Pomelo Community Charter School
7633 March Avenue, West Hills, CA 91304


Emergency and Safety Information



    Pomelo is prepared, are you?? Evacuation procedures are practiced monthly by all students and staff. Each classroom has an emergency backpack, and the outside earthquake cargo container has emergency supplies to support students and staff for a 72 hour period. In case of an earthquake please report to the Reunion Gate, which is the gate located on Pomelo Drive by the YMCA bungalow.

     Every year a new emergency card must be completed for each student. This card is used in the event that an emergency situation arises where your child needs medical attention or he/she must contact you. Please complete both sides of the card. LOCAL Emergency numbers of someone who can be reached other than the parent or guardian must be included Please do not separate the section of the card. Please return the card to school with your child as soon as possible. We must maintain current information on each child, so please notify the office if any of the information changes during the year.
     Our Positive Behavior Support Committee allows students in 3rd grade and older to ride their bicycles to and from school. It is the policy of Pomelo that all students riding bicycles to and from school MUST wear bicycle helmets. This is a state law as well as a school rule. The helmets MUST BE WORN! If your child is interested in riding his/her bicycle to school on a temporary or regular basis, both of you must sign the Bicycle Safety Agreement. Please call the office for this form.

     Parents are always welcome on the campus, but we enforce a strict policy that EACH AND EVERY visitor must first report to the office for a visitor pass. Visitors without such passes will immediately be escorted to the office, or asked to go to the office to obtain a pass. By 8:20 AM all gates are locked until dismissal. Entrance is only through the office door facing March Avenue.


Please observe the following safety rules when picking up or dropping off your children. PLEASE REMEMBER:

Do not double park at any time.
Do not make "U" turns in front of he school or onto a neighbor's driveway.
Use the corner crosswalks at all times when crossing the streets around the school.
Drive slowly and carefully.
Do not use the Staff Parking Lot to drop off or pick up your children. Board policy prohibits this use.
Avoid honking your horn at the end of the school day.

For everyone's safety, it is imperative that these rules be followed. LAPD frequently tickets the area, and the Department of Transportation does video the area as part of their Video Enforcement/Ticketing program. A supervisory aide assists with A.M. and P.M. traffic. If you are interested in volunteering for this fun job, please call the office. Your assistance would be very helpful.

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