3rd Graders have been very busy in science. They completed their 
unit on science skills and the scientific method with labs covering 
the difference between observation and inference. 
Students understand that scientists develop and test hypothesis as 
part of their discovery process. To support their understanding of 
the scientific method, students performed a lab with bubbles, just to 
make it extra fun. Each step of the scientific method was practiced 
during this lab. Students learned how to make 
conclusions and draw graphs of the results of their experiments. 

Our new unit about weather and climate aligns nicely with the new 
NGSS standards. Students are learning how to be meteorologists who 
can read and graph weather data from the internet. As you know, they 
built their own anemometers to measure wind speed. Our weather unit 
blends into our study of climate. We are graphing the typical weather 
in Rancho Santa Fe so that we can analyze the data to determine our 
climate here at school.

We will soon begin our study of balanced and unbalanced forces that 
will culminate in a field trip to the Reuben H. Fleet for a workshop 
that will support our learning.

Ms. Armstrong