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Today's Homework



05/23/16 (odds) & 05/24/16 (evens) - Block Schedule

HW: Finish Air Masses and Fronts worksheets
    Unit 6A Study Guide
    Unit 6A Packet
    Unit 6A Test - Wednesday, 5/25

Warm-up/Stamp packet and HW. Correct Energy from the Sun H/O. Atmosphere 
video with H/O. Pass back papers. "What is an Air Mass?" read aloud. 
Worksheet: Air Masses H/O. Types of Fronts with questions. 


05/23/16 - Block Schedule 

HW: Read p. 431-432 - W.S. 15-8
    Ch. 15 Study Guide
    Ch. 15 Test - Wed., 6/1

Finish Marine Animal Presentations. Grades will be based on presentation 
completion at time of presentation (complete or not). Next presentation 
5/19. Final Presentations 5/23. 10 per day. Do not be absent on your 
presentation day. Amphibians and Reptiles notes (15-8). Start HW, if time. 
Pass out Study Guide.


Updates as of 09/10/15

Grades are available on ParentConnect. For username and passwords, you can 
visit www.northhighschool.org and download a form for your student to bring 
in so that you will receive the username and password via e-mail. 

See Parent Connect for grades. For more assistance, please call (310) 533-
4412 and ask for the Counseling Office.

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