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PTA 2009-2010

Welcome to the Miller Middle School PTA

  1. Miller’s 50th Year Anniversary Celebration a Big Success!
  2. You're Invited...Free Parent Seminars
  3. Announcing PTA Reflections 2009-2010
  5. Volunteers Needed for 2009-2010
  6. DONATIONS NEEDED...Staff/Student Needs
  7. eScrip
  9. Elected 2009-2010 PTA Executive Board
  10. Translation Services Available
  11. 2008-2009 Miller PTA Year-end Report
  12. 50th Year Anniversary Alumni
  13. 2009-2010 PTA Budget
  14. 2009-2010 PTA Board & Committees

Miller’s 50th Year Anniversary Celebration a Big Success!

Hundreds of current and past Miller students, families, staff members, and
friends gathered at
the Miller campus on a warm Friday evening on August 21st to recognize and
celebrate Miller’s 50th Year Anniversary.
Great food, music performances, memorabilia, special guest speakers, and fun
activities were enjoyed by all.

A very special thanks to….

* 50 Year Celebration Committee for endless preparation throughout the summer:
Breuckman, Jean Fujiki, Susan Hu, Jayashree Dorairaj, Steven Burrell, Sal
Gumina & Lori Stafford

* Nancy Moser for pulling together a fabulous Miller Alumni Band and
performance….and to over
80 current and alumni students who dedicated the hours and effort it took to
pull together this wonderful

* Anthony Arnold and his Miller Jazz Choir members for a special and memorable

* The Music for Community musicians from Lynbrook High School for entertaining
the crowd.

* Mr. Andy Garrido and Mr. Bob Hunter, very special past Miller staff members,
for their
enlightening speeches.

* To the many alumni students, teachers, past administrators, and other
special guests for
joining us for this celebration. Your presence made the event so meaningful!
If you wish to see a listing of alumni that
attended, please refer to the PTA icon on the Miller website.

* The Student Council, led by Jacob Headley and Ann Chen, for 50 Year t-shirt
sales, and to all
the other Miller staff and Clubs for their participation and support during
the event. Also, to Emigdio Rodriquez for all
of his extra custodial work behind the scenes.

* To the close to 90 parent volunteers that assisted with all aspects of the
event, including set-
up, food service, monitoring games and memorabilia, cleaning up, etc. A
special thank you to the many current and
past Miller students who gave up their “fun time” to help at the event…you
guys are the best!

* To our community supporters, Armadillo Willy’s (Cupertino), Safeway
(Bollinger Ave.), and Smart
& Final (Prospect Rd.), A Balloon About Town.com, Marina Foods (Cupertino),
and Lakshmi Bazaar (Moorpark Ave.).
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You're Invited...Free Parent Seminars

Below is a listing of parent seminars that are open to all parents in
Cupertino-Fremont-Sunnyvale Council
PTA schools (which include Miller Middle School). We hope that you will have
the opportunity to attend
some of these free parent educational offerings. Feel free to contact the
host school for more

Sept. 16th & Oct. 7th, 7:30 p.m.

Meyerholz PTA presents
Dr. Helen Sung
adjunct professor at
Alliant International University
and CUSD school psychologist

Maximizing Success by Maximizing Emotional Intelligence
followed by question and answer session
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 7:30 pm (following the 7 pm PTA meeting)


Supporting the Emotional Well-Being of Children
followed by question and answer session
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 7:30 pm (also following the 7 pm PTA meeting)

at the Meyerholz Elementary GLC

Oct. 12th, 7 p.m.

Blue Hills PTA presents

Sit Up Smart!

Carrying heavy backpacks and doing repetitive tasks like typing are not a
problem for billions of people –
young and old – around the world.

Teach your kids to "stack their blocks" and enjoy the numerous benefits of
natural posture. We are wrong
to tell our kids to "Sit up straight" - this just induces tension, a swayed
back and back problems down the
line. Come learn healthier guidelines that are positive and that actually work!

Esther Gokhale, author of the Nautilus Gold Medal winning title 8 Steps to a
Pain-Free Back and founder
of the Esther Gokhale Wellness Center in Palo Alto, brings wisdom from the
Masai, the ancient Greeks and
babies to help kids with the challenges of slouching, lifting and body image.
A graduate of Princeton
University and a licensed acupuncturist, Esther has dedicated her life to
bringing people natural means to
improve their lives. Zero Back Pain in America is her current mission.

