About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Ana K. Reed (formerly Ms. Maligat)

SCHOOL: Miller Middle School

CLASSES: Foods & Nutrition, 6th Grade Exploratory Wheel, Fashion Design, Life Skills

SCHOOL PHONE: 408.252.3755 ext 233

About The Teacher

Student Council & WEB Adviser


Place of Birth:
Manila, Philippines

First Language:

Cities Lived:
Manila, Philippines
San Diego, CA
Sacramento, CA
Bloomington, IN
Sunnyvale, CA
Mountain View, CA

Schools Attended:
Colegio de San Agustine
Las Palmas Elementary
Ira Harbison Elementary
Charles Peck Elementary
Arcade Middle School
Del Campo High School
Indiana University (GO HOOSIERS!)
CSU Sacramento

Mission For The Classes

Foods & Nutrition:
*To teach life skills that will be useful on a day to day basis.
*To help form healthy habits so students are able to make wise nutrition 
choices in the future.
*To demonstrate the real life application of concepts learned in other classes.

Fashion Design:
*To teach the basics of sewing in order to create craft projects or to fix 
damaged items from home.
*To explore the art of creating garments from scratch or from old articles 
of clothing.
*To teach about clothing care, dressing appropriately for age, body type, and
occasion, making good consumer decisions, as well as wardrobe planning.

6th Grade Exploratory Wheel:
*From sewing basics to an introduction to food preparation and nutrition
principles, this class is a glimpse into the subject matter the students would
be able to delve into if they took one of my other courses as a 7th or 8th grader.