - time to be determined this week.

Year End Event Basket - Thank Joelle Flynn for the hard work on putting together a class raffle basket for this event. Please let her know if you can donate any items, no matter how small, to our class basket. It is with the donations and help from all that Malcom benefits.

5th Grade Events: The class "graduation" party flyers have been sent for the evening at El Adobe. As this is NOT a school sponsored event, please send any remittance to the address on the flyer.
Additionally, look for an email from our room mom, Kristi Collings, about the Beach Day. This is also schedule for June 17th. Our class is responsible for a few items. We would like to have new volunteers to help with this. Thank you in advance for your time and effort as your scholar finishes their year. More information to come during the first week of June.

Have a great weekend! Thank you all for everything that you have done for your scholar this year, as well as for me. I can't believe we only have 19 days left!!!