October Homework

Week of October 3rd

Work on new Reading Log every night. Old ones should have been turned in.
Math-Mon.pp. 55-56 Tues. pp. 57-58 Wed. 59-60 Thurs. 61-62
In class word list: print price plan plane plow prince project phony plant 
plate place pretty pretend present phone please planet protect promise 
princess plumber plastic problem principal practice photograph playground
* Words for Friday's test:
prince, project, pretty, pretend, promise, problem, principal,planet, 
photograph, playground

Week of October 10
Work on Reading Log every night.
Math- Mon.pp. 63-64, Tues.-pp. 65-66, Wed.pp. 67-68, Thurs. pp. 69-70
In class list: stand step sting stop sports spill spin star stem stove 
spell speak stairs start state story spend spoon statue stomach straight 
spider spaghetti station sticker strawberry spacecraft special
*Words for Friday's test:
stop, star, spell straw, story, start, straight, sticker, strawberry, 

Week of October 17th

Work on Reading Log every night.

Math- Mon.pp. 71-72, Tues.pp. 73-74, Wed.pp. 75-76, Thurs.pp. 77-78

In class word list: blink blue brake brick brush block blood blimp broom 
blind blond brave bread bridge blowhole blister branch broken blanket 
breathe breakfast

* Words for Friday's test
blink, blue, broom, black, blond, brave, bread, broken, branch, blanket, 

Week of October 24th

Work on Reading Log every night.Due October 31st.
Math- Mon.pp. 79-80, Tues.pp. 81-82, Wed.pp. 83-84, Thurs.pp. 85-86
No spelling this week. We will have a quiz on all the past words they have 
learned for their Friday tests on Friday of this week.