Students are welcome to come with their parents.

Monday, October 12, 2009
7:00pm (immediately following PTA meeting)
Blue Hills Elementary GLC
12300 De Sanka Ave.
Saratoga, CA 95070

For more information contact Moe Walsh at moewalsh@pacbell.net or 408-930-5603.

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Announcing PTA Reflections 2009-2010


This Year’s Theme: "Beauty is…"

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - Friday, October 16, 2008

Is your student looking for a way to express themselves and show others their
talent as a
photographer, visual artist, writer, composer, choreographer, or film producer?

Create an original piece of artwork in one of six categories:

Musical Composition Dance Choreography
Film/Video Production Literature
Visual Arts Photography

Program Rules and Entry Forms are available from the Miller Office.
You can also download forms and see great examples of previous entries at:

Approximate timeline of student entries:
October 16th – Student entries due to Miller Office
November – Selected Miller entries move on to Council level
December – Selected entries move on to District level
January – Selected entries move on to State level
Spring – Reflections Winners Awards and final return of entries to students

All entries must be submitted to the Miller Office by October 16, 2008.

QUESTIONS? Please refer to Miller's website under PTA –> Reflections or
contact Anshu
Bhatnagar (anshu00@yahoo.com).
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There are many activities that have happened at our school over the past month
that make Miller
a wonderful place for our children to learn, grow and have fun. These
activities could not happen without the
dedication and time of many people in our community.

Many thanks to….

Diana Malone, Robin Hurwitz, Maureen Destin, Mandy Chang, Mei-Chien Lu, Jenny
Zhang, Brenda
Hatton, Karent Eckert, Praveen & Arun Narayan, Sadhana Jadhav, Tiffany Hsiao,
Maritza Lew, Jean Fujiki, and
Lisa Peterson for touring new parents around Miller at the New Parent
Orientation on August 17th.

Marsha Dyslin, Christine Sireci, Liza Hudepohl for coordinating the sales of
P.E. uniforms and
planners during the first week of school….and to the many parent volunteers
that came to help you during
the week.

Magda Wong and Jean Fujiki for welcoming the staff with a wonderful breakfast
treat on the first
day of school.

Wei Huang for creating our PTA volunteers lists from the returned volunteer forms.

Gabriella Truckai and Lepa Galeb for organizing lunch and brunch helpers for
the first few weeks
of school.
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Volunteers Needed for 2009-2010

There are lots of ways to get involved at Miller! We will be looking for
several volunteers to help
lead or co-lead various “committees” in the next school year. Examples
include eScrip and
Membership. If you are interested in learning more about these and other
volunteer opportunities,
please contact Lori Stafford (lori.s@sbcglobal.net or 255-1445). Thank you!
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DONATIONS NEEDED...Staff/Student Needs

Below is a list of needs the Miller staff has sent to the PTA to post for
parents. If you can help,
please notify the contact listed.

NEED: Board Games and Legos
CONTACT: Amorette Lueck (school counselor), lueck_amorette@cupertino.k12.ca.us
DATE POSTED: 02/04/09

The Miller Game Crew is a social skills group facilitated by the counselors
in order to encourage positive interactions and develop friendships. We meet
weekly during lunchtime to play games and allow students the opportunity to
express themselves in a safe and welcoming environment.

We would like to add to our supply of games and would appreciate any
donations of age appropriate board games in good condition that don't
require a lot of set up and can be used by a small groups of children rather
than only 1 to 2 players. We would also love the addition of Legos to our
activity box. Please drop off your donations in the school office.
Any donations we receive would be greatly appreciated!
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Please take time to register your grocery cards with eScrip. Miller Middle
School will get a percentage of your purchase total! This costs you nothing
and it is VERY easy. Just go to www.escrip.com and register. The Miller
Group ID# is 1432747. You can also register your credit cards for purchases
at other stores that sponsor eScrip. Then whenever you use those grocery
cards or use your credit cards at certain stores, money will automatically
go to Miller. Easy as pie!

And it is FREE!

