November Homework

Week of Oct. 31st 

Turn in past Reading Log. Get a new one Due December 1.
Math- Mon.pp. 87-88, Tues.pp. 89-90, Wed.pp. 91-92, Thurs.93-94
Class Word List
pain plane lane brain Spain mane
main crane plain stain 
rain chain train sprain vane gain
scatterbrain remain humane maintain  insane 
explain airplane hurricane  entertain complain
^Words for Friday's test.
pain, plane,rain, sprain,  train, chain, airplane, explain complain, 

Week of November 7th
Reading Log every night.

Math-Mon.pp. 95-96, Tues.pp. 97-98, Wed.No Homework, Thurs.pp. 99-100
Spelling Class Word List
Jane gene line bone tune
crane scene spine throne prune shrine plane
cone zone dune June  pine stone  shine sane
cyclone hurricane immune postpone Yellowstone Neptune
underline headphones backbone sunshine microphone
* Words for Thursday's test Friday is a holiday.
bone, scene, cone, stone, shine hurricane, sunshine, headphones, 

Week of November 14th
Reading Log every night.
Math- Mon.pp. 101-102, Tues.pp. 103-104, Wed.pp. 105-106, Thurs.pp. 107-
Spelling Class List
jute cute  boot hoot
mute loot  toot root shoot suit
flute brute scoot snoot fruit chute
parachute pollute substitute uproot

* Words for Friday's test
cute,boot, root, fruit, flute, parachute, pollute, substitute

Week of November 21st

Work on Reading Log. Turn it in the 30th. 
No spelling.
We are off Wed.-Friday.
Have a good Thanksgiving!
Nov. 30th New Reading Log comes out.

Week of Nov. 28th
Turn in Reading Logs from November! New Reading Logs come out for 
Due the last day before Winter Break.
Work on Reading Log every day.
Math- Mon. pp. 109-110, Tues.pp. 111-112, Wed.pp. 113-114, Thurs.pp. 115-
Class List
late Pete kite vote cute
flute white date chute plate quote gate 
bite quite spite note rate state
athlete appetite absolute imitate complete translate
polite invite compete delete donate locate
* Words for Friday's test
vote white plate quite state note athlete complete polite invite locate