Snowflake Bentley WebQuest

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The activities on this webquest will teach you all about snowflakes, and it 
will help you to use some of the features of a nonfiction text. We will work 
on some of the activities as a whole class, others will be done in partners. 
There will be lots of links to other fun sites, including another webquest 
on Snowflake Bentley, and a quiz to see how much you learned from the book! 
Feel free to enjoy these sites and try the activities. My class will get 
extra credit for completing extra activities.

Task 1: Before reading any book, you need to activate your background knowledge. Go to the Before 
You Read the Book section of the content area for a prereading activity.

Task 2: Learning to read the graphs and charts that are sometimes found in 
nonfiction reading.
Look under Graphs and Charts in the contents area to find the graphs we'll read together.
Then, go to www.snowflakebentley.com and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the weather in 
Jericho, Vermont, where Wilson Bentley lived. Find the temperatures there in the past ten days. 
Create your own graph to show the weather. Would Wilson Bentley be happy with the weather? Why 
or why not?

Task 3: Look under Scavenger Hunt in the contents area to find the following hunt. You'll learn more 
about snowflakes by working on an Internet scavenger hunt. When you and your partner finish the 
hunt, watch the video on Snowflake Bentley found on www.snowflakebentley.com at the bottom of 
the page.

Task 4: Look at the Timeline in the contents area to create a timeline to help us to understand how 
long ago Wilson Bentley did his work. 

Task 5: Look in the Make your own snowflake area in the contents to learn how to make your own 
paper snowflakes.

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