Mr. Oberlander 7th Grade Science

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mike Oberlander

SCHOOL: Mountain View Middle School

CLASS: 7th grade science

SCHOOL PHONE: (530)221-5224 ext. 733 or click the mail box on the home page

About The Teacher

The importance of church, family and friends are essential in my life. I 
have been married for thirty years and my wife has been a registered 
nurse for the past 25 years. I have a daughter that is 25 and a son 
that is 22. Despite the amount of time that teaching often takes, I always 
make it a priority to manage my time in order to make some time for the 
I am usually on campus from 6:45 am until about 4:00pm and I am eager to 
help those who want it. Don't hesitate to contact me here via e-mail or 
phone anytime between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning or 3:00 and 4:00 in the 

Mission For The Class

   I believe that students best learn about science by doing it. As I 
my 20th year as a 7th grade science teacher, I continue to understand 
the importance of creating at least two to three labs a week for the 
students to better understand these difficult concepts. I grade all lab 
and this is usually the largest percentage of the student's quarterly 
grades. It's important for the students to understand the importance of 
science labs and the discussions that follow "Please ask questions". I 
reinforce these labs through notetaking, text reading, some worksheets and 
internet activities.
   Although I don't assign a lot of daily homework, I do believe that the 
students should do one science project per quarter. I also think that 
students are responsible for learning the importance of being prepared for 
exams. As the students continue the educational process, they must 
understand that exams within science are not to be taken lightly. I'm 
available during recess and lunch recess for those students that are 
difficulty with concepts, projects, and homework.

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