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Your Process is summarized in the following bullet points:

     ‡ Find your group and decide on roles for each of you.  The roles are:                                          
        Specialist, Poet Specialist, Playwright Specialist, Contemporary       
        Critic, Literary Historian.  

     ‡ When you have defined your roles, begin researching about your      
         literary period’s time frame as a group. 

     ‡ Start your timeperiod research.  Remember to help one another          
         research your roles.  Since it is a group grade, the more   
         information everyone knows, the better the group can do.

     ‡ Research more.  Even more.  Don’t stop researching yet….

     ‡ When you’re done with gathering data, separate it according to     
        roles, and analyze it individually according to your role within the 

     ‡ Write out your part of the presentation.  Use guidelines found in the      
        Role descriptions to get an idea of what needs to be included.  

     ‡ Present to the class (use props, film, posters, any visual effects to 
        make the presentation more entertaining).  

     ‡ Hand in researched data and individual write ups.  

     ‡ Test on all Literary periods will be given on the following Monday.

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