The Study of History: Creating the Future

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How then do we research all these tribes and share all the amazing 
information we find? 

   Well guess what?  
   Don Victor Castro just opened up a new museum! 
   It will have on display five different Native American tribes   
originating from California in the years 1500-1900.  

    You and a couple of your classmates have been hired on as curators for a 
museum.  A CURATOR: Comes from the latin word cura meaning to care and is 
someone in charge of something: especially a museum, zoo, or other exhibit. 
A curator is also known as a manager or guardian.  

As a curator you will 
Research as much as you can about Californian Native American tribes and 
create a display to be presented in the museum.  After meeting with your 
group to gather information you will make something that depicts the daily 
life of that tribe. 

You might make:

a diorama 

clothing - dress a cardboard silhouette  

a house 


baskets or pottery 

a miniature rug or blanket 

a map showing where your tribe lived 

a replica of a useful animal 

anything you like that shows how they might have lived.   

You will write an information display card for the objects you have made. 

You will also give an oral tour of your particular section of the museum.

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