ROOM 20 Practices the 3R's each day!!!                        September 24, 2016

Our room has taken on a new motto :            YOU CAN'T DO WHAT YOU WANT WHEN YOU WANT
I am not sure what happened this week, but disrespect, lack of responsibility, and failure to build positive relationships took over many scholars this week. It seems that a mindset has occurred that "the rules don't apply to me". I will be teaching a lesson on structure and systems on Monday. As you are aware everything in the world relies on structure or systems - that includes with a classroom of 31 students! Without it our class will miss out many opportunities to enrich ourselves with knowledge.
Those students that have continued to show the scholarly behavior that I know Mariners are capable of, have been rewarded with a small trinket for Monday. I appreciate their efforts to ignore, model  and continue to work towards their personal best!
Thank you for reminding your students what their tasks are at school, and that rules apply to everyone - ALL THE TIME!
                              CHARACTER IS WHAT YOU ARE WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING

Language Arts: Students worked in pairs to write a reflection on Dred Scott. Look at the photo gallery (Working Together in Room 20) I will look these over this upcoming week. Next week we will move out of this first unit about laws into a new theme - How do character traits shape people? Very appropriate considering the happenings in our class!

Spelling: No sentences this week, but we did review R-Controlled vowels along with our vivid vocabulary words. Ask you student if they have found any of our words in their reading yet. They earn tickets for this!

Math: Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators proves to be difficult for many. The additional step of using multiples proves to be tricky. I hope you had a chance to review the quick check about Puzzle Penguin. Next week we continue, but we use mixed number fractions (EX:   3 1/2   +  4  3/5) 

Science: This week we reviewed the 3 states of water and where water is found. We tried our first experiment to discover the changes in water. Students experimented with the use of balances as they weighed a frozen ice cube, then later in the day the liquid. The following day we wanted to weigh our opened baggies to see if we still had the same amount. Have your young scientist tell you what we concluded. (Hint: We know that in some areas around the school the temptation to touch our baggies was too much for other students, but we will continue to observe in our class). Next week we will watch condensation in action as we attempt to make a cloud!

Other news:
Homework Notices: We did better this week, but there were still 6 notices given out. If your scholar did not return their slip they automatically miss out on Friday Fun Club activities. Along with this comes an additional notice. Remember, this is all to keep you in the loop that students do need to work on personal responsibility this year. Thank you for supporting their efforts.

Volunteers: HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! We have 6 wonderful room assistants who are willing to volunteer their time and energy so that Room 20 can participate in some great activities. Our correspondence mom - Laura Kalfin - will be updating you on volunteer opportunities and donation requests. I will be giving her the email list that you have provided me. 

PTA CLASS COMPETITION - How is our class doing? We are looking for 25 families from our class to be members of the PTA in order to enjoy an extra recess and a popsicle. If you joined for another child, GREAT! We get the credit as well. Please consider doing so today by looking at the Malcom Mainsheet.

BOOK ORDERS: Thank you for your orders! If you still would like to help me get FREE books for the class place your order, or send in a check by Sept. 28th.

Keep looking for those small headphones. They fit so nicely in the scholars pencil box instead of the bulky black ones with the long chords!

Enjoy the weekend!! Looks to be a warm one!