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WWI Woman

World War I Woman

You are a woman who is involved in the war effort. You are probably a Nurse 
or Red Cross Volunteer.
You see the worst parts of the war, but are also a source of hope for many 
soldiers. Answer the 
questions (on a separate sheet of paper) that follow as if you were are 
actually living through the war. 
Be sure to copy URLs of any websites that you glean information from.

1) What organization do you work for? What country?

2) Why did you choose to join in service?

3) Where are you stationed? Have you been close to any infamous battles?

4) How are you treated by the men around you?

5) What is the best part about your job? the worst?

6) Do you regret your decision to join up?

Internet Links

General WWI information

An incredible listing of prominent women form WWI

American Red Cross History

Women's Roles in the world wars...remember to focus on WWI

A Nurse's Belgian Field Diary

More great information on women in WWI, including harassment issues

Other Resources

*Your history book is a good source of information
*Try searching for information and images in the box below


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