About the Teacher

NAME: Doctora Walker

SCHOOL: Olympian High School

CLASS: Spanish

SCHOOL PHONE: 619-656-2400

Louisa Walker, PhD

Doctora Walker is a life-long learner of Spanish. She has studied in Oaxaca,
Mexico; Puebla, Mexico; Ensenada, Mexico; Mendoza, Argentina; and Spain.
Her Spanish degree is from the University of Hawaii;
Master's Degree from National University;
PhD from Walden University in "Second Language Acquisition"

She lives in Chula Vista with her husband of 37 years and their 8 year-old
Chihauhau "Azucarada" (Sugar).

Dra. Walker's Passion

It is my passion to teach students to be able to speak, to read, to
understand, and to write in Spanish. I offer a variety of activities utilizing 
comprehensible input and TPRS in an effort to reach all students and their 
different learning styles. I believe that anyone can learn a second language!