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Today's Homework



02/21/17 - Late start

HW: Radioactive Decay Key Terms (word, def, draw, color)
1.	Radioactive decay * 2.	Absolute age 3.	Relative age 4.	Half-life
5.	Proton   6.	Electron   7.	Neutron   8.	Isotope
9.	Parent isotope *   10.	Daughter isotope *
    Unit 3 Study Guide
    Unit 3 - Plate Tectonics Test - Fri, 2/24

Review  Bathymetry Lab. Some students need to re-do or finish for more points.
{Features (CLAIM) and Why explanation 
(EVIDENCE) on lab sheet. REASONING (on back of lab):  Support your claim and 
evidence using comparisons between how oceanographers use sonar to map the 
ocean floor? How did you use your "handy dandy" sonar device to map your ocean 
floor? Include both similarities and differences.}

Finish Radioactive Decay notes. Radioactive Decay worksheet. Start HW.


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passwords, you can visit www.northhighschool.org and download a form for 
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via e-mail. 

See Parent Connect for grades. For more assistance, please call (310) 533-
4412 and ask for the Counseling Office.

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