Everyone Read This!!! Safeway Reminder: Please renew your Safeway card
with eScrip by November 1st. This needs to be done EVERY YEAR or your Safeway
card will
NOT produce donations for Miller. Go to the eScrip web site and click
on Yes! Renew" to make sure that your purchases are being counted. Also,
make sure that Miller is your designated School. Use Group ID#1432747.

Go to www.escrip.com and register or renew today!

Thank you for supporting our great middle school!
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Join the Miller PTA! The Miller PTA depends on your membership as our primary
source of income to
support programs and activities focused on making Miller a wonderful place for
our children to learn and
grow. You are not required to attend meetings or volunteer your time if you
are a PTA member. We just
don’t want you to miss out on being a part of this special community. Your
“voice” means a great deal to

Be a part of the “one voice” of our community, speaking for the improvement of
education and the well-
being of children and families, not only locally, but across California and
this Nation. Your membership of
$15 reaches a long way!

So, if you haven’t already filled out the PTA Membership envelope mailed in
the welcome back mailing and
available in the Miller office, please consider taking that important step in
being involved with your child’s
education and success at school.

Thank You!
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Elected 2009-2010 PTA Executive Board

The following officers were elected at the PTA Meeting on April 9th to
represent you as the 2009-
2010 PTA Executive Board:

President: Lori Stafford
Vice President: Subha Rajana
Treasurer: Wanda Schenck
Secretary: Shannon Breuckman
Auditor: Gabriella Truckai
Historian: Tiffany Hsiao
Parliamentarian: Praveen Narayan

We thank these dedicated volunteers for being willing to serve the Miller
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Translation Services Available

The Parent Partner Program is a new initiative of the Miller PTA whose charge
is to obtain
increased bilingual parent participation in school life. This program works
to inform bilingual
parents about school culture, procedures, activities, as well as to facilitate
between the school and bilingual families.

Miller teachers or staff can request support in reaching out to bilingual
families of various
languages in our community. Parents can ask for support in navigating school
procedures or
communicating their concerns with the school or teachers.

If you would like to request translation support, please contact Teresa Huang at
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2008-2009 Miller PTA Year-end Report

Membership: 1,010 PTA members (including 58 staff members); total students at
Miller = 1,221

Mission Statement
The mission of the Miller PTA is to positively impact the lives of the
children and families in our
community by representing our members and “connecting” them to the school by
them with information, education, programs, tools, and recognition.

➢ Encourage a “connection” between parents, teachers, staff and administration.
➢ Provide effective communications and access to resources.
➢ Support school-wide and classroom needs.
➢ Coordinate and support school events and activities.
➢ Advocate with “one voice” to the State for needed resources and support for a
quality education for our students.
➢ Show appreciation and support to Miller staff.
➢ Honor students, parents and staff.

Priorities & Accomplishments

➢ PTA Membership Drive & School Directory: see above total members.
Membership and direct
donations drive brought in approximately $40K to PTA annual budget.

➢ New Parent Orientation: approximately 500 parents attended on August 18, 2008.

➢ W.E.B. Support: week of August 18th.

➢ Staff Appreciation: monthly

➢ Staff Wish List & Classroom Start-up: approximately $12K allocated to
priority departmental
and classroom needs.

➢ Parent Education Seminars: “Understanding & Strengthening the Parent-Teen
held on February 12, 2009.

➢ PTA Website & Resources: updated regularly, also added Translation Services
for parents and

➢ Graduation & Grad Night: Ceremony & Party, June 12, 2009

➢ Community Events: Fall Family Picnic, October 2, 2008

➢ Honorary Service Awards: several HSAs, CSAs, and Above & Beyond awards to
parents, staff,
and community members.

➢ Reflections Program: Receive 50 Miller student entries in the PTA
Reflections Contest this
year. Seventeen of those entries were submitted to the PTA Council level.
Eleven of those entries
continued on to the PTA Sixth District level. Out of 1,460 total entries
representing elementary
schools, middle schools, and high schools in all of Santa Clara County (PTA
Sixth District), 116 entries
received awards, 8 of those being Miller entries. Miller students won in the
categories of Dance
Choreography, Film/Video Production, Musical Composition, Photography, and
Visual Arts.

➢ eScrip for Technology: targeted purchases of Document Cameras for classrooms.

➢ School Beautification & Preservation: new quad remodel, additional picnic
tables and
umbrellas, and window blinds for the Library.

