April/May Homework

Week of April 3rd
Reading Logs due. A book report form will be sent home. Please read a long 
chapter book. Due at the end of the month.

Math- Mon.pp. 215-216, Tues.pp. 217-218, Wed.pp. 219-220, Thurs.pp. 221-

Spelling- Review week

Week of the 10th.
Work on book report.

Math-Mon. pp 223-224, Tues. pp. 225-226, Wed. pp. 227-228, Thurs. pp. 229-

artist speaker typist helper dancer pianist teacher keeper guitarist 
painter higher

Week of the 17th
Work on book report.

Math- Mon.pp. 231-232, Tues. pp. 233-234, Wed. pp. 235-236, Thurs. pp. 

Class List
disobey pretest
presale predate disturb pretend prepare
distrust preview prepaid dismay prewrite disorder disgust dismount
 precooked dissatisfy disappoint
premade disappear preschool display disinterested
*Words of Friday's test

Week of the 24th
Math homework- Mon.pp. 239-240, Tues. pp. 241-242, Wed. pp. 243-244, 
Thurs. pp. 245-246
Class List
Class List
adore adult adopt array assure
adrift afford aloud apart arrest
ahead afraid agree ago along around
amount applaud apparel astound
adorable agreement annoy appear

Week of May 1st Turn in book report. I  will give you another book report 
to do. Due  May 25th
Math- Mon. pp. 247-248, Class List
enough rough bough trough cough phone 
adorable agreement annoy appear Tues. pp. 249-250, Wed. pp. 251-252, Thurs. 
Class List
Spelling review week

Week of May 8th.
Work on reading a book and doing book report. Due the last day of school.
Math- Mon. pp. 255-256, Tues. pp. 257-258, Wed. pp. 259-260, Thurs.pp. 
Class List
hang king song stung
lung wrong rung sling throng bang fang
sung sing string strong strung wing swung gang
along earring boomerang
nothing belong mustang something
* Words for Friday's test
king song wrong sing wing strong along nothing belong something

No more homework. For extra credit your child can finish the math Homework 
Book. Please continue reading with your child. Often kids lose 
some of their reading ability over the summer when they don't keep