Additional Resources

If the flame of your passion is burning bright and you are searching for 
something more to do with this project, or even if you would just lilke some 
additional ideas.  Great!!! Check out these web links and search for any 
other topics that will help you discover just what it was like to be a tribe 
in the years 1500-1900.  

Explore on!!!

Internet Links

Poetry By Native Americans

More fables and stories.  
Tremor Tales - The Turtle Story

An Introduction to Native American Games.  

Click on this site and it will take you to a number of Native American games 
taht can easily be played.

This visual link provides pictures to information about the animals hunted, 
the crafts made and the diverse types of tribes that roamed California and 
North America.

This resource provides information on tribes not native to California, but 
still very influential to Californian history.  Click to find recipes, 
games, stories and more.

Other Resources