➢ Birthday Book Club: hundreds of books, in the name of our students, donated
to the Miller

➢ Support other Miller Activities & Events (e.g., magazine drive, dances,
Corrals, etc.): over
9,000 total volunteer hours of Miller parents and community members.

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50th Year Anniversary Alumni

Alumni Who Signed in At the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration on Aug 21, 2009

Year First Name Last Name Accomplishments E-Mail
63 Jan La Porte Broman At Lynbrook jan_broman@fuhsd.org
63 Donna McCune Hulsker smart son rich.hulsker@gmail.com
64 Deborah Sesich I'm still @ Miller dsesich@att.net
66 Jamie McGuire McVey Married to Michael jamiecolleen@yahoo.com
66 Michael McVey Married to Jamie josecook@yahoo.com
68 Robin Hale Singer, Stage Mangr, World Traveler RHALE21@comcast.net

74 Cynthia Eggers Stormo Spiritfinder78@hotmail.com
72 Kristine Dudley sjgiantsfan@sbcglobal.net
74 Kathryn Magee Guy kaguy@stanford.edu
75 Linda Johnson Teagle teag48@aol.com
72 Bill Johnson billej2@comcast.net
68 Tim Kenworthy tdkenworthy24@comcast.net
77 Lisa Dersh lisa_1d@sbcglobal.net
70 Gary Frimann gfrimann@charter.net
72 Mike Zeigel mike@ziegel.us
75 Michael Koop koopm@koopm.best.vwh.net
75 Rick Copeland richandvic@att.net
75 Jay Silverstein DRJSILVERSTEIN@hotmail.com
79 Judi Silverstein silversteinjudi@yahoo.com
74 Kurt Euler kdeuler@gmail.com
75 John Worley jsworley64@gmail.com
77 Chris Cotterel CRC4@Cotterel.com
73 Scott Cotterel SCOTT@COTTEREL.COM
71 Valerie Camacho sungodess57@yahoo.com
73 Theresa (Terri) Gavenas gavenas@frys.com
77 Jeff Sasao jsasao@pacbell.net
76 Diana Ward Swimming dianham@yahoo.com
75 Joe Pele Survived apraetorian1@sbcglobal.net
75 Kiteley Ken Toyota Tech Magnussen's Toyota coachkn@yahoo.com
in PA, Head coach Los Gatos High
School Rec Ice Hockey Team
Sharks Ice San Jose Head Coach
75 Terrie Edwards Rose Foster Parent terrierose@yahoo.com
8596 Blue Maden Way Elk Grove 95624

80 Chris Hersh Firefighter in Las Vegas
83 Brian Hersh hmmmm…..
84 Eric Hersh Still local kehersh@sbcglobal.net
88 Emily Nonnenberg In Sunnyvale, Mom of 3-Go Mustangs! ebergendahl@yahoo.com
86 Molly Nonnenberg College grad and employed molly@stanfordalumni.org

2004 Frances Jiang 2008 All State Band, attending UCSD flying.coookie@gmail.com
2004 Diane Wu UCBerkeley Regents Scholar chocomoo@gmail.com
2006 Ran Cheng level 80 Paladin in WOW, Lynbrook Senior
2006 Calvin Wang Key Club President calvin.lhskey@gmail.com
2004 Aditi Mishra UC Berkeley Leadership Scholar admishra@sbcglobal.net
2004 Ameeti Mishra UC Berkeley Student, Lynbrook Spanish ammishra@sbcglobal.net
Club President
2002 Andrew Wong UC Irvine Student, started non-profit acwong77@gmail.com
2002 Chris Irby College student, Law Enforcement irbyc@sbcglobal.net
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2009-2010 PTA Budget

Miller Middle School PTA
2009-2010 Budget
(7/1/09 — 6/30/10)

APPROVED - PTA Mtg on 9/8/09

Membership (est. 975 members) $14,625.00
Teacher/Dept Wish List $11,378.00
Extra Directory $225.00
Staff Appreciation $2,640.00
Graduation Direct Donation $5,965.00
Graduation (Student Council) $1,500.00
eScrip (for Technology) $6,883.00
50 Yr Celebration BBQ $8,511.00
Miller Enhancement Fund $5,681.00
Birthday Book Club $2,986.00
Company Matching Funds $500.00
Interest Income $15.00
Misc. $500.00
2008-09 General Carryover $6,859.19

