ROOM 20 Practices the 3R's each day!!!                        October 22nd, 2016

                                               Systems and Structures are evident everywhere

Imagine that..... many of the students enjoy the new seating arrangement. They find it is easier to focus. I will probably incorporate some of this forward seating in a new room arrangement next weekend. Overall, lots of improvement. Your continued to support is appreciated.

Language Arts: We made it through the first week, but slowly. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly. Additionally we have added the program TICKET TO READ to our independent reading. Students are able to use this digital program to access non-fiction text that has been leveled to their ability. Students earn tickets to use in the clubhouse as well as to play games. We will discuss the program in more depth at conferences, but your reader is able to show you this at home.

Spelling: The new spelling/vocabulary program offers a new way of learning words. We will try to incorporate this into my other programs. 

Math: Decimals! Addition and Subtraction of Fractions as well as writing numbers in expanded form. Students have secret code cards and should continue practicing at home with an adult if needed.

Science: Thought we would begin our Weather unit, but I am putting that on hold until after conferences. Instead we begin our Buccaneer STEM projects. Each young mariner scientist was given a packet and Classroom Code for collaboration on Friday. During the week they are to ponder and plan how to help make a prototype. We are utilizing our new language arts theme "How do you put a plan in action?" On Friday students will work in groups of 4, with given materials to design a workable prototype. Thank you to all who donated items on Sign-up Genius for this fun filled activity.

Social Studies - We put the voting process in action. Did your student tell you about the Electoral College voting process and how we gave it a try in class? Our candidates were....... COKE   vs   Pepsi.    After taking a small sip, students voted - this was the "popular" vote. Then students were randomly given a state to represent and and all the representatives voted the same way. We then checked out the website 270towin to see what the predictions are for this year's race. Over the weekend students are to PRINT any one of the prediction maps so that we can compare it to the actual winning map after Nov. 8th.

Other news:
CONFERENCES - Begin on Monday! Reminder: This year there is no school at the beginning of the week, and Friday is a FULL DAY.

PTA CLASS COMPETITION - Our class is at 15! Thank you to the 50% of you that joined!! One more week - Can you believe that three classes have over 25 memberships?? Can we reach 20?

PALI OUTDOOR SCIENCE CAMP - Take advantage of the discount and pay before December. Green paperwork went home a few weeks back, but additional paperwork is available in the office. If you are requesting any type of scholarship let me know so I can send home appropriate paperwork.

Hooray my daughter and family has arrived! Ten days with a 14-month-old in the house should keep me busy (or busier!)