Room 12B News - Week of September 22nd

Important Dates:
September 25th - PTA Meeting, 6:30pm
September 26th - Parent Potluck, 11:30am
October 3rd - National Walk to School Day
October 9th - Walk Through California (in-house field trip)
October 13th to 17th - Book Fair
October 21st - Picture Day retakes
October 22nd - Coffee with the Principal 9:30am in Library
October 27th to 31st - Red Ribbon Week
October 28th - Fall Fun Fair
October 31st - Halloween Parade and Party (minimum day 12:30 release time)

Ice Cream Sales - EVERY Wednesday after school for $1

Social Studies Quiz - Tuesday, 9-23 (study guides posted on study guide tab)

Book Orders due Friday, 9-26
Library Books Due Tuesday, October 1st 

Spelling/Vocabulary this week (words posted on spelling tab)

Field Trip Donations
I have received 29 donations so far.  PLEASE donate to field trips if you would like them to take place.  
We need to receive another 4 ($200) in order to start booking the trips.  These amazing experiences 
are not possible without your donation.  If you are planning on donating and have not done so yet, 
please send in your donation asap so we can start booking the trips. Thanks so much to those that have 
already donated $50 to enable the students to attend some fabulous trips this school year.  

Math test
1st math test was graded and returned.  Students are to complete an error analysis on the problems they 
got wrong.  It should be in the students binder under the math section.  There were a few students that 
received a "2" or a "1" I will be offering retakes for those students on this test.  If the student is 
interested on taking a retake, it will be administered on Friday, 9-26.  If this is your child, please have 
them study using the study guide that is posted under the study guide tab of this website and watch the 
videos posted on the math lessons and links tab of this website.  It is important that they study if they 
are to retake the test.  As information, there are not always retakes available, but as this was the first 
math test, I will be putting it together. 

Walk Through California
Students received their expert word cards on Friday and glued them in the front of their homework 
planners.  Please help them to memorize their word definition.  In addition, they need to find their 
answer to their trivia question and memorize that as well.  

Several people did not sign up for conference times.  Please do so NOW.  The link to the schedule is:

Friday Folders and Progress reports
Please make sure you are reviewing the student work in Friday Folders and the Progress Reports.  
Progress Reports need to be signed and returned with Friday Folders on Monday.  Thanks!

Have a FABULOUS week!
Mrs. Carrolan

*Heroes are not born, they are made*