Pomelo Community Charter School
7633 March Avenue, West Hills, CA 91304


Pomelo Pledge Drive

Welcome Back Pomelo Families!

And for those of you new to Pomelo – Welcome to our Family!

Pomelo Drive Elementary is more than a community school, it’s a family...and you make the difference. Donate today toward your child’s education!!

Pomelo’s $1.50-A-Day Fund

$1.50 a day pays for our enrichment programs!

 You’ve seen the benefits, now it’s time to support your child in creating their personal successes here at Pomelo Community Charter School!

 We need $275 per child to fund our programs.  That’s just $1.50 a day!

 Pomelo Parent support is the only way we can afford these programs!

 O   $275 per child
         Easy Credit Card Payment Options:
           O    2-pay ($137.50 in Sept. and Nov.)
           O    4-pay ($68.75 in Sept., Nov., Jan., and March)
           O    5-pay ($55 in Sept., Oct., Nov., Jan., and Feb.)

O   ANY Other Amount $______________________ is greatly appreciated

O   Grandparent Donation: *** YES! WE NEED GRANDPARENTS HELP TOO ***

            Name:                                                                        Phone:                                               

Student(s) Name:                                                         Room#(s):                          

Parent(s) Name:                                                                                                                         

Parent(s) Phone #:                                        Parent(s) Email:                                           

My Tax – Deductible Donation will be made with:
O   Check                   O   Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
O   Cash                        Name on Card:______________________________________
                                       Credit Card #:_______________________________________
                                       Exp Date:____/____  Sec Code: _______  Zip Code:_________
O   Matching Funds from my employer: ______________________________________
   **Team Pomelo ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential. All information is secured for the duration of the payment plan and will be destroyed immediately after the last payment is processed.

Did you know?

Pomelo Community Charter‘s

$1.50 -A- Day Fund Pays For:

  • 2 Reading Specialists – Mrs Wacker and Mrs Baker
  • 2 Art Teachers – Ms Aida and Mrs Gunter
  • 1 Music & Choir Teacher – Mrs Karagianis
  • 1 Computer Teacher – Mr Sheets
  • Computer Security Network
  • Ballroom Dance – Ms Mo Rubin
  • Physical Education – Ms Monica


 We need your support to keep these programs running!


A public school education is free –

a great education is not!

 Click here to download the Donation Form PDF

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