Mr. Oberlander 7th Grade Science

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                Cell Structure and Function Project
                   Standards: 1.a,1.b,1.c,1.d,2.e

Cell Structure 20 points: Basically two cell drawings; one of an animal 
cell and one of a plant cell. The drawing will be done on 12” by 18” 
paper; provided by me. The drawing will have a 2 inch heading that reads 
“Cell Structure” with a 1” subheading that reads Animal Cell or Plant 
Cell. With the paper folded in half, this leaves approximately a 9x9 inch 
area for labeling and drawing the plant and animal cell; one per side. The 
drawings will be neatly drawn and colored with a colorful background; 
borders must be fine lined with black. As for labeling the drawing, it 
must look neat with the use of a ruler for straight lines to each of the 
organelles. All organelles must be spelled correctly. A two point 
deduction will occur for each of the above instructions that are not 
Cell Function 30 points:  In this half of the project, you must design a 
factory, another type of workplace or some type of machine that has 
similar functions to the individual cell organelles within a cell. Your 
design must have a minimum of 8 functions that parallel the functions of 
the plant or animal cell. The student must use the organelle functions of 
an animal cell or plant cell but may not use both. Also a 2” header that 
reads “Cell Function” must be written at the top with a 1” subheading for 
the name of your factory. 
An “A” project will require a minimum of 8 functions that are similar to 
that of a cell organelle (no cytoplasm). Those functions must make sense 
and match well with the function of the organelle. The factory must be 
well labeled and correspond accordingly with a key that is numbered 1-8 
with the correct spelling of the organelles. Connections between the 
factory and the cell must be creative yet must make sense. Also the 
factory must be fine lined black, straight lines where needed and the 
drawings must be colored. 
 	Deductions will be made for spelling errors, a poorly written key, 
functions that are a stretch of the imagination or just don’t make sense, 
lack of neatness, lack of color or not achieving the minimum amount of 8 
                      Due Date: Sept. 20th 
I will be available for help during mornings, lunch, and study hall.
Some class time will be given. Use time wisely!
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