Mojave and Yumnas tribes

Yuma and Mojave

If you were the member of the Mojave or Yuma tribe what is the main crop you 
would harvest? Why was this such a popular harvest for many Native tribes?  
There were many different regions to live near such as along coast, in 
mountains and, or in hot and dry areas.  Which would you choose and why?

Internet Links

This link gives you information on many different tribes of California.  
Look at what the main sources of food were and search for common trends 
among the groups of peoples.  How did the tribes work and gather food and 
eat?  How did they create shelter for their tribes?

Gather facts about this desert tribe.  You may click on links, but do not 
need to.  They will lead you to other tribes.  Check to see what type of 
lifestyles the Mojave and Yuma people had due to their environments.

Who were the Mojave Indians?

What are some of the flowers native to the Mojave Desert area where the 
Mojave and Yuma tribes live? In your journals take notes and try to draw one 
of the flowers, they are very unique.  Each flower is very distinct, but 
very beautiful.

Read the Creation myth and step back into time as you think like a Mojavian 
tribal member.  What did they believe?  How did tehy feel?  How do you feel?

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