Room 12B News - Week of December 15th

Important Dates:
December 19th - Heritage Luncheon (minimum day 12:30 release time)
December 20th - January 4th  - Winter Break 
January 5th - Return to School

Native American Social Studies Test - Thursday, December 18th (study guide uploaded)

Library Books Due Wednesday, January 7th

Book Orders Online Ordering:
class password: FMGL8

Canned Food Drive
Thanks so much for all the donations of refried beans.  We collected nearly 40 cans with everyone's 
effort.  Many families will greatly appreciate your generosity. 

Heritage Luncheon 
Our 4th grade annual Heritage Luncheon will be held on 
Friday, December 19th at 11:30.  Please drop off your dishes at 11:00 if hot 
or bring to school in the morning. Parents are welcome and encouraged.  
We look forward to spending lunch with you as we celebrate our heritage and the 

Homework Policy
I have been extremely lenient on turning in homework on the date that it is due.  
Starting in January, this policy is changing for me and Mrs. Haarsma's science 
class.  All work must be turned in on time unless previous arrangements are 
made.  If it is not turned in on the date it is due, there will be a one day grace 
period and then the work will not be accepted and the student will receive a "0" 
for that assignment.  I continue to discuss this with the students regularly and I 
ask that you please reinforce this at home as well as double check that they have 
everything for school in the morning.  Homework should be written in the student 
planner and is also posted online.  Thanks for supporting your child in this 
Have a FABULOUS week!
Mrs. Carrolan

*Heroes are not born, they are made*