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Welcome to our school! Our mission is to educate the whole child. We believe that all children can excel at academics, and that activities and citizenship are just as important. Our students know that we have high expectations for them, and they strive to meet them. We welcome involvement from our parents and the community.

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"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it's stupid." -- A. Einstein
Mrs. Masha Gardner
Message from the Principal

Welcome Back to another great year! I apologise for missing August's message. So much to do, and so little time.

Here's a message on a timely subject for us all.

During an experiment, pigeons were put into cages, each having one green and one red button. In the first cage, if the birds pecked the green button, they got food every time. In the second cage, the green button yielded food erratically and the pigeons had to persist to get enough food. In both cases, pecking the red button did nothing. Both sets of birds thrived, learning what they had to do to survive and ignoring the red button that did not yield food.

When the birds in the first cage who were accustomed to consistent rewards were put into the second cage that fed them only occasionally, they failed to adapt. They hit their heads against the cage and pecked wildly at everything in sight.

There are two lessons we can learn from this study:

First, pigeons learn quickly from experience to avoid the red button because it was unproductive.

There are lots of people who would lead smoother and happier lives if they, too, stopped pushing red buttons that never give them what they want.

The second thing we can learn is that birds that have it too easy develop an entitlement mentality that prevents them from adapting to situations where they must work harder to solve their problems. Some people are like that too. They don't do well with new circumstances and challenges, especially those that require persistence.

Part of learning to be responsible is learning to appreciate the benefits of tenacity. As we look at the goals of our new Common Core State Standards and the hopes we have for the personal and academic success of our children, let us remember that persistence benefits from encouragement and opportunity. Helping our children work through the many challenges they face, instead of being the “green button” and solving everything for them enables them to develop the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Perfect Attendance

Beginning in January, perfect attendance will only be given with NO TARDIES!

Pomelo Partners

Dear Pomelo Families,

The impacts of the economic recession continue to affect each of us more every day. The headlines speak of severe deficits in federal, state, and municipal budgets. Los Angeles has most recently been featured in the news for its budget woes. LAUSD is under extreme stress to reduce costs and class sizes will increase again next year.

Our devoted teachers at Pomelo do a fantastic job educating our children, but each additional child in the classroom takes time away from the students for additional administrative work and grading. To help Pomelo teachers continue to provide maximum attention to our children, we need volunteers to assist teachers as part of a program called, Pomelo Partners. Here is how it works:

You must be able to commit to working at least 3 hours every week in a classroom other than your child’s. Every day you devote assisting a teacher as a Pomelo Partner, your child’s classroom will also benefit from someone assigned to his/her classroom. This simply extends the current volunteer program many of us already participate in.

Intrigued by this idea but need more information? Attend an Informational Meeting that will be held on April 20 at 8:15 in the Parent Center. Also, Pomelo Partners will be expected to attend a 1 hour training.

Our plan is to Pilot this program beginning April 26. If you are interested, please contact Janetta Shvartsmann at songvites@pacbell.net or 818-307-1612. Also, contact Janetta if you have additional questions or need an evening meeting.

If for some unlikely reason we can’t match all of your Pomelo Partner hours, you will be notified and can opt out of the additional hours.


Keep Collecting Box Tops For Education

Please remember to keep clipping and sending in the Box Top For Education cut outs on groceries, ziplock, personal care items, and many more. Send then into your child's class. The class with the most at the end of the month receives a prize.

Teachers are now online
Teacher Index
All teachers now have websites, linked from the Faculty button. Visit them frequently to find out homework, announcements, and other class information. You may also be able to email the teachers from their websites. Email is an efficient way of contacting your child's teacher.

Thoughts For Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday will now be going "Less Paper." It is available on the internet at our School's Website. (See Thoughts section) We will also print some to be found in the rounders in the lobby if you don't have access to the internet and still would like a copy. Thank you for your help in saving paper and reading Thougts for Thursday on the Web.

Sign up for Pomelo Google Group
Pomelo Google Group
To sign up to our Google groups to receive Thoughts for Thursday and school emails, please go to:


enter your information, and a notification will be sent to the coordinator. After you are activated by the coordinator, you should start receiving the newsletter and emails.

If you are still having trouble signing up, please email julielang@gmail.com

Charter Document
Charter Document
Complete Charter document available as pdf download

LAUSD Safe Schools Letter
Safe Schools
LAUSD Safe Schools letter available as pdf download


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