Pomelo Community Charter School
7633 March Avenue, West Hills, CA 91304


Class Assignments

Classrooms are organized using the following priorities:
Heterogeneity -- a cross-section of abilities must be maintained in each class.
A balance in class size
A balance in the number of boys and girls in each class
Separating students who work better when not together
A balance in ethnicity

     We believe we provide a positive learning environment in every class at Pomelo. The individual differences between teachers and their teaching styles will only serve to enrich and expand your child's life experience. Class formation is a complicated process. The teachers put in a tremendous effort to determine appropriate placement for your child. Every attempt is made to balance the classes. The teachers makedecisions as to class placement, and class placement is final. Changes will only be made for the necessary reorganization of classes that may occur after school begins.

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