The Study of History: Creating the Future

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As the curator of a museum you probably would like to be paid for all of 
your hours of hard work.  Depending on how much effort you put into your 
project and how well you follow instructions you will be paid according to 
the grading rubrics.  Read the following Rubrics attached below to see what 
speciffically your museum director is looking for before you receive your 
pay checks.  

For an additional 10 points try the quiz for the Miwoks.  Even if you are 
not a member of this group you can attempt to read through some pages and 
try the quiz.  It will not go against you.

Poster Evaluation

Rubric for Grading on Display Poster

Miwok Quiz

Other Resources

Just because this is a WebQuest doesn't mean that the students should be 
limited to using
the web for resources. Think of other resources for this role or perspective and list
them here.


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