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Today's Homework




HW: Finish Predicting Patterns & Characteristics of Surface Currents Activity
    Unit 5 Test - 4/22, Wed.
    Study guide

Collect Ch. 21 - Key Terms - p.535. Finish Predicting Patterns and 
Characteristics of Surface Currents Activity. Study Guide.



04/17/15 - Library 

HW: Finish Animal Research Project Webquest

Collect W.S. 15-3. Mrs. Kooi presentation on how to cite websites. Animal 
Research Project Webquest.

Updates as of 09/04/14

Grades are available on ParentConnect. For username and passwords, you can 
visit www.northhighschool.org and download a form for your student to bring 
in so that you will receive the username and password via e-mail. 

See Parent Connect for grades. For more assistance, please call (310) 533-
4412 and ask for the Counseling Office.
General Info: 

My website includes class information, homework, tests, projects and due 

Please check Parent Connect to view student grades. 
Parent Connect grades will be updated every 2-3 weeks ONLY. Our class only 
turns in HW and CW on the day of Unit Tests in the form of Unit Packets and 
Daily Quiz/Warm-Up Packets. Additional grades will be displayed upon grading. 
Please check Parent Connect weekly for updates.Also, be aware that I WILL NOT 
be updating on a weekly basis, due to the nature of grades in this class and 
time constraints. In order to see ALL assignments and not just the current 
week's assignments, click on SHOW ALL ASSIGNMENTS link at the top of 
ParentConnect page. You can also access StudentConnect using your students ID 
and password. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. 
E-mail is the quickest means for a response. Please give me at least 2 to 3 
school days to respond. 

Thank you!!
Mrs. Hendricks 

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