1. First, you will be placed in museum team groups of two or three. 

Each person in the group will use an information chart to record the facts 
you will need. 

Each person will have a checklist to insure  that all the work has been 

I am the museum director.  I will allow your team to choose on which display 
you will be working.
Choose one:


I will pass out Information Sheets (1) (2) (3) to record the information you 
(This copy will be a rough draft.) 

Use your Checklist to stay on task! 

On lined paper rewrite the information from your Information Sheets 
in complete sentences.  Edit this copy with the help of the Museum Director. 

Now, to display all this information glue 9 folded pieces of white paper to 
a large piece of construction paper. On the front of each little "door" 
write one of the categories that is on your Information Sheets, (Location, 
Shelters, etc.) and draw a picture to go with that category. Open the 
little "door" and copy the information for that category from your yellow 
sheet. Use your best handwriting!  Wa-La! a beautiful way to share all the 
information you have found! 

Choose a project to add to the display. 

Fill out a plan sheet for your project to be approved by the Museum Director 
(that's me!) 

Gather the items you will need for your project. 

Complete the project. 

Write a display card for your project. This is a piece of paper on 
construction paper explaining who worked on the project and what it is. 

When the display is complete, give the museum director a tour of your 
display and as a class will later tour the museum.  

Remember to ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST and work as a team.  Projects can be taken 
homw to work on but every member of the group needs to work together to 
gather information.