NAME: Ms. Avery

SCHOOL: Rosemont Middle School

CLASS: English 7 and English 7 GATE

SCHOOL PHONE: (818) 248-4224

About The Teacher

Ms. Avery has taught at Rosemont Middle School since September 2004. While at
Rosemont, she has taught English 7 and 8 as well as Digital Photography. Before coming to Rosemont, 
she taught 9th grade English at a high school in San Gabriel, California.

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Avery attended Scripps College in Claremont,
California where she studied Studio Art and Photography.  She earned her
Credential and a Masters Degree in Education from Claremont Graduate
University's Teacher Education Program.  In her spare time she 
reads novels, completes crossword puzzles, knits, practices yoga, hikes,
photographs, and spends time with her husband, kids, dog, and pet bird, Kiwi.

Mission For The Class

In Ms. Avery's English class, every student will grow in his or her ability to:
          ~ Read and Analyze selected pieces of literature
          ~ Write organized compositions based on the different writing genres
          ~ Illustrate comprehension of a variety of texts
          ~ Demonstrate proofreading and editing skills
          ~ Use proper grammar
          ~ Participate in individual, small group, and whole class activities
          ~ Demonstrate effective speaking skills
          ~ Use technology as a word processing, research, and presentation tool