About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Anna Seguin

SCHOOL: Miller Middle School

CLASS: 7th and 8th Language Arts

SCHOOL PHONE: (408) 252-3755 x201

The 2012-2013 school year is my second year at Miller, and I love being here. As a
previous high-school English teacher, I know that I will be able to guide my 8th-grade Language Arts
students through the material they need to know and prepare them for their
high-school English courses. I have also had an extensive background in Theater Arts and Drama, 
both academically and experientially, so I am looking forward to engaging my 7/8 Drama students in 
a program that will encourage their creative side while building their confidence in being in front of 
an audience.  I am a firm believer in teaching to the individual
student and will do my best to navigate through the curriculum in a way that
will meet the educational needs of all of my students. 

My education consists of a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent
Development and a Masters of Education with a specialization in Cross-Cultural
Teaching. I plan to earn my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership within the next
five to ten years. 

When I am not involved in education-related tasks, I enjoy gardening,
crocheting, baking, reading, traveling, and playing my piano. I mostly enjoy
spending time with my husband and our two guinea pigs: Marie and Kali.


Mission Statement

My goal is to provide my students with a challenging and enjoyable educational experience in Language 
Arts that will:
-provide the tools needed to understand others and be understood by others.
-respect individual needs and learning style. 
-encourage efficacy.
-instill a love for learning.