The Study of History: Creating the Future

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    As the world around us quickly expands, so too do our experiences. From 
the moment we open our eyes we continually see something new, from the 
people around us to the beauty of nature outside our windows, in the trees, 
plants, and earth surrounding us. The world has changed, but the spirit that 
burns from within us, leading us to our deepest passions is always present.  

   Think of your spirit animal and the diverse and beautiful class of room 
25.  In this tribe we are all Super Stars, shinning bright into the future.  
How do we function as a tribe?  How can we become more tribal? And how can 
we set examples for future tribes that will follow after us?  

    Before you jump into these answers, we are going to study the great 
tribes before us, the Native American tribes of California.  Do not just 
think about these tribes and tribal leaders, but rather become them.  Take 
on the Wapppo, Hokan/Penutian, Mohavae/ Yumans, and Miwok tribes.  Live 
through their tales and learn from their culture.  Then we will bring all 
our information together so that as a tribe we too can learn.

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