Miwok Tribe

Miwok Tribe

You are a member of the Miwok tribe. This tribe of people lived by the coast 
and mountains and have lived here for thousands of years. What might be some 
of the reasons a tribe would want to live by a coast?  If you are an elder 
in your tribe and you are leading the Miwoks, what would be the benefit of 
high mountain areas and coastal plains to make homes?  

Think about these questions as you research this amazing tribe and keep your 
own room 25 tribe in mind as you decide what are some of the decisions we 
make each day in class, and how do they help the whole tribe?

Internet Links

This link provides information on the Miwok tribe.  Read through this page 
and takes note on any important information.

This is a great link to hear Miwok songs.  Please raise a hand if you would 
like to hear this song so that we check the volume to assure the noise will 
not disturb oher tribes.  

Think about why songs might have been important for the Native Americans.

Find out about the Miwok's tools and how they made them.

Read the words of a young Miwok girl and listen to what a typical day might 
have lloked like.

What was the typical pastime of the Miwoks and what was it used for?  To 
find out these answers and more check out this site.

Gather interesting and new vocabulary to include in your vocabulary 
journals.  Hint this will help you for furture quizzes so make sure to write 
down words you do not know.

Other Resources