August/September Homework

August/September Homework
 Students have three things they should work on each night for homework.
1. Read a book to put on their Reading Log.
2. Complete the assigned math page.
3. Learn to spell their spelling words for the week.

 We will be doing Common Core math in class. They will learn every 
possible way to do a certain problem including writing and describing 
why the answer is what it is. For homework we will work on learning math 
facts quickly in our head or reviewing the basic components of the unit. 
Math homework is due the next day.Please check the pages on this site and 
do them with the math book sent home for you to keep and tear work out of 
each night.

 Reading Logs are usually sent home the first school day of the month. 
Reading Logs are due the last school day of the month. This time they are 
due the last day in September.
 Spelling is to be studied daily at home until the test on Friday.In class 
we will be doing certain vowel patterns or breaking apart words in a 
certain way. I will give you all the examples we will work on to help you 
get the idea across.We start with simple words and then build.  I will 
asterisk the ones to study for the test.

 I will let you know when tests are in other subjects and what to study 
for each one.  If your child is absent they still must turn in their 
homework and make up work in class.
First week August 15th-19th

Reading Logs will be sent home Monday to start. Due Last school day of 
Sept.since Aug. is a short month.The elephant paper is their first Reading 
Log. They must read 6 fiction books and 6 nonfiction books. Please don't 
use books they have already read. The idea is for them to practice.

Math- Tear out of  math workbook Mon.- No homework, Tues.-pp 3-4, Wed.- 
p.5-p.6, Thurs.- p. 7-p.8

Class Word Study List
The words get progressively harder. 

Read words with short vowels:
yet pit cut not top hen let vet ten but
shut slot chop lit then that shop when
strut combat split droplet spirit habitat misfit often

Words to study at home for the test Friday:
* let then that but shop split
habitat often misfit droplet

  Track the meals your child eats. We are going to be working on the five 
food groups. I am sending home the paper the first day of school. Due 
Friday the 19th.Please make sure your meals contain the five food groups: 
vegetables, fruits, meats and beans, and dairy

Math/social studies- Make a poster of yourself (no bigger that 16X20) I am 
sending home directions. How are numbers in your life? Due Friday.


Week of  Aug. 22-26th.

Work on Reading Log every night Mon.-Thurs.this week.

Math- Do front and back of each page. Mon. pp. 9-10 Tues. pp. 11-12
Wed.pp. 13-14 Thurs. pp.15-16

Class Word Study List
Short vowel sounds

fast  best  list  cost  just  lost  trust  twist  gust  cast  wrist  chest 
must  west  crust  frost  rust  mist  dust  past  fist  vest  last
adjust  sawdust  assist  request  mistrust  checklist  forecast  contest 
defrost  broadcast  suggest

* Words for Friday's test
last  must  just  list  best  assist  contest  mistrust  suggest
Week of Aug.29th-Sept. 2

Work on Reading Log every day.

Math-Do the front and back of each assigned page. Mon. pp. 17-18 Tues. pp. 
19-20 Wed. pp. 21-22 Thurs. pp 23-24

Class Word List
meal feel leap sheep mean meat feet seal eel cheat weep heel seat teen 
wheel keep sheet team meal eat steep greet sweep repeat wheat ordeal 
street cheap treat oatmeal cartwheel asleep creep
* Words for Friday's test.
been feet keep seat weep eat repeat wheel sheep wheat street creep oatmeal
Week of Sept. 5th-9th

Reading Log every night.

Math- Do the front and back of each assigned page. Mon. No homework
Tues. pp. 25-26 Wed. pp. 27-28 Thurs. 29-30


In Class List
cat ape snake ant rat grape plant cape flat flake scat slant scrape brake 
shape chant drape chat grant wake tape splat shake earthquake escape 
transplant fruitcake doormat acrobat enchant pancake landscape mistake 

* Words for Friday's test
ape ant grape plant scrape shake drape escape enchant landscape pancake 


Week of Sept. 12-16th

Work on Reading Log every night.

Work on recycle project- Make something out of recycled materials to share in 
class. I showed them examples. Due September 23rd.
Government Test Friday.
Study the following:
  What do the following people do? President, Mayor, Governor, judge What 
services does the government provide? What is an election and why is it 
important? What rights do we have? Why are they important/ Why did we go to 
war with England and fight the Revolutionary War? Who made the first flag? 
What do the stars and stripes mean on the flag? Compare the first flag and 
the one now? What is the Constitution? Who can vote?

Math- Do the front and back of each assigned page. Mon. pp. 31-32
Tues.pp.33-34 Wed. pp. 35-36 Thurs. pp. 37-38

In Class Word List
grade green great glue glad glint grain grass grow globe glass glare group 
gray grape ground glow glove grandchild grapefruit glitter grasshopper 
grocery grown-up glance gleaming
* Words for Friday's test.
grade great glass grow group ground glow grandchild glitter grasshopper 
glance gleaming
Week of Sept.19-23rd

Work on Reading Log every night.

Math- Do both sides of the assigned pages. Mon.pp. 39-40 Tues.pp. 41-42 
Wed. pp. 43-44 Thurs. pp. 45-46

In Class List
flat flap flag fly clock click float flame club clay claw clip flood floor 
flour close clean class flavor climb clear clutter flashlight closet 
clothes clatter clubhouse

* Words on Friday's test.
flag clock flat club claw class close flavor clear clean closet clothes
Week of Sept.26-Sept. 30th
Work on Reading Log every night. Due Sept. 30.A new Reading Log will be 
sent home.

Math- Mon.pp. 47-48 Tues pp. 49-50 Wed. pp. 51-52 Thurs.pp. 53-54

In class list:
the she whip chip chin ship sharp three thick sheep shine cheese chicken 
why what who that where those shell which change whether thunder thirsty 
shelf thought through shower shoulder chalkboard chapter
* Words for Friday's test:
why what who that where those which change thought through chapter cheese