About the Teacher

NAME: Miss Baird

SCHOOL: Miller Elementary

CLASS: 2nd Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 1-818-558-5460

   I am Miss Baird. I have taught for 30 years. I love teaching.It is so 
rewarding to teach and watch children learn.I have taught grades K-5. I used 
to work with special eductation children and am very good with children that 
struggle in their subjects.I have worked very closely with RSP in the past.I 
am certified in teaching second language children. I also taught children 
thought to be gifted and talented. I believe in positive discipline in my 
classroom. Praise makes children feel like they can do anything. It builds 
self-esteem and makes children try harder. I moderate a before school Art 
Club for grades 3-5. Children that can't get enough of art come and we do 
amazing projects. 
We built a 3D forest, a robot, drew and colored an ocean the length of the 
side of the classroom, remade Van Gogh's Irises, and worked on imaginary 
animals. At home I am a parent, an artist, and a published poet.