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*After you have chosen your group, you must choose roles. 
*Choose from: a soldier, an officer, a civilian or a woman involved in war work.
*Each member must choose a different role. 
*Now, you will click on your chosen role and follow the directions to investigate your person. 
On a separate sheet of paper neatly copy and answer the questions on your page. 
*After the questions have been answered, begin to create your slides for the PowerPoint 

****Guidelines for the PowerPoint Slide Show****
1) Each member must create at least 3 slides
2)The slides will be written in the 1st person 
3) Each slide will include information about your person AND an image that goes along with the 
4)The slides will cover the person's social status, living conditions, "job" during the war, and finally 
What was it like to be your person in this conflict?
*In addition to the "role slides" described above, your group will need to create a Title slide (includes 
a name for your presentation and the group member names) and a Resources slide that lists where 
the images and information in your PowerPoint came from.

****The PowerPoint must be emailed to me by December 18th, at midnight****

-Save information in a Word Document and store it in your digital locker on schoolloop. 
-To put all your slides together email them to one member of your team, who will then be 
responsible for emailing it to me.
-PowerPoint tutorial worksheets are available from me upon request.

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