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Hokan/Penutian Tribe


 The early people who wandered into the Northern California region were in 
awe of their discovery. The Hokan and the Penutian people looked around and 
saw deer, elk, bear, rabbits and squirrels. There were marshes and lakes 
teaming with wild birds and fish and turtles. There were wild vegetables, 
delicious wild fruits, acorns and other nuts. The word plentiful hardly 
describes it. Food was available in abundance.

Think as if you are a hunter in this tribe.  You are surrounded by an 
abundance of wildlife, why is this an advantage or disadvantage for your 
tribe? Would you stay where you are or would you move?  Why? 

Think about these questions as you research this amazing tribe and keep your 
own room 25 tribe in mind as you decide what are some of the decisions we 
make each day in class, and how do they help the whole tribe?

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What was your clothing like?  Can you imagine what it would look like?  Who 
were your elders?  Did you have chiefs or medicine men?  Take a look at this 
website and follow the Red Headings to see what the Hokan/Penutian tribes 


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