Wappo Tribe

Wappo Indians

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The Wappo who?  Who was this tribe and why were they important to 
Californian history?  Read this legend and find out some of the answers to 
your burning questions and as you do think of more to ask.

If you were a Wappo tribal member, what was a typical past time or hobby for 
you?  Take a guess and then venture onto this page to see just what.

Where did you live as a Wappo Indian?

Check on the links to this page to take a look at the plants that would 
surround you even before 1900.  Search around your own neighborhood to see 
if you find any of these plants still around.  

Be careful not to wonder into links on this page.  The chart will give you 
very helpful information and just clicking once will give you a picture to 
look at.  Then return to your chart and continue to search.

What tools would you have used for hunting?  Check out the links on this 
page you may answer some questions at the foot of each page, but do not need 
to.  If you would like to find other tribes that used the same tools check 
with a member of the Miwak tribe.

It is now time to begin a sacred ritual, but your mother has nothing nice to 
wear to the gathering.  She is an elder and very respected, what might be 
some things you would offer as gifts to show your appreaciation?

Just as we speak many language in our classroom tribe, so too dd the native 
americans.  Try to say a couple of words from this chart.  You might even 
create a vocabulary dictionary with pictures to present at the museum.  
Whatever you do, try your best and take your time as you read the words of 
the Wappo tribe, after maybe their ancestors are listening.

Wappo Games.  
Research these four Wappo games.  If you would like to present one to the 
class check with the museum director and you might choose to include them in 
the museum so that the whole class may play.

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