Welcome to Mrs. Butterworth's Class!

Look what happened in Room 20 this week!

Language Arts: Non-Fiction Test Structures: This week we looked at articles that Compare and Contrast. Each student will use this structure within their animal research assignment. Your scholar should be thinking about another animal similar to the one they are researching to compare. They will not need to know TOO much about this other animal, but some common similarities and differences will be included within the writing.

Novel Studies: Both grade levels have finished their first novel. They will continue using reading strategies as they work on the next story: Fourth - Sarah, Plain and Tall
                                                 Fifth - Junior Great Book short stories
For the next few weeks we will work on "inferring" what the author is saying as well as look at "author's purpose". Students will again look for evidence in the text to back their claims. 

Vocabulary: All students have been successful in having academic discussions with their classmates as we discuss various content. It is so exciting to hear them validate each other or disagree using appropriate sentence starter such as "I share______'s point of view" or " I think I understand what _____ is saying but...." or "Our group thinks......". They are all definitely speaking like scholars in the class. We are now ready to move on and dig deeper with meanings of academic vocabulary. These words will help them as they deconstruct meanings when posed with a word problem. Examples include: distinguish between, exemplifies, justify, support with details. When students know what is being asked of them the answers will come naturally. This will be a year long work in progress.

Math: 5th: Using Order of Operations to solve problems. Most students took tests this week. I am proud to see the progress made!
            4th: Multiplication. Please make sure your student is working on XTRA math at least 3x a week. If I don't assign math workbook pages, they should of written down XTRA math in the planner. This IS their homework. As students progress through the program notifications are sent to me. Once they have mastered the first set, I will set them on a faster pace. Automaticity is the goal so as to make future math easier.

Science: With our fieldtrip this last week we didn't get to finish the Biomagnification Experiment. I hope to have it done this week. I will also be asking all students to bring in a picture of a whale. I don't want them to print too big and use lots of ink, so smaller than 4 x 6 will suffice. This will be assigned on Monday.
Zoo Fieldtrip - lots of fun was had by all! I am so proud that your students represented all three R's that is the focus of Malcom this year - Relationships, Respect and Responsibility!

Social Studies: 5th: Next up, Explorers. Students will finish the 500-700 word narrative this week and then we will discuss changes that occured after the arrival of European explorers.
                         4th: Native Americans - Students will be studying various tribes within California. They will create a flip book on one of the tribes and detail information about Geography/Location, Culture/Traditions, Legends and Economy. A detailed graphic organizer will be given to help them gather information.


SQUARE DANCING: All 4th graders will be dancing on Tuesday, October 28th at 6:30. I MUST know ahead of time if your child will not attend. An alternative assignment will then be given to them.

4th Grade San Juan Mission Fieldtrip: Next week a permission slip will come home for this local fieldtrip. We will be taking an upclose look at local Native Americans and Spanish effects on the their lifestyles. We will be able to take 3 volunteers. The date is WEDNESDAY, NOV. 12th (the day after our school observance of Veteran's Day.

Still having trouble looking onto the Google Chrome site to set up your child's district account? I will send a link to a direction page to see if that helps - additionally remember that their password is their 7 digit number followed by the letter "a". Using Google will be a valuable resource as students will soon be given time to work on typed projects at school and can then access them at home. I strongly encourage all students to have access. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Monday: Bring in a canned good and receive an anchor ticket!

BOX TOPS: Bring in box tops and receive anchor tickets! Collection all week.

Have a fabulous weekend!