Total Income $68,268.19


St/Natl Membership Dues $3,800.00
Welcome Mailing $2,200.00
PTA Convention $1,000.00
Administrative $500.00
Income Tax Preparation $350.00
President's Discretionary $500.00
Directory $1,500.00
Insurance $200.00
Misc. - Bank Fees $100.00
Subtotal $10,150.00

Grad Night/Graduation $6,500.00
50 Yr Celebration BBQ $12,650.00
Subtotal $19,150.00

On-Going Programs
Teacher/Dept Wish List $8,500.00
Staff Appreciation $2,640.00
Classroom "Start Up" $3,050.00
Birthday Book Club $2,853.00
Parent Educational Programs $2,300.00
Technology (e-Scrip) $6,883.00
Project Green $250.00
eScrip Promotion $200.00
Honorary Service Awards $850.00
Reflections Program $500.00
CEEF - Gala Basket $350.00
1st Year Staff $200.00
Hospitality $400.00
Miller Enhancement Projects $6,000.00
Subtotal $34,976.00

Non-dedicated $3,992.19

Total Expenses $68,268.19
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2009-2010 PTA Board & Committees

President: Lori Stafford, lori.s@sbcglobal.net
Vice-President: Subha Rajana, suallu@gmail.com
Treasurer: Wanda Schenck, wdschenck@yahoo.com
Secretary: Shannon Breuckman, breuckman@comcast.net
Auditor: Gabriella Truckai, gtruckai@comcast.net
Historian: Tiffany Hsiao, thsiao@cadence.com
Parlimentarian: Praveen Narayan, xpnarayan@gmail.com
Principal: Sal Gumina, gumina_sal@cupertino.k12.ca.us
Asst. Principal: Steve Burrell, burrell_steven@cupertino.k12.ca.us
Teacher Rep: Jacob Headley, headley_jacob@cupertino.k12.ca.us

Parent Education: Subha Rajana, suallu@gmail.com
50th Year Celebration BBQ: Shannon Breuckman, breuckman@comcast.net
Directory: Denise Goldberg, ojibway@comcast.net
Directory: Archana Girish, archana_girish@hotmail.com
eScrip: Lisa Peterson, lmcpeterson@earthlink.net
CEEF Liaison: Gabriella Truckai, gtruckai@comcast.net
Reflections: Anshu Bhatnagar, anshu00@yahoo.com
Reflections: Praveen Narayan, xpnarayan@gmail.com
Reflections: Robin Hurwitz, travelmaven@gmail.com
Birthday Book Club: Archana Girish, archana_girish@hotmail.com
Birthday Book Club: Nita Somani, somani_nita@yahoo.com
Lunch/Brunch Helpers: Gabriella Truckai, gtruckai@comcast.net
Lunch/Brunch Helpers: Lepa Galeb, lgaleb@earthlink.net
Magazine Drive: Margot Robison, margot@johnr.com
Magazine Drive: Lisa Peterson, lmcpeterson@earthlink.net
Membership: Parul Pandya, parulpandya@yahoo.com
Membership: Kavita Aswani, kaviaswani@yahoo.com
Office Help Coordination: Mei-Chien Lu, pkta@sbcglobal.net
Dance Chaperone Coord.: Christine Sireci, sireci@pacbell.net
Staff Appreciation: Magda Wong, msmwong@pacbell.net
Staff Appreciation: Jean Fujiki, j.fujiki@juno.com
Volunteer Coord.: Wei Huang, volunteerformiller@yahoo.com
WEB Week-Aug 09: Liza Hudepohl, lizahudepohl@yahoo.com
WEB Week-Aug 09: Christine Sireci, sireci@pacbell.net
WEB Week-Aug 09: Marsha Dyslin, marsha-dyslin@pacbell.net
Graduation 2010: Diana Malone, vikepride2010@yahoo.com
Graduation 2010: Jean Fujiki, j.fujiki@juno.com
Mustang Corral: Savitha Hiriyannaiah, savithahh@hotmail.com
Mustang Corral: Jayashree Dorairaj, jayashree_dorairaj@yahoo.com
Parent Partners/Translation: Teresa Huang, huangtlc@gmail.com
Project Green Liaison: Supriya Makineni, thesupriya@yahoo.com
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