January/February Homework

Week of January 9th
Math Mon.pp. 133-134, Tues.pp. 135-136, Wed. pp. 137-138, Thurs.pp. 139-
Today students will be picking a book title out of a box and that will be the 
biography of a person they will be working on this month. I am going to read 
the book with them and we will write a short biography of the person. On 
Friday the writing, book and a form to fill out will be sent home. Parents 
will need to create a skit for your child to do in front of the class. The 
kids will pretend to be the person. they can dress like their famous person 
and discuss the main points in the person's life. I was born...It can be 
serious or funny. We are a Theater Arts School and this assignment will help 
us act more. You can have other kids help. The skit needs to show however, 
why this person has given so much to the world. You can also use props. 
Presentation will be the 2oth of January.
Class List
sore tore core bore poor four
pore shore roar door your
more score snore store roar soar floor pour
scoreboard storefront folklore doorstop
seashore ignore explore before doorbell
* List for Friday's test
poor four pour score store roar soar shore scoreboard ignore explore 
seashore doorbell before

Week of Jan. 16th
Off Mon.

Testing week for report cards. (District tests.) Please have your child 

Math- Mon.pp. 141-142, Tues. pp. 143-144, Wed.pp. 145-146, Thurs.pp. 147-

Class List
bank pink junk
skunk blink blank plank sunk dunk shrink crank 
trunk flunk chunk think prank bunk hunk tank
 gangplank chipmunk rethink outrank junkyard
* List for Friday's test
pink shrink trunk think bunk chipmunk rethink outrank junkyard
Biography Project due Jan. 20th.

Week of January 23rd
Reading Log every night. Due the 31st
Math Tues.pp. 149-150, Wed.pp. 151-152,Thurs.pp. 153-154

Spelling- None this week. We are reviewing past words and will have a test 
Friday to see if they remember them.

Last week of January  I will send home a book report this time. Read a book 
and fill out the form. The book should be a chapter book.
Math- Mon.pp. 155-156, Tues.pp.157-158, Wed.pp. 159-160, Thurs.pp. 161-162

Class List
plow town out shout house ground loud
frown pound sprout gown mouse clown hound down
brown proud round sound blouse found crowd cloud
doghouse townhouse discount nightgown doubt
outside flowers campground about without
*Words for Friday's test
town down brown round crowd cloud discount doubt outside flowers about 

Week of February 6th.
Book report
Math- Mon.163-164, Tues.pp. 165-166, Wed.pp.167-168, Thurs.pp. 169-170

Due to the holidays these will be the words for two weeks.

Week of February 13th.
No school Mon.
Work on Reading Log.
Math- Tues.177-178, Wed.179-180, Thurs.pp. 181-182
Class List
into doghouse backpack everybody something 
everywhere cupboard anyone outside daydream everything anything 
rainbow grandfather
keyboard lighthouse pineapple scarecrow
cheeseburger watermelon motorcycle popcorn
*Words for Friday's test
everywhere anything grandmother grandfather rainbow everywhere backpack 
daydream cheeseburger

Week of February 20th.
Book report due the 26th.
Math-  Tues.pp. 183-186, Wed.pp. 187-188, Thurs.pp. 189-
Class List
catch stretch pitch notch itch
batch botch clutch witch twitch match hitch
stitch sketch fetch ditch scratch latch crutch
topnotch bewitch homestretch mismatch
unhitch dispatch hopscotch
*Words for Friday's test
catch stretch pitch itch stitch sketch scratch mismatch hopscotch unhitch

Test March 2
The class will be having a science/social studies test next Thursday, March 
2nd. I am sending home their Social Studies book. Study p. I14. They will 
need to match the words with the pictures. They will also need to know the 
difference between weathering and erosion. They will have to provide an 
example of each.Weathering is the wearing away or breaking of rock into 
little bits of rock. An example, would be water freezing and a rock breaking 
apart. If a plant's roots break away a rock or the sidewalk would be another 
way. Erosion is carrying weathered rock from place to place. Glaciers are an 
example. Ocean waves would be another.