December Homework

Week of Dec.5th
Work on Reading Log
Math- Mon.pp. 117-118, Tues.pp. 119-120, Wed.pp.121-122, Thurs.pp. 123-124
Class List
Jill Kate Ray Mark
spark stray skate spill sway crate thrill bark hill
late chill shark spray gray dark grill
yesterday landmark holiday whippoorwill birthmark decorate
ballpark delay hibernate decay downhill bookmark

Words for Friday's test
skate spill dark chill spray hibernate bookmark ballpark decorate holiday

Week of Dec. 12th
 Work on Reading Log. Due Friday
Math Mon.pp. 125-126, Tues.pp. 127-128, Wed.pp. 129-130, Thurs.pp. 131-132
Dec. 16th Social Studies test on Unit 4.Check Announcements.
Culture packet due.
Class list
care bare hare air
pair fair stair stare flare lair glare dare share chair blare
scare mare compare spare despair declare
unfair repair nightmare hardware
* Words for Friday's test
care air fair stair pair share scare compare despair unfair repair

Science test Tuesday.

Have a wonderful holiday. School reopens the 9th. Please if they have any 
time they are bored, have them read.
Have the kids read over the break to keep up their reading level.