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NAME: Mrs. Hendricks

SCHOOL: North High School

COURSES: Physical Science of the Earth & Physical Oceanography

SCHOOL PHONE: (310) 533-4412 ext. 7255

About The Teacher

Credentialed Teacher: Geosciences + CLAD

Teaching Experience: 16 years
                     Hull Middle School
                     1 year  - Long term substitute in science & math
                     1 year  - Algebra
                     5 years - Science 7 & 8

                     North High School
                     9 years  - Physical Science of the Earth
                     7 years  - Marine Science 
Education:  B.S. Geology at CSU Dominguez Hills

Hobbies: Camping, birding, studying nature, fishing, gardening, reading, 
         cooking, learning and discovering new places, plants, animals and 
         things in general.

Favorite Vacation Spots: Mammoth Lakes, CA and
                         Tom`s Place, CA
                         Day visits to Madrona Marsh

Favorite Book/Author:   The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
                        Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Favorite Movie:  Somewhere in Time 
                 Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite Quote:  "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long 
                  enough." ~  Helen Keller

                 "An answer is invariably the parent of a great family of                          
                  new questions." ~ John Ernst Steinbeck

Mission For The Class

To learn about Earth and its processes, to understand the effects of humans 
on our environment and to increase our knowledge of the universe. 

To learn about the ocean's affect on Earth and it's processes, to help us 
understand the past, present and our future with relationship to new 
technologies and our direct effects on the ocean both physically and 

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