March Homework

Reading Book Report given out.
Week of Feb. 27th.
Work on Reading Log.
Math Mon.pp. 191-192, Tues.pp. 193-194, Wed.pp. 195-196, Thurs.pp. 197-198
Class List
art jerk dirt sport burn
churn chart port fort skirt part clerk
shirt sort snort turn short smart start squirt
transport depart nightshirt support berserk heartburn passport
apart airport sunburn report outsmart
*Words for Friday's test
art dirt sport burn shirt skirt start depart support passport apart 

Week of March 6th.
Work on Reading Log.
Math- Mon.pp. 199-200, Tues.pp. 201-202, Wed.pp. 203-204, Thurs.pp. 205-
Class List
dark her girl horn hurt
bark spurt corn thorn spark whirl
born blurt swirl mark sworn torn twirl shark
birthmark shoehorn yogurt newborn offer prefer
foghorn trademark unicorn ballpark popcorn
*Words for Friday's test
girl born torn yogurt newborn offer prefer unicorn popcorn

Week of March 13th.

Work on book report.
Math- Mon.pp. 207-208, Tues.pp. 209-210, Wed.pp. 211-212, Thurs.pp. 213-
Class List
boil coil foil joy toy
toil Roy coy ploy
oil soil broil spoil enjoy
decoy loyal recoil oyster deploy
annoy royal joyful cowboy
*Words for Friday's test.
oil soil spoil enjoy loyal annoy royal joyful cowboy
Reading Logs are due Last day before break.

March 20th Spring Break

March 27th
Mon. Measure five items in your home. Measure all the way around the 
object, like a book.  Draw each item and write which measurement you used.
Tues. Go to the store with a parent. Buy a small item. What bill did you 
give the clerk? What did you buy? What change did you receive? Write down 
your answers to turn in.
Wed. Make some recipe with your parent. Do not touch the stove. Use 
measures including cups and tablespoons or teaspoons. Write down the 
recipe. How did it come out?
Thurs. Write down a schedule of what time you do things during the day. 
much do you rely on using the clock?
Spring Break- Working on Reading Logs will give you extra credit.
Class List
redo rewind untie unable undone renew
unbroken uncover recall restrain restrict
recover replay remove unfold unhappy unfair replay
unfit unfasten unforgettable uneasy unearth
unusual uncertain uneven unknown reform retrace
*Words for Friday's test
rewind untie unable renew unbroken recover unhappy unfair replay uncertain