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Hero's Journey



“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” (Campbell 30).



·         The Call to Adventure

·         Refusal of the Call

·         Supernatural Aid

o        Hero recieves a talisman or weapon from an oracle, master, or mentor

·         The Crossing of the First Threshold

o        The Belly of the Whale” – Hero encounters the Threshold Guardian,and hero goes through an ordeal to pass from normal world to the other world (in some cases, he is swallowed up, thrown into a pit,etc.). It is a Biblical reference to Jonah and the Whale.


Initiation (these events occur in different order according to the particular myth)

·         The Road of Trials

o        These trials are often violent encounters with monsters, sorcerers, warriors, or forces of nature. Each successful test further proves the hero's ability. The hero is often accompanied on the journey by a helper who assists in the series of tests and generally serves as a loyal companion.

·         Temptation

o        The hero is tempted off the path by woman or fallen hero.

·         Into the Abyss

o        The hero faces his fear and his greatest challenge.

·         Revelation / Transformation

o        The Meeting with the Goddess

·         The hero will often marry this Godess or receive ultimate knowledge from her.

o        At-one-ment

·         The hero makes peace with his inmost self and becomes “one” with his father and his destiny. Often the hero may symbolically die and be reborn.

o        Apotheosis

·         The Hero becomes a God of some sort or receives some kind of universal knowledge or understanding.

·         The Ultimate Boon

o        The Hero receives a magic gift to give back to mankind


·         Refusal of the Return

·         The Magic Flight

·         Rescue from Without

o        This rescue is often performed by the Hero’s mentor, friend, or a supernatural force.

·         The Crossing of the Return Threshold

o        This is often difficult, as the hero must go back to his former life but it proves difficulty.

·         Master of the Two Worlds

·         Freedom to Live



Unusual Birth or Mysterious Origin

Has foster parents, or is raised in exile

Adventures upon maturity; may quest or journey

Has a fatal flaw that must be overcome

Often has a guide, mentor, and / or a loyal companion

Descends into


Often suffers a wound, temptation, trials, dangers, neliness

7th grade Hero's Journey Project

Students will create a project modeled on the Hero’s Journey. Students will work in groups of up to five. Each group will select a novel that they believe follows the pattern found in the Hero’s Journey. Students may select a novel they have already read or one that are interested in but haven’t read.  Each group member will obtain an individual copy of the book through the library at school, the public library or from personal or borrowed copies.


Students will read (or re-read) the novel and discuss it as a group at regular intervals during class. They will use this time to evaluate the novel according to how it reflects the Hero’s Journey and to organize plans for a presentation.  

Students will present an oral/visual presentation on how the novel reflects the Hero’s Journey. It is strongly recommended for students to use a PowerPoint or a short film as the basis of their presentation. Along with this, the group will be responsible for creating a visual aide that is representative of the novel in some way. Students will incorporate the visual aide into their overall presentation. Examples of visual aids will be discussed in class, but the types of visual aids the students create are entirely up to them.  Students are encouraged to use their own imaginations and creativity in this presentation, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a presentation that is more conventional.  The most important consideration for evaluating the presentations is clarity. A wonderfully imaginative and unique presentation is useless unless it can be understood clearly.

Presentations will be done in class. Not everyone in the group need speak in front of the class, but those who do present on behalf of their group are required to wear appropriate “business-casual” dress for their presentation. I will review what this entails in class. Any student or parent who has a question about what constitutes appropriate dress is encouraged to ask me for clarification.

Everyone in the group is responsible for his or her fair share of the work, but they are also entitled to the opportunity to do their fair share.  Students will be required to regularly update their progress so that time management does not become an issue. It will be necessary for students to meet outside of class to work together on the project.  If all members cannot meet, it will be necessary for groups to divide up the labor and work /meet in sub- groups so that everyone gets a chance to contribute. If any of these situations become problematic during the work phase, students are required to let me know so that I may help correct the situation as soon as possible.

Presentations will be done the week of January 9-13. The project will be worth 80 points, with extra credit possible for work that is above and beyond expectation. 


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