PFO Board Elections & Committee Nominations

Congratulations to our new Vice-Presidents Jennifer Turner and Nikki Teninty and Secretary Rita Mauleon.  They will be installed and officially begin their term June 2017.  Come meet your 2017-2018 school year offices this June 7th PFO meeting at 2:05pm.

Presidents:  Dana Lan and Peter Lan (2016-2018)

Vice-Presidents: Jennifer Turner and Nikki Teninty (2017-2019)

Treasurers:  Jennifer Sahagun and Glen Sahagun (2016-2018)

Secretary:  Rita Mauleon (2017-2019)

PFO is also currently looking for Committee Chairs/Members and Program Coordinators for current and the next 2017-2018 school year.  If you are interested to volunteer and serve please contact any current Board member, chair or coordinator.

Chairs and Coordinators are approved and appointed by the PFO President/Board.  Click on the link to the labeled "PFO Board, Committee Chairs & Program Coordinators" for list of positions.  It is the intent of the PFO Board to establish all chairs and coordinators in June of the prior school year.  Thank you to those Chairs and Coordinators that will be